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Fresh Meat


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy right here is Steven Corbett this one right here is nothing but a user liar will do anything to get money out of u but once you ask him for your money back he lies and says he dont have but he will message you to get sell something for him and you dont get back to him hes getting his sister to message you this guy actually had the nerve to ask for $300 to pay off his pepsi dealer and yet is running scared of him this pepsi dealer showed up to his place it a f’in gun this peace of sh*t is going to the pen for killing his friend this is the worst person you could ever get to no…

Walking Trap


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this b**ch doesn’t care who she steps on or who she uses. She has given me the c**p and I was about to tell her until I found out that she had cheated on me. She once f’ed a random employee in the bathroom of a McDonald’s without even knowing him. Her name is Emily Rooney.

This is a deceiving crop shot.- nik

East indian Simran sohal


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a girl you want to watch out for she uses and abuses men and then claims she’s the victim she had a very nice baby dad and f*** his life up by giving him a kid and then losing his kid for drugs and blaming it on him meanwhile he worked everyday and provided for his family guys just watch out cuz she is the biggest s*** she said she wants to be with you but deep down really wants to work things out with his baby. Until he found out what she did just please watch out she will use and abuse you and take you for everything you have if you have it she’s a low life piece of s*** that bounces from house to house because she can’t stay stable at her own place she has to live with people she has to live off people and she claim she collects a check once a month and thinks she’s a baller her parents kicked her out because she had nowhere to go in life so she moved to Hamilton or she’s f***** a lot of people including her baby dad I know his/her  baby daddy very well and he’s a very awesome guy and deserve better just guys watch it because every single boyfriend she’s been with she’s cheated on with her baby Dad because she keeps saying that nobody could f*** her like her baby dad but deep down her baby dad doesn’t want nothing to do from her because she did the exact same thing again she lies she cheat she’s a s*** and w**** this is why she blogs on the dirty so people in Hamilton can’t see who she is her name on fb is simran sohal she suck you off for some money if you have it but she is not all that great in bed she’s a dead f*** oh yeah did I tell you she gave her son up for drugs and then put the baby dad in jail so he couldn’t do nothing

Diddler Jesse Yagami


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jesse Derbyshire aka Jesse Yagami believes he lives in an Asian anime doesnt know who to tell the truth if his life counted on it. Here is truth about him and lies about him. He takes showers 1 every 2 weeks ( truth) He has a child is Australia at the age 14 (lies) he was never there He lived with is nana ( Truth) His baby mama is dead ( lie) her name is a anime but no real pictures 90% of his friends are anime (truth) He thinks he is family to the famous bike crew Has (Lies) His mom trys to save him no matter what he does ( True) He was charged with sexually touching his brother Cory ( True its is black and white) Just say his name to cas and they will tell you he is not aloud around kids. Hes not aloud to be at his moms but she still lets him there in dangering Cory. Sam had to kick Jesse out of the house to keep Cory and Donna so he went to his nanas. I know this is true Sam told me herself and cuz he was around my son I asked cas and worker went back to office and called me ” She told me this is my 1 and only warening keep him away from my child or I will lose him, thats all she could tell me”. He thinks he is a big time dealler and owes alot of ppl ( true) He is a drop out (true) he is welfare but jumps couch to couch ( True) HE IS GAY Never believe anything out of his mouth! Sadly he can be a nice guy but whatever in his past fucked him up and his mother. HONESTLY WATCH YOUR KIDS HE LIKES LITTLE ONES.

slimy snakey Nikki


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, its about time this broad was posted she goes around posting people who do her wrong but let’s tell people how she is …..she made “itne dirty Dave” marry her so she could get her children back…KNOWING that’s all it was but what happened of course she fell in love with his money …. Dave fell out of love with this pig and fell in lOve with “slooty Shannon” see they have kids together and she uses them against him for rent or food or what not then her and her “crew” winds up at the strip club blowing The money while her kids are sitting at home watching each other ….once she realized there is no more of them what does she do ? Uses his kids for him to come to her so she could call the police with some bull**** accusations to put him in jail ..guess if she can’t have him no one can ,, its ridiculously revolting how obsessed she is with him n to top all this off let’s not forget how proud of herself and high on her self she is. Instead of worrying about her children she is worryinf more about destroying dave but what she don’t Understand he is just going to hate her even more. This b((ch takes his money and lies about why she needs it. And then takes trips with it and lies through her rotted out disgusting breathed mouth. But hey you all who know her know her and her dave carter hate cheer leading squad so carry on with the hate group just remember he never loved her sh** she stayed with him know in bout all these affairs you speak of so who’s the dummy? Lol. And done dirty dave and slooty Shannon are happy together and you all are haters lol

Tara Stremble is a Phien


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Heres one for you.. Tara stremble likes getting high on her**n while she is the only one babysitting her son noah meet her baby daddy erich kohler wells hes no better then her cheats on her everyday of the week and when she asks about it he beats her face in so bad where her eyebrow to this day is still f’ed up!! and he just dose blow all day and night staying up to sell crack he acts like hes such a big boss he drives around in a Cadillac that is his pepsi headed moms boyfriends car who just won the lottery like a year ago and is already broke!! She f’s with guys heads she stole 7.000 from his moms boyfriend and spent it all on her*** and then racked her bmo credit card up to 74,000 spending all that on her**n also she f’ed this guy went home didn’t shower her baby dad erich came over ate the c** out of her box!-_- tara don’t like p**sy sex she only likes getting high on drugs and getting f’ed up her ass I just feel so bad for the kid , mother on housing with no money any money she dose get goes to ***ion, a father who caves taras face in infront of him and pushes him out of the way when hes screaming daddy stop hitting my mom. and erichs moms no help either she sniffs blow everyday and cant even get out of bed without it This whole family needs help

You can tell she’s not aging well.- nik

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