Gurpreet Chandhoke Loves Transexual Escorts


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so my girlfriend Mia has been getting with this guy Gurpreet Chandhoke in West Hollywood. He says he is worth a fortune as well as a bigtime movie producer with connections to A listers and since she is transgender she believed his lies and promises. Hes been dating her for about 6 Months and promised her the world. Now 6 months later he calls her a F*ggot and tells her she is done and he is done having sex with Her/Him. So messed up! Anyways all the Trannys, Gurpreet is in the market for a new Shemale companion in LA. Make sure you get your cash and promises up front!

The nose totally gives it away.- nik

US Immigration Please Deport Emily Sears

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 8.41.30 AM

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m sick of these IG whores on planet earth. Since NASA isn’t capable of removing human life from the planet yet, maybe US immigration or The IRS can help with the alien whores in LA and the rest of the United States? Especially deporting this nasty slut p4p whore face, Emily Sears! All this whore is doing in our country is selling her body and promoting it on IG? Get a real job and education, you stupid, DRD spreading-hooker! Get the f*ck out of our country, please. Emily, you are a low life, Greg sucking, trash can- whore from Australia! Nobody really likes you in LA! We only like Nicole Kidman and The Crocodile Hunter from your country. Please go burn in a barbi in the land of OZ-you are a complete asshole in life. Thanks.

I hate shopping at SEARS too.- nik

The Next Wife Joy Corrigan


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here is your next wife Joy Corrigan. Nik Richie. You’re welcome.

Joy has a terrible boob job. I’m out.- nik

Tal Finney: Druggy Lawyer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, anyone seen this goofball druggy lawyer Tal C. Finney bopping around all the dirty nightclubs rolling his a$$ off and pepsi’d out of his mind? It’s a common occurrance on week days, then he brags about still coming down at the office the next day, Lol. A shame that honest clients put their faith in this loser. He will be feautured many more times on here so go ahead and get to know Tal Finney and watch for him at the clubs in the wee hours, with his eyeballs bulging out of his head, sweating, nervous, and hugging everyone in sight while his brains fries, when he should be working on important cases…… Look it even says pepsi right on his shirt, haha funny Tal. Yes we all get it you funny guy!

The DA Ruined Fashion Week

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 8.12.34 AM

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Congrats to your DA! I was too stoned last night to email you this funny IG pic… I woke up and remembered how funny this was last night on IG.. I was lurking KFC’s hooker page and she did this runway show with a bunch of other famous Fake Equis hookers like, The Office and Sloppy Joe for free thinking they are real fashion models?? THE ENTIRE COMMENT SECTION ON MICHEAL COSTELLO’s WERE CALLING HIS MODEL HOOKERS AND UNFOLLOWING THE DESIGNER RIGHT AWAY- LOL!! He was so pissed off and defending them?! Hahahahahaha!!!! Everyone is now seeing the truth and not letting the hookers have the last laugh. I loved every second last nite-Poor Michael Costello now has damaged goods. Ain’t nobody but another hoe would buy these dresses after these whores are wearing them? Seriously?!? Just because these chicks have a million followers… The DA has now exposed all the lies! It’s been so easy and fast to do where as now.. LA Fashion Week is ruined because half the talent on the runway are P4P hookers in Los Angeles and NYC?!? Just… WTF Fashion World? Even your hot models are disgusting dick sucking whores too? Way to ruin the facade and mystique of a brand! I couldn’t believe how many followers are now aware of all the hoe sh*t?! I hope the comments are still up. They are GOLD!

Michael Costello made a huge ‘professional’ mistake. Even his friends were texting me saying “Michael knows he f*cked up”.- nik 

Does Carla Howe Know It’s Not Halloween Yet


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I just saw this and got so scared! Carla Howe is making herself look permanently like a Halloween freakshow.  Not that either of them were ever that stunning before but they certainly could have once been called cute. Is there any hope for those fillers to fade out a little? Or is it just a vicious cycle at this point?

Are you talking about the heavier one on the left? The yellow really brings out her birthing hips.- nik

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