Watch Out For Tomoko Tsuchiya


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Tomoko Tsuchiya, currently a flight attendant with Delta. I know her because my dude’s friend was hooking up with her for years when she was in Newport and she was totally cool with him having a wife and baby, apparently that wasn’t her first married man. This girl has got to have a go pro because every day (literally, EVERY DAY) she’s in a different country living it up, posting pictures on Facebook that someone is taking but we never see who it is. I know she flies for free being a flight attendant but I also know they don’t make much money and it seems like she never works anyway. She lives in Hawaii now and constantly posts half naked pics. Nice work if you can get it!

OP you forgot to mention that she loves stripes.- nik

Sana Greyston Should go back to Kenya


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my girlfriend uses this site and I enjoy checking it out from time to time. I have to submit a good guy’s wife since it was discovered that she is cheating on him and looking for other guys while my friend is deployed. This woman is d*m near 10 years older than my friend but somehow she convinced him to relocate her big ass from Kenya for marriage. Now she has taken over his life and won’t allow him to be himself. She’s an African abuser who has a problem with white people. My friend is so pu**y whipped that he can’t see the cheating and abuse taking place. Us guys are sick of her constantly meddling with the friendship. She doesn’t like her husband having friends or a life of his own. This woman needs to move back to Kenya and quit being such a whiney **tch cheating on her husband and my friend. This is a pic she sent another dude posing to be interested in her. You see how dishonest she is? This woman is toxic.

Emi Sklar Doesn’t Like Being On TheDirty


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Emi Sklar, from Honolulu didn’t like being posted on here. I am not sure who posted her on here first but I think she deserves to be on here. As an insider, I know for a fact Emi lies about her “career” choice. She claims to be signed to Whilelmina models but everyone around her knows it’s a lie. First off, she is NO WHERE to be found on the website. Also, she is only 5’6 and Whilelmina ONLY accepts models 5’9 and over (5’8 can be possible). She is not tall, nor is she thin enough to be part of such a prestigious agency. They also prefer models between the ages of 19-23 years old, which is way younger than Emi. Her biggest career accomplishment to date is getting extra work in Jurassic World. She is a tad above average therefore, she should work on locking a trout down, otherwise, she will struggle more and more to find idiots to feed her money at those Buy me a drink hostess bars she works at here in Honolulu.

I think it’s spelled Wilhelmina — and from what I’m told their models have a strict ‘No being posted on TheDirty’ policy.- nik




Honolulu’s Laura Grace Dangeli Is A Pill Popping Clown


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, please put this “model” in her place… This is Laura Grace Dangeli, a self-proclaimed local actress who is nothing more than a DRD infested escort from the ghettos of Jersey (although she will claim NYC). She has a weekly 5 minute segment on the news where she announces the events going on in Honolulu. Now can this weekly 5 minute gig pay for shopping sprees, trips around the world, private jets, an ocean front apartment and a Bentley? How does she afford all this? Can a 5’1″ model with a huge nose and no tits really make that much money??? Just like the others, she has worked very hard— as a hooker. She has old johns fly her out to vegas for the weekend just so she can pay her rent for her dirty, 1 bedroom apartment. This whore goes for any of her friend’s men if she thinks they have a dollar to throw at her. The little home wrecker has size AA tits and is in dire need of some +2’s…Too bad she is addicted to Oxy and spends any dollar she has on getting high. Please help this heroin addict out—she will eat up every work you have to say about her so PLEASE be honest here. This strung out train wreck needs to clean it up– stop hooking, get some boobs for christ sake, and make an honest living.

Get in Line


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, there’s a saying that goes, “You don’t date this girl, you get in line.”.  This could not be more true for Elizabeth Mattson. She has slept with so many guys its disgusting. She came from Tahoe where she slept with everyone, and now lives in Kahala. She thinks she’s super hot and everyone wants her, but really she’s disgusting and has the most awful eyebrows I’ve ever seen, they look like caterpillars live on her face. She posts all these pictures of her ass on Instagram, thinking she’s got this amazing body but really everyone just makes fun of her behind her back. Plus she’s got nasty cellulite and this ugly tramp stamp tattoo on her left side. Grow the f*ck up and get a life.

Julio Suazo


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. I would like to Share a picture of this man with you. His name is Julio Suazo. I would like to warn all women about him. He left me stranded in the middle of nowhere last weekend. We went out to dinner about 20 miles outside of the city and he said he was going outside to make a phone call and I soon discovered that he left. I had no way of getting home. What if something would have happened to me? Please post his picture and warn women to stay away from him.

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