Courtney Stodden Is So Foul

PETA’s 35th Anniversary Bash held at the Hollywood Palladium - Arrivals

Featuring: Courtney Stodden
Where: Los Angeles, California, United States
When: 30 Sep 2015
Credit: Apega/

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is at PETA’s 35th Anniversary Bash held at the Hollywood Palladium… I don’t understand who lets her out of her house dressed like that.

This is 40.- nik

Is Kourtney Kardashian A Bitch

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.48.47 AM

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Scott Disick is losing his damn mind posting naked pics of his baby mama today?  This foo must want some because, he’s at her house again with her children. IG is going nuts asking WTF?!? I feel like Kourtney is crazy over Scott and he can’t escape her even if he tried! Get lives….

Don’t be so naive people — this is all part of the script.- nik

Bre Tiesi Thinks She Has Us Fooled


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Bre Tiesi was recently showing off her new Maserati she claims she just bought. Does she really think that we believe she is making that kind of income off being a sh*tty Instagram model and bottle girl? This girl is so sad. She try’s so hard to pretend she isn’t a P4P yet we see her hanging with the likes of KFC, posting expensive cars she could never afford, not working yet somehow going on lavish trips. When will any of these girls learn they have nothing to offer to society? That they aren’t real models? And that their fake lifestyle is provided by old men?

That armpit though. It’s winking at me.- nik

Girls Beware of Con Artist Jim Anthony


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Jim Anthony he claims that he is a venture capitalist living in Beverly Hills. I met him off a dating website. We were talking for some time and he offered to help me out since my family was struggling financially. At first, I was pretty hesitant. He assured me he wanted to do something nice for me and spoil me. As time progressed things got even weirder and creepier, he tried pressuring me into sending him nude photos and videos saying he would pay me 5k a month to be his SB/girlfriend and that he already had 3 in different states. He tried making me apply for a debit card…which I’m pretty sure was a scam. A lot of things started to not add up…I remember him telling me that him and his wife divorced, then changed his story and proceeded to tell me she died?  Weird. Also, he lied and said he was in a car crash then texted me pretending to be one of his assistants saying he was in “a coma.” Of course I thought this was total and complete bullshit and Im pretty sure this guy has watched one too many episodes of general hospital. So I texted him off a texting app asking If this was Jim Anthony and he said it was him. So caught him in that lie… Not only that, but I decided to do some investigating; I looked up his number and full name and found several articles about him being a scam artist/creep trying to con young girls into sending him nudes and sleeping with him. So girls, PLEASE be careful and do not talk to this man and Nik please put this creep on blast, he needs to be stopped.

So did you sleep with him for money or not?? I’m confused.- nik

Where Can I Find This Inflatable Pool Flamingo


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I am a well-established professional (straight male) and I am quite content with my accomplishments to date, especially after having paid off my astronomical undergrad and law school tuition debts. I don’t ask for anything extravagant in life. But when I took a gander at this photo, the first thing I noticed was the incredibly cutesy pink inflatable flamingo. Wow! Suffice to say, I am mesmerized and enticed to get one! I need to get one these large inflatable flamingos ASAP. But sadly, to no avail, I was unable to find a retailer where I could purchase one from (yes, I did run a Google search query but unfortunately no luck). I would genuinely appreciate if you and/or the Dirty Army faithful would be prepared to offer some sage advice as to where I could get one. And I would like to get one expeditiously. The longer I wait in the absence of this inflatable flamingo, the more my thirst needs to be quenched. Please HELP!

Can someone please help this fine gentleman.- nik

Jessica Burciaga Is Still Bangin’

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 11.14.21 AM

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, whoever said Jessica Burciaga is looking bad was smoking some weed or something.  Check out one of her latest IGs, tell me she has fallen off…. I’ll wait.

If Jessica had a Greg… Casper would be straight stalking her.- nik



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