Welfare Bums And Wannabe Parents


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, introducing Brandon Lechner & Brandy Butt, 2 welfare dependent drug addicts that are so desperate to get a child tax benefit cheque that they’re trying to get custody of someone else’s child! They look like brother and sister, which is great because their parents are actually dating LOL! Brandy lost custody of her own biological son because she refused to give up her escorting and needle banging ways & only gets access to her kid every other weekend. She forces her kid to call Brandon “dad”, which looks really weird considering her kid is half black! Brandon is taking ex girlfriends to court and trying to get custody of children that aren’t his, just so he can get the child tax benefit for them. He cheats on Brandy regularly and tells everyone how fat and ugly she is and has even went into great detail regarding her fishy yellow crotch rot. He asked a few ex girlfriends to peg him because he’s always had a curiosity towards men, when they said “no” he calls them terrible names and breaks up with them. These 2 are some of the worst Hamilton scum, no exaggeration! Brandy, if you can’t keep your own kid… Please stay away from other people’s! Brandon, I’d tell you to go have your own kids but honestly, please don’t. The world doesn’t need any more welfare losers with daddy issues and bad teeth!

Preditor on the loose


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Lock up your daughter’s and your husbands. Chantel Zalman is a 26 yr old hooker who uses POF to get cheating husbands, she will move in anyone within the first weeks she knows a guy. Saddest part is she has a lil girl watching randoms move in,do drugs,hurt her mom. Recently she moved in a guy she just met off plenty of fish.. Who was the father of seven in which four are his. The thing about RYAN Hodgkinson is he’s a lier. Hides behind a grass cutting job but thanks to FACS he was outted as a child molester in his hometown. He is a horribly violent theif of a coward. They are both drug addicts. . He isn’t allowed around his kids unsupervised and chantel knows he’s a child molester and she wants him around her daughter.. Maybe she wants bad things to happen to her and her daughter.. I dunno but honestly stear clear of these two nut jobs..they feed off causing pain to people’s lives.

Removal Request – Lies


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, hi there. I was recently forwarded a link to your site that has a picture of myself and a friend on it that I’d like removed please.   Long story short: 6 years ago I started dating a guy named Jeff, and 13 years ago, Krystel (Whitlock, in the picture) had Jeff’s child.  He took advantage of Krystel (she was 17, he 22) and left her for 3 years calling her a whore for not having an abortion and refusing to see their child.  Fast forward years later, when I met him, he played the single dad card well, and acted as a wonderful guy.  I’m a child and family counsellor and had thought I’d found a decent guy.  Turns out he wanted me to take care of everything and pay for everything for him and his daughter constantly playing the “poor single dad” routine…

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St. Catharines Welfare Bum


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, now I have sat back for too long. I know this woman named Jennifer Rogers. She has 3 children and all them have different disabilities, which is not her fault, but what is her fault is that her and her obese husband get to sit on welfare doing nothing but smoking God only knows what in front of there children. There children live in filth because they refuse to clean up after them selves. The leave food out for days letting it rot. She has also is on multiple free Facebook groups that are for free items, she will take the item and turn around and sell it. She has done it multiple time and has been caught. She doesn’t deserve the gift of having kids and needs to be put in her place.

In Search of the Daddy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this woman is Tyneesha Arsenault and is as dirty as they come she is pregnant right now with the possibility of 3 different fathers she also has drd so if you slept with this woman get yourself checked immediately as she does not disclose. she is on Pof izzzy90 Badoo Isabella and MeetMe Tyneesha Arsenault

Lori Drama Bain

THE DIRT ARMY: Nik this girl is the definition of drama. She is by far the biggest mouth in Hamilton. Her whole life is surrounded by it, and she creates it herself, not to mention the lies that come out of her mouth once she’s called out. She loves to pick fights with people she doesn’t even know, and she is usually on the losing end. Recent one I read on her own Facebook was she was going to run her car into someone else’s because they didn’t like her brothers rotted quarter panels lol. She sounds like a trucker when talking, no class at all, shes always talking some kind of shit about someone, she needs her mouth shut for her. Her bark is bigger than her bite. Aside from how much drama is in her life, she’s been screwing several guys (and bragging about it) at the same time since her and her ex broke up. Stay away from this girl because shell even stab her own family in the back.

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