Christopher baby smooth Walters


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ladies please caution yourself with this man. He’s been spreading his drd since he was born, he only likes women who have something to offer, hes especially fond of fat white chicks and old white chicks. Loves to take advantage of women and will use you and abuse you. Obviously on steroids cus he can’t keep his greg up long enough to get off.

Who?- nik

Chantel Davis


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl right here is Chantel Nicole Davis from Simcoe Ontario Canada. Let me tell you this chick is absolutely crazy. . She is currently “Dating” a guy who lives in Austin Texas. Before this she dated a few other guys online and brought them home to her parents house and then they would break up with her when they saw how crazy she was. Yes the parents allowed their daughter to turn that house into a whore house or something. She will start off with I’m so impressed by what ever it is that you’re doing at the time and talk to you then online date you and after a few weeks into the so called relationship she wants to marry you, have beautiful babies with you and the whole 9 yards. No one in simcoe wants to date her since everyone has seen multiple men come in and out of the home. So sad when you can’t even date someone in your own town. She also bashes on peoples children and is currently bashing a friend of mine for being pregnant again. Just because her first baby daddy is not the same baby daddy lmao chantel has had more sausage in her and my friend just moved on and 3 years into her relationship decided to get pregnant. She also calls people who look Hispanic dumb Mexicans or fat. I mean she will look at a thick girl and say she’s fat chantel has insecurities and takes that to bash other human beings.

Nice bed, to bad you have to share it.- nik

Needs the D


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Amber Burk-This woman is married has three kids yet has no time for them only time she has is spent on her phone and going to show apartments at 11pm at night when really she is spreading her legs at parks and parking lots. She goes out every weekend to “party” yet she f’s her boss to get a raise, is sleeping with the same guy as her sister and two other guys on the side then goes home to lay next to her husband. She says she’s loyal yet I don’t think she understands exactly what that means. This is not a proper woman this is a ditch pig. She needs to stop opening her legs things like that shouldn’t be open 24 hours like a 711

Jackson Gates Is Looking For Fame

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here we are again with Jackson Gates. Thought this video would amuse everyone; enjoy!

The pillows are killing me. For someone who comes off Forgy, you would think the decor would be stronger.- nik

Jared Brown Welfare Case


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik so this welfare vase Jared has been trying to get with me for a year now telling me he wants me to have a kid with him Ummm no so gross while his ugly girlfriend sits at home taking care of the kids he text me so many times a day so I thought about putting a restraining order on him. He owes people money for weed and says he gets paid at the end of the month he said welfare takes forever to pay lol and now one of his close buddies I’m not saying who told me he got herpes and is hiding it from his girlfriend. Nik I just want every girl to no to watch out for this guy nobody deserves a disease becareful ladies.

Sucking the life out of the system


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This “woman” has gone to far.. Go Fund me needs better screening in place to make sure scum like this don’t take advantage of people.. Shes on welfare for starters has a subsidized house which she pays less than 100 a month for and is the biggest pot head/drug addict i’ve ever met. She complains and complains she has no money for her child abuses food banks and spends her welfare checks on pot. I’ve known her for years but this go fund me thing has gone way to far. Every time she runs out of money at the end of the month she freaks out and starts to try and find money im surprised she hasn’t tried to sell that nasty smelling vag of hers.. as a tax payer im not paying for her to smoke bud but i’d more than gladly help out with some soap for that disgusting hole.

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