Wannabe G of lower sackville


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I’m one of the niciest people you will meet, I never have anything bad to say about anyone but this piece of sh!t needs to be blasted…. his name is Austin Mullins, goes by OG milly Mullins on facebook. He makes me sick to my stomach. He acts like he is the sweetest, loving guy you meet but blink and he will rob you blind. I have never met someone that lies and lies out of his teeth. He has to jump place to place because everyone from nova scotia to newfoundland either wants to smash his face in or k** him…. not to mention he will rat you out as soon as he can get his slimly little hands on a phone. He had to move away from Newfoundland because he raped a little girl, he so stupid that he told me himself (that he was accused)! He just had a kid that he isn’t allowed to see… the girl wanted nothing to do with him so bad that she moved to Ontario. You can smell him before you even see him. Ohh and I forgot to mention that he gave my friend the clap, and knew about it…. BUT IT GETS BETTER he is 20 years old and had sex with a little 14 year old…. and she has no idea. Someone needs to do something about this dirty diddling wanna be G.

Where would he be without that library card…- nik

Tiffany Macdonald Cheating Child Stealing Junkie

tiffany macdonald and greg taylor

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where to start I put 6 years and 2 beautiful kids into our life. Honestly she was a great woman to me. we both had our faults and addictions at the time. but what type of woman takes a mans children from them and from his entire family. Im a great father and don’t deserve to be shunned from my daughters lives. not to mention not even a week after we split a new mans in the picture and thats when i stop exzisting in my kids lives. my kids call him daddy . the worst thing a woman could do is take a good man and fathers kids away just out of hate. nik this Girl is the girl who makes all good fathers lose hope and heart but i keep fighting for my rights. I just hope her pill head mother doesnt interfear and get tiffany addicted again around my daughters. I DONT GIVE A shit MIKE ELLINGWOOD thats my name and bitch dont forget cause my kids will be with me soon . theres a pic of skank and her new baby daddy quote on quote ugly fat fuck greg taylor him and tiffany represent elmsdale ns and they put the stink into the whole area.

Nick Gosselin Try’s too hard


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, girls need to know about this manipulator and beware. He has taken multiple girls home, got them blackout drunk and taken naked pictures/videos of them while drunk or passed out. He makes it seem like he is as drunk as them but purposely doesn’t drink as much. He keeps these pictures and videos to threaten and taunt the ones who won’t sleep with him again. He is the lowest of scumbags with a 3 inch penis (hard) and an ego bigger than this planet. He does not deserve to ever have any sort of relationship with any self respecting woman.

Sam Snaggletooth Collins


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Samantha Collins aka the stinky slore of dartmouth. This girl is truly pathetic and addicted to drugs. She would rather spend her last dime on weed and pepsi than provide food and shelter for her kids. Her bullshit has recently caused her to be evicted from her house and she lost her kids. She has no job and no place to live. People struggle in life but it is up to you to own up to your own mistakes and get yourself out of the hole you dug yourself into. The nerve of this disgusting whore to actually setup a charity account “PROOF HERE ” to ask complete strangers to donate their hard earned money to help her get out of this situation is so fucked up. People work hard for their money and anyone with half a brain would never donate to you knowing your gonna just spend it on more drugs. GO GET A JOB SAVE YOUR MONEY AND FIX THIS MESS YOU MADE, ITS NOT UP TO THE PUBLIC TO FIX YOUR BULLSHIT YOU F’NG IDIOT. She has had multiple drd’s and causes nothing but drama to everyone who comes anywhere near her. You dont ever deserve to get your kids back and if you were my baby momma id take you to court to make sure you never saw them again. Gross repulsive human being you are, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Justine needs to get it together


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everyone in the halifax and dartmouth area should know about this girl. Her name is justine cruikshanks but goes by jessiey. she is the greasiest girl in nova scotia and has a little baby but would rather party it up in her apartmnt day and night. she just got kicked out of one for being a dirty gross SLore and said she wouldnt make the same mistakes and is doing the exact same thing as before in her new place. she sleeps around with men for money(will even sleep with taken men) and doesnt even use protection. shes a walking DRD and any sane person would kno to stay away from her! she walks around dressed in dirty clothes dirty hair with crusty lips. she begs on the street downtown hali n dart for money whenever she can for drugs and hangs around with her little rat druggie friends. everyone knows shes nothin but a hoe she aint wifey material. this girl would rather sleep with any boy than take care of her kid which is sad and pathetic and dragging her poor mom and dad down with her. shes fcked them over so much. she needs to gro up real quick but its probly a lost cause already.

Ugly Mrs Uttley


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my opinion or yours??? In my opinion Mrs Patricia Uttley is manipulative & truly lacks class as well as standards. Have you seen the type of men and woman she sleeps with? She finds them at her famous bar she attends daily, at her place of employment & in the ghetto neighbourhood she resides in. She has been noticed a time or two on back-page rumour has it & is known to notoriously pop Prescription pills like candy and drink herself to black out point. Dartmouth trash!!!!!!! She talks horribly about everyone and acts so hard and bad ass but really she’s just an insecure, old, washed up rag doll that has no potential. You should see the way she acts around her oldest sons friends. She flirts with them, amongst many other things! She acts so hard in front of them it’s almost embarrassing that a mother can hang out with her child’s buddies and purchase dope off them. Sickening! This is purely my opinion of what I have seen over the past three years knowing her. Big mistake befriending her.

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