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Dom is still MIA help family resource find him


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so mr boivin is still Mia and hasn’t paid child support to his special needs child, this November will be 10 yrs he hasn’t paid a cent of child support, seems like he’s keeping himself on the down low and doesn’t want to be found because once he’s found he has a lot to loose not to mention owe, so if anyone has any ideas on his whereabouts please let us know.

Daniel Son The Kentville Drunk


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this piece of sh*t right here is nothing more than a pathetic waste of oxygen, he is an alchaholic, pepsi fiend, pill head, as well he likes to dabble in cr*ck and speed. This mother f’er doesn’t care how old a girl is or should I say how young she is! He has to have her! The dude tries to bang 15 16 and 17 year olds he cheats on every girl he gets with, sends dick pics to high school girls as well he enjoys getting minors wasted and having his way with them. He harasses girls constantly weather he has a girlfriend or not doesn’t matter you would think getting his head kicked in a couple of years ago would have taught him something but nope! On top of that he has gotten one girl pregnant and mistreated her so bad she left the f’ing province for the welfare of the baby! Do you think he cares? no he gets with a 19 year old slut bag that used to be “friends” with the mother. Besides being a drunken drug addicted manwhore this dirtbag also has every tooth rotting out of his discusting mouth an intense lack of hygene and the oh so joyful skin picking proble..The dude picks pimples and scabs on his skin and eats it! Don’t ever let him near your little sister or your girlfriend this guy is the worst.

Mandi Clarke sociopathic sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the worst kind of person you could ever let into your life. First of all she is a complete sociopath, she will manipulate anyone and everyone to get what she wants. Beyond that exterior and façade of innocence and false intelligence is a lying whore who has no sence of identity. This girl has not only slept with a bunch of guys she has had a three way with a 34 year old  and his woman! She has also slept with the guy from everlasting ink to get her “apprentiship” (it’s actually a volunteer gig nice one mandi) While she was pregnant on her daughter she smoked m**h and she has smoked weed around her child in the past. On top of that she has successfully f’ed her way through a set of brothers leaving her boyfriend after she met one dates him for a week or two then she pounces right on Daniel Harvey or as everyone knows him as “Daniel son” she even pretended to be friends with the mother of Daniels child to get what she wanted she’s a real sweetheart of a home wrecker. Don’t be fooled this girl is a nasty little liar. She constantly pawns her poor little girl off on other people so she can get drunk and high pathetic right?

Looking for Shelter


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is nikita keel she cheats on anyone and everyone if your in a relationship lady’s keep your man far far away from this one she only cares about f’ing multiple men and getting drunk everyday she cheated on me with BOTH BABY DADDYS and now claims I hit her when I kicked her broke ass out on the street not only does she cheat drink every day fck random guys but she also does duos with Brittany robarts anyone wanting to be with this thing be prepared to hear about how all of her exes beat her and how you give her butterfly’s it’s all bullis*it lies to drain your bank and have a place to stay

A Night with Angie Brown


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this right here is Angie brown she has a couple kids and it doesn’t matter to her she is out banging any greg she can get on pof and still hanging with and banging her ex! chick is f’ed banged me after 1 date and then went and banged her ex shortly after on the way home and told me about it! Total headcase lol

Baby for a man

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is tara wilson she has 4 kids gave one away and is knocked again seems everytime her man leaves her she ends up prego she uses her oldest for child support and a meal ticket never held a job in her life her and her man llowel are on so much drug’s either of them have teeth welfare paid for her to get fake ones. She trys to play mommy of the year but her sister and mother have her kids most time she complains she has nothing but is bringing another kid in this world for tax payers to support

Laundry or living room?- nik

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