And The Oscar Goes To Courtney Stodden

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, what do you think of Courtney Stodden’s acting career? She has quit her reality and porn gigs to become a real actor. NO JOKE!

I love Doug’s questions and Tamra’s high-end crack nails.- nik

Can We Knight Kurt Pinto Already


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I think Kurt Pinto has finally realized he will never make enough money to satisfy Chewy. He is hitting the pavement hard here back home (in Hollywood), he is a real estate mogul at this point and is dating some wanna be Chewy chick. When are you going to make him an official Dirty Celeb?

We are stuck on what name… Kurtlynn? Everyone thinks his real last name is Pinto… even me.- nik

The Truth About “Dash Doll” Durrani Aisha Popal


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, if you have watched the new ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ spin Off ‘Dash Dolls’ then you are now familiar with one of the shows characters – Durrani Popal… We wanted to clear the air about the REAL Durrani, now these are facts, as everyone who knows her will agree to them:

  1. Durrani is a 26 year old Afghani girl, meaning her parents are From Afghanistan, NOT Iran, which is associated with being ‘Iranian, or Persian’ she speaks DARI- which is the language of Afghans, not Farsi, which is the national language of Iran.
  2. Durrani often refers to herself attending Farsi school when there is no such a thing for Dari speakers. She never once openly admits to being an Afghan, she’s trying so hard to be Persian, because as you all know, LA is filled with them! So it’s easy to assimilate to. let’s get back to more important details..
  3. In regards to being Muslim, big deal the whole world has Muslims and it is an amazing religion that embraces love, unity and respect in many aspects. She is trying to say she is not religious so she can ‘fit in’. This girl lies and lies on screen like there’s no tomorrow.
  4. She’s from a super small city close to Sacramento, California called ‘Elk Grove’ you know the type of place that has farms and orange trees everywhere .. Ya that’s where she’s from.. The best place to shop is Kohl’s.. She moved to LA with dreams of becoming someone which isn’t bad. She moved here in 2010 while she was engaged to her Afghan Fiancé Aroon, he was a super nice guy, he kind of looked like a blue eyed Aladdin at 5’6… He was genuine and sweet..
  5. When she moved here she was living with a Jihadist friend of hers in Downtown LA, she was attending “FIDM”. She drove a Red little Broken down car from 1989. She didn’t care much about the glitz and glam people can get caught up with in Hollywood, but her eye was on the prize of being famous.
  6. Shortly after her move here she was working at the Michael Kors Boutique, she was still with Aroon, she also began dating MANY Jewish guys who lived in LA while she was seeing him. many times she claimed to have “forgotten” her engagement ring on her bathroom sink while getting ready to go out.
  7. She applied for a job at DASH boutique when it was in Calabasas. She got the job and was then transferred to the Melrose store upon its opening. Her little act of “never dated a Jewish man” is a hoax. She began seeing many, many Jewish guys all over the greater Los Angeles area… We could name a few but for The discretion of those people we won’t. She literally had a thing for that, or was it the wealth and success that attracted her.
  8. At this point she drove a red volkswagen rabbit that her on and off fiancé had leased her. She lived in a run down apartment in Brentwood Behind Ralph’s on Bundy. She was constantly dating and talking to all kinds of Jewish guys .. All whom wanted one thing from her.
  9. She started dating this dentist by the name of Manny, who was to be on the show, before the script changed, he is also known at Dr. Symph. She even filmed in his office a few times. He dumped her and was on to better things.
  10. Durrani still wanting to become someone was roaming around LA like a lost puppy in her little silver fiat, since her fiancé got his car back from her. She now is on Dash Dolls with her “boyfriend” Shalom. He is not even a US citizen, he’s from Germany, and they are getting married for him to get his papers.
  11. Shalom is a drug Dealer, that’s why he has loads of cash on him all the time and never a credit card. He sells drugs in exchange for borrowing cars. The “Bentley” he got Durrani.. Isn’t hers, it’s a Promo car, hence why there’s not a license plate almost 5 months after its “drive off”.
  12. She lives in an apartment with her boyfriend and his mom! She’s dying to be famous and have him marry her.. Just as bad as he’s dying to become a US citizen. All these facts need to be straight and laid out. She only gets $1,000 an Episode but claims to be driving a 200k car? Let’s get real.
  13. They don’t even have a savings account or careers.

Durrani is a fake girl who is truly depressed and has horrible anxiety. She needs help if anything. Living this false reality is just her making up allusions in her mind and broadcasting them falsely on this show. Don’t believe whatever your hearing .. Behind the cakeface of makeup and 5’1 figure is a bed of lies and manipulation. This girls doesn’t have a dollar to her name. The truth always comes out.. Slowly but surely.

Durrani Kardashian please explain yourself. Thank you.- nik

Egreis Gjergjani’s Parenting Skills Are Amazing


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Egreis parenting at it’s best. She had this posted on IG but quickly took it down due to all the negative comments. She claims her kids were not in the car when she drives with her knees, coffee in hand takin a selfie. Really do you need to take a selfie for IG account on two hours of sleep and a damn child in the car?

“Dropping kids off kind of morning” — that sounds like they are in the car.- nik

Sugar Baby of the Year

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.45.53 AM

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, looks like there was an upset! Meet Cat the SB of the year per SA (more Intel needed). This will shake up your stable I’m sure!

I’m concerned for the wealthy men who booked shim.- nik

Put Your Phone Away Hollywood

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.24.31 AM

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This picture of Sharon Stone texting or tweeting during a procedure at her dentist hit a nerve! May I just be the first to say publically, to every celebs and industry person…That, your dentist and other professionals you make an appts with, hate when you do sh*t like this! Please stop! Thanks.

Very low rent move for Sharon Stone to be asking someone to take a picture of her like this. I never her took her for the attention seeking social media type.- nik

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