Free Rides for All


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this right here is Krystle Whitlock. She is constantly out with a new guy every week, getting as much money off of them as she cn, and then when the money runs dry she is out. She lives is accessible housing, but will sell you s story about how she has hundreds of thousands in the bank. Coming up with new diseases or disorders that she has is her specialty. She LOVES going around telling anyone who will listen that she has slept with over 300 men and counting. Half the time I wonder where her kids are because he son is autistic and needs more care than her daughter, who she sends to her baby daddy house on the weekend. She will be the first to tell you that her father is never home and her 12 year old is left to fend by herself great parenting. One minuet she is broke, and the 30 minutes after meeting up with her sugar daddy she has money to spend. Sounds more like an escort than a sugar baby to me. She probably has so many DRDs that even sitting on her couch is a bio-hazard. Good luck to the poor sucker her she sinks her teeth into next. P.S last time she announced something to a whole group of people it was that her whole survey has bed bugs, so be careful where you sit!

Will do anyone To pay bills


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, heres someone that really needs to be put on blast! This sad excuse of a mother is a real peice of sh*t… This custy thing does nothing but partys rather then taking care of her son.. she pawns her.kid off on anyone she can just so she can party and can go out all night every night to bar aftwr bar… she ratted out her man that she claims she lives so much for stabbing someone at a club but heres the kicker it wasnt even her man that stabbed the dude it was some next guy but she put it on her man just to save her own ass…. then after her man went to jail she started f’ing his bestfriend and tried to get all her friends to lie for her about it…. after his bestfriend got tired of her stupid ass and dropped her she started f’ing the dude that stabbed the dude well her man sat rotting in jail… some girlfriend right… and yup you guessed it that guy dropped her ass too when he realized how much of a hoe she really is.. now she struggles to pay her rent and bills so much that she started selling her p**sy and sucking cock for money gas and smokes, pretty much anything she can get… her dumbass of a bf comes over one day after getting outta jail and finds comdom wrappers in her room she tells him they arent hers and that they are from her bestfriend but then quickly texts her bestfriend and her neighbour to get them to lie for her and go.along with the bullshit story she gave her man…

Loser Promoter & Overweight Bum


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Lisha aka pin me promo or fake promoter is one the cities biggest trash talkers. this million pound whale is known to sit on fb all day talking the most trash. always in other peoples business and always trying to fit in where she doesn’t belong. a true welfare bum. one of the cities worst promoters and brings zero to any event. its about time someone put this shit talker on blast. this chick couldn’t even find 50 people to bring to her own birthday party, thats how useless you are. she sits on fb all day commenting and putting emojis on everything with that other dinosaur looking useless wreck billie bad. (both welfare bums). give up the promotional business cause everyone knows you are worthless and garbage. this chick is so fat and out of shape she can barley breathe. keep smoking and breathing like the enormous mammoth you are!

Candace Megiah Rose


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Candace deserves to be posted on here as to make everyone aware of the type of person she is… A cr***head homeless whore. She moves from place to place whoring herself out for her next fix. She has withered away to nothing she is a walking ghost, her arms covered in bruises. She doesn’t even know what happened to her son, she lost him years ago and pretends like he doesn’t exist. Typical Candace goes after taken men, ruining friendships. She has lost so many people her life because of her pathetic sob stories, she is a pathological liar and a thief, stealing from her family. She even slept with her cousins boyfriend when they offered to take her homeless ass in. Beware of this toxic excuse of a human being.

Mind Game Grant


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. his name is Ryan Grant from Hamilton mountin! He’s the biggest mind game player I know among ether things!! He meets girls and plays the whole I’m broken and Bin hurt to much and want to go slow but then he starts to take things fast and controlling, then backs up and starts to say the girl is taking it to fast and how he’s to hurt and confused!! After falling preagnant with his child he insisted I abort the baby and I refused so he became angery and tried to make me and become verry verbally abusive!!!! That’s when I found out there where others!!! He told me the either Girls had no problem with doing it!!!!!! He has a son witch I believe he only sees because of the moms parents forcing him to be there!!! He even had a girlfriend a bit ago that messaged me asking if I was having his baby cuz he said we used condoms but never did we ever!!!! Then got mad at me I told her the truth!!! He thinks he can just walk away and that’s it! He has told no one in hopes this will all go away!!! I just think others should learn from my mistake!! Ryan likes to hang out on POF and either sites so be aware!!!! My sons better off I’m sure but so u dont have to through all this try to keep away!

Old Broad Boy Campbell


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, from deadbeat to con artist. Straight to gay and then bisexual. Brad campbell doesn’t care what hole it is as long as they have money, a home or a car. He frequents baby moms to live with just to stay out of a shelter. Recently his scores include: Collene Hall a mother of 5, Alycia Harcourt a mother of 4, and many more. He once sold his ass for $100 for m**h to a known person downtown Hamilton. Brad abandoned his 11 month old son & his baby moms for a girl in Toronto with a car. Mans obsessed with his baby moms though, always harassing her and begging her for money. Brad I guess you haven’t scored what you wanted from your new *itch. That or you’re too afraid to show your face in Hamilton again. Word is your baby moms recently got a house with a new man. Seems she upgraded to a man. Are you still using teenage girls and looking for someone to call mommy ? Or did this girl fill out a welfare form for you ? Attached are pictures of his latest victim. Why send your baby moms fake pictures of a girl and then a picture of your new bitches vagina ? Her bed spread screams drds.

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