Califlower Greg


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here ladies and gentleman is Caleb Spencer. He is 21 years old but is a perpetual baby. Caleb spends all his time hanging around kids that just sprouted pubic hair so he can make himself feel experienced in life lesson’s. He needs to surround himself with kids that just entered high school in order to exercise his “dominance”. He loves to act like his hard as fck but will only put his hands up to girls or young pubescent boys. If an adult wants to throw down with him because he’s a known rat Caleb won’t so much as try to defend himself. He’s a straight up pussy when confronted by someone his age or older he will run screaming to the cops or to the nearest entrance of a store. He’s also a closet homosexual. We use to do shit together all the time. He sucked me off to many times to count. He would even swallow. He actually begged for me to ride him up the ass. For the longest time I declined because he was my first gay relationship. You know when your young they call it “experimenting”. Well, after I became comfortable with him I did fck him. He was so sweet he even brought flavoured lube. I had no issues with Caleb until people found out about our relationship. I didn’t care being gay isn’t illegal. To me it was more then just sex, we did talk, we had true intimate moments laying in each others arms. Well guess what Caleb did when people found us out. He told everyone I forced him to suck my dick. He told everyone I put a knife to his throat and cut him to force him to suck me off. All I have to say is Caleb you know what really happened, if that happened why don’t you charge me?? That’s right I saved all your MSN messages and I have hand written letters from you that talk about what was really going on. Caleb also infected me with H**. The fcking asshole lied to me about the scars on his dick. Ladies be careful and guys be very careful. This guy is a weasel!

Paul Craig the Halifax Player


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, know this guy through soccer and I have to say he is one of the biggest players in all of Halifax. Paul Craig picks up girls like there is no tomorrow. very rare to see him leave a bar without someone on his arm. Nothing wrong with picking women up but when you lie to them to get them it makes you a bit of a snake.Paul is a great soccer player and can be a nice guy, he shouldn’t have to resort to crap like this.Not sure what drives him other then he is obsessed with getting some. He ain’t all bad and I could forgive him for his bad habits and overlook them without putting his name out there but my buddies told me he dates someone and that just isn’t fair to the other person.I’ve been sitting on this for a while and overlooking it but enough is enough. Change your ways Paul, stop being a liar and running around. You really don’t need to do stuff like this. Stop lieing to your friends and running them down too, they care about you.Anyway i hope this will serve as a bit of a lesson to him and he will take a good look in the mirror and realize what he is doing.

Diandra Francis


THE DIRTY ARMY: This ratchet hood rat right here is Diandra Francis otherwise known as DeeDee. This hood rat gave herself the nickname “East Preston’s finest” like it’s some kind of honor to be called that. You are referring to yourself as the finest thing from one of the most ghetto places in Nova Scotia. Typical hood rat with hood rat goals. I was friends with this girl until I started to see thru her phony ass God fearing act she puts on for everyone. She is nothing more then a low down dirty whore in disguise. We went to a club in Toronto one time and she was bragging to everyone of us about not wearing any panties under her skirt then goes missing in the club cause she was letting 4 dudes run a train on her busted ass in a car. Then tried to cry rape once everyone found out what happened. She ended up getting pregnant that night then tried pinning her kid on some poor Jamaican dude she was seeing and when he found out he wasn’t the only possibility of being Diayrah’s father he left her and she did what a true ratchet does, she told everyone he beat her ass so the truth didn’t come to light. She is ALWAYS up in people’s business and trying to start drama. She LOVES to deflect stuff at other women and make it seem like they are the ones who are crazy or starting trouble but the common denominator in all of it is always her. She uses the cover of going to church to play innocent. If you have a man and she knows he takes care of his business, she is all over that. No half decent guy that knows her history will touch this chick so she’s salty about women who have a man by their side and looking for any opportunity to try and get in on that. Find your daughters real father Diandra instead of looking for some other child’s father or some woman’s man to play house with. She throws herself at any man that gives her any attention and she goes thru men like I go thru wash cloths to wash my face. Her daughter meets all of them. There is no screening process at all. If they show interest they are ok to have around her child. Her dollar store weaves are always smelling like last month’s fish fry and her apartment is disgusting. She walks around telling people she owns a house in East Preston but we all know it is her grandmother’s house. She doesn’t own shit. This girl gives all of us black girls a bad name because she lives up to the stereotype people have of us already. Our own black brothers won’t date within their own race because women like this. She is the typical stereo type. Talking about she is a strong black woman so no man can handle her. No, You are crazy, thirsty and abrasive so no man wants to handle you. You are only good for what you throw yourself at these men for. SEX! and that’s why while you call yourself “East Preston’s Finest” everybody else refers to you as Dirty Disgusting Dee.

Mel Balcom Has To Stop With The Steroids


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, be warned this girl is absolutely crazy. Taking too many steriods and a total narsasistic control freak. Don’t waste your time letting her use you or lie to you. Claims she’s a lesbian and not with anyone but she is! And with both men and women!!!

Mel is not a Lesbian.- nik

Harry Houdini


THE DIRTY ARMY: I met Jesse on P.O.F he was sweet, caring, sensitive, we had Everything in common. We talked everyday for weeks and were super pumped to meet in person. The day he was supposed to come to my town to meet he had to watch his son for a few hours but promised he was still coming. Never heard from him for hours. He later said his son fell off his bike and he spent all day at the hospital..but he was Still coming. A few more hours past and he hadn’t arrived yet. The he said his babys mama was giving him shit all afternoon because of what happened. Needless to say he didn’t make it for our meeting that day. He did come 3 days later, drove 2 hours to meet me, we grabbed a coffee, talked a bit, it was a short visit but I knew now he was a real person lol….over the next week we talked more and everything was wonderful. I was really liking this guy. Then one day I didn’t hear from him at all which was weird. then another day, and another…a week went by and I’d noticed he removed me from his fb, would not reply to my texts or fb messages and would not return my phone calls. I was worried that something bad happened. Then my spidy scenes kicked in I decided to message one person who could verify his stories…after speaking with his sons mother it was discovered that he has not seen his son for months!!! He lied about what he was really doing the day he was supposed to come meet me…I must say he played a good game…sweet talked me the entire time only to pull a Harry Houdini and disappear! He not only plays drums in a pipe band but he’s a magician too. So lesson learned…if the talk sounds too good to be true…it is!

Manwhore Lake


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik. I’ll like to introduce you to Steven Lake. This guy is the biggest manwhore you’ll ever meet. He likes to sleep around with a lot of girls, he plays mind games, he lies, he uses girls for money and sex, he steals, he cheats, he treats and beats on women. He also likes to emotionally abuse women. He’ll tell a girl that he loves her while he is out looking for another piece of ass. He is a huge player and he also has sexually transmitted diseases. He is a deadbeat asshole who only thinks about himself and only cares about himself. He is the most self centered person that you’ll ever meet. He only cares about himself. He is also a creep who gets turned on by the stupidest things like a girl shaking her leg while wearing leggings and he likes to get really really close to a girl as if he’s apart of her. It’s creepy as hell. He smells pretty bad as well as if he hasn’t showered in years. This guy is just the biggest asshole of all and he’s jobless deadbeat who likes to brown nose for money. Not to mention he is one ugly ass mofo as well. So ladies be careful around this guy. He likes to make girls feel as if they are special but than he will just turn around and make you feel worthless. This guy is trouble. He’s bad news. Stay clear from him

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