Parker Richards is a Rat


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this losers name is Parker Richards or “PJ” as some may know him. He is a RAT. His girlfriend and her friends are disgusting hooker slobs and he met a buddy of mine who sells one night and wouldn’t leave him alone after. Always blowing up his phone, telling him about this sick deal he cant pass up my friend reluctantly agreed. He got him to meet him at a MACDONALDS (Go figure) and before he knew it, my buddy was SURROUNDED by the police. The papers dont lie, straight up said my buddy was to have NO CONTACT with PARKER RICHARDS. What’s the world coming to? Criminals snitching on other criminals! F’ing loser trying to ruin someone elses life just because he’s not man enough to face the consequences of his OWN actions. Halifax/Dartmouth beware of this clown! DONT TRUST HIM! He’d probably turn in his own mother for a cheeseburger!

Forgy Mouthpiece

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik DA srtong for three years . Like to introduce you to kevin burke . This mouthpiece runs around the city spitting lies . He says he works for the police department , the fire department and parole services . Really he’s just a greg blowing slug whos a welfare bum living in gorden b eisner . yea north end total ghetto housing . He can be seen on citidel hill with his goofy boyfriend Joey the dumpster boy looking to mouth off and play tough . He just can’t help himself . His mouth has to open and when it does he runs . He lately got caught by a father trying to hook up with a 16 year old guy for cash . He has no cash so who knows how he got that little youngster . Sells weed and pills all over the city which he steals from the old people in his apartment . Yea ya welfare bum , you always where just a janitor , so stop with the bullshit about who or what you worked for hahahahahaha we know your all lies .

Thieving Slore Now lives Out West


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , Im posting Laura McIsaac , Men need to be aware of this scumbag whore . She stole a car in Amherst Nova Scotia at the Foodbank a woman and his disabled son was inside the Foodbank getting food when they come out of the foodbank the car was missing , This whore Laura McIsaac stole this family vehicle and drove it to Sackville New Brunswick and left the car there and police found it, but the womans purse that was in the car was not there when the police found the vehicle. She was staying with a man in Springhill Nova Scotia which she and her friends drugged his drink , then robbed him over $180,000 worth of the jewerly , The man has the paper work for some of the Jewerly which I seen with my own eyes how much they jewerly was worth, Then she stold his Truck and his bank card and took thousands of dollars out of his account . This is how she got the pin number , After she drugged him ”before” she robbed his jewerly , She took the man to the bank ”which the bank has on video him and her standing at the bank machine and she got him to with draw $400 , then she drove him back to springhill in his truck , The man passed out unconscious for 2 days and when he had woke 2 days later he noticed the jewerly missing all of it , and his truck was missing, The police found his truck in Amherst Nova Scotia at Tim Hortons on Albion Street parked in the back of the building . The police were informed of these actions by Laura Whore McIsaac, But no justice was served , The Police and court system released Laura and set her a court date to attend ( More like released her to give her time to take off) Thats how our lovely police system works down here , They give crimmals time to bail out so they dont have paperwork to do , Thats my opinion with lots of exsperience with them over the last 9 years of them not protecting me and doing their jobs. So of course the low life drug addict took off out West and Police are saying they can only put a province wide warnt out for her arrest not a National world wide warnt. I believe this woman should be plastered all over the world news to warn people to stay clearof her The man also discovered later on a purse in his house that he thought was her purse under his bed , well come to find out the purse belonged to the woman that was at the Foodbank . Men watch out for Laura McIssac she will rob anything that is worth money so she can get her fix of drugs into her .

Jessie Schuster the Ultimate Tease


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this slut will sleep with anyone. She has no personality of her own she just acts like what she thinks her current man is in to. She use to be a wigger girl then an outlaw girl , a snowboarder then a redneck cow girl now she says she likes moto cross. Beware she will sleep with your friends and lead you on. She looks good but it’s all make up. She is mentally unstable and can not take care of her self says her doctor. she needed to be singed into her ex husbands care. Who she ended up cheating on lol. She tried to sleep with his brother too. I’ve heard she has drd but I’m not sure on that and I’m not about to find out lol. She’s all worn out now

Beware St. John’s


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I need to let St. John’s and whoever else is out there know that this young University tramp who goes by MoWilly aka Wilcox takes in more random greg than a Hollywood boul hooker. she lives in a rooming house right across from the university and has a different guy over every night. She leaves the bathroom smelling like yeast infected fish daily. She also told me that her whole goal in life is to get as many free dinners and free drinks that she can. Her face is cracking due to the amount of plaster, i mean make-up she puts on. You should read her twitter posts and see her facebook page. What a nasty looking whore. In the evening she can be found walking up and down Elizabeth ave looking all skimpy and you just know shes looking for more cock. So many people in town talk behind her back and know that shes the town mattress. But slow down guys, you better have a deep pocket if you want in that deep hole. And seriously, wear a condom or 2. Trust me you will need them. She permiates drd’s.

Spryfield Bum Tom Hurley


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! , watch out for this guy. His names tommy Hurley. I met tommy about 5 months ago ON POF witch he has since deleted. He told me he was single but was actually in a relationship for years, he’ll stick his little penis in anything that will open their legs, after asking around he’s bin with half of Spryfield and his stupid wife has no idea! he’s a liar and a thief, just putting it out there anyone that has a sexual relationship with tommy to go get checked ! He’s a disgusting dirt bag ! hopefully your wife sees this you filthy dirtbag

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