Clueless Mother Ashley Schmidt


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here we have Ms.Ashley Schmidt The mother of the little girl whose father (Steven Corbett) murdered someone right in front of her. Ashley is known for hoeing herself around Hamilton. She will sleep with anything that has a dck. Shea know for sleeping with guys that have just left jail, awaiting for their trial, or on house arrest. She continued to send her daughter to see her dad after he killed someone traumatizing her even more. She relies on mommy and daddy to watch her daughter when she goes to hook up! Pure dirt and is one of the most two faced people you will ever come across. Be careful ladies she will try and steal your man from under you. Ashley was good friends with Lisa herve -also on the dirty- until she tried to sleep with eli after they had a 3 sum. Says much about the group of them all. Ashley you’re f*cking ugly inside and out so stop thinking you’re gods gift.

Free Loading Wannabe Rock Star


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s a douchebag that every female should avoid. He came from out west with nothing more than a bag of dirty clothes, and still has them on to this day.. His name is JEREMY EMSLEY and he’s a good for nothing free loading loser.. He has a great gf who works her butt off and who can’t and refuses to treat him like the shit pile he is… He hangs out daily at the East town bar and grill. He lies to his old lady claiming to be at work, but his truck has been seen at the sluts Michelle Fyfe’s house at 6 am numerous times. He doesn’t know how to pay bills or even help his gf with money he would rather be out tramping around with a slut that has who knows what! JEREMY puts evey cent he has into his Rock Star career that’s going know where. Playing at the Poor House, the End Zone, and the East Town bar and grill… JEREMY needs to get a grip on what he has, before it’s gone….

Free Drinks for Men


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – let all women beware of this person who’s name is Michelle Fyfe ,who owns the East Town Bar on Barton Street, She has a habit of using people but mostly Men, she thinks by winking at them and showing some boob she can get them to do all of her dirty work. It makes me sick that people fall for innocent smile that is far from innocent. She is a user of the worst kind promises men things gets them to buy her things and pay her bills and to help her look after her 3 kids that have 2 different fathers. Why did her ex husbands leave? Cause she was caught teasing and flirting with men and showing her tits to them to get a 5 dollar tip, Stay away from this One folks, shes fked up

Leisha is Couch Surfing


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is aleisha cowels aka leeisha ruthless cowels, she is a theft who steals from peoples house who tried to give her a place to stay because she was “homeless” aleisha is one of those girls who talk bare s*it about people but wont let the reply. She does anything to get high on c**k or m**h or any drug someone gives her, she uses people so she can eat food shower and sleep, she is nothing but a custy whore!

Douchebag Dasilva


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik So this guy John Dasilva is one of Hamiltons dirtiest members, right from the downtown core as DIRRTAY as it gets everythang about him is rank hands, teeth, clothes and dick. He’s a cheater and liar going around sayin that he’s single and has hooked up with every rachet girl in hamilton acts like he’s a nice guy but far from the truth, hes a dirty douchebag. Ladies I would definately pass up on this one, not worth your time or the lousey lay, he even looks like a big douche in this pic, close your legs your probapally disease infected. he’s so cocky with nuthin to be cocky bout.

Sober Drug addict


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl here is one of the biggest drug addicted thrifts I know!! Danielle Leblanc aka Danica Treeny Jean; Tries to get her one ex back by constantly munipulating his new women into all the bullshit this man use to do… making them think hes the exact same way when in all reality this man actually has a job is looking for schooling and until i pissed him off not wanting to be around your m*th addicted ass! This girl says shes been 5 weeks clean yet doing it when she can get her hands on it…. note:when you relapse your not so many days clean!! This girl went out while dating her “love of her life” and f’ed some next dude for 400$ bringing it back && telling her men not to worry bout where she got it…. i would be. Dudes have fun with this one! Theres not much to say spite the fact shes a low life munipulating thrift whos going no where in her god damn life…

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