Freaky Friday Malone

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Freak Show Joey Malone made it up on the Portland Dirty a couple of times. Deservedly so. He’s now moved to Hawaii, and for the locals that have yet to encounter this mess with a pulse, hopefully this gives them a heads up. He preaches equality, and being nice, yet his actions speak different and he will gossip like no other. Here are some fresh freak show pictures, they speak a thousand words(like puke, hurl, boner killer, etc. etc.) He took his issues with him, thankfully. But it’s not fair to the great people of Hawaii to have to deal with him now. (He actually dressed up as and thinks he’s Sleeping Beauty) Help the people of Hawaii, Nik. Steer clear of this nasty queen.

Sexual Predator In Charge Of Straub Psychology

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is a CREEP.  I met him at a party with some mutual friends and they all insisted we hook up. Which we didn’t thank god! We hung out for a week. At first he was really nice and kind. Kind of obnoxiously in your face. But I just thought it was because he liked me. Next thing, he’s asking me to move in and I can drive his porsche. He has a nice place ocean front, but something seemed supicious. Errol is a psychologist. The head of the Straub psychology dept. And he brought me to his private childrens practice in Ward. He showed me his stocks, bank accounts, assets, tax returns, and tried to brag about his income. Although it was impressive, something did not feel right. He was very aggressive with trying to kiss me. Aggressive about trying to get me to move in. Aggressive about trying to basically find a way to control me. He shares personal details of his life, and he’s easy to talk to because he’s kind, so you feel a false safeness of opening up to him. Of course you do. Because he’s a psychologist. Making himself appear vulnerable by opening up to you, you feel comfortable, but something still feels off. So you take your time to get to know him instead of jumping into it.  Next thing your friend is living with him.

I bet you still drove the Porsche for a couple days.- nik

Mariko Marii Is A Disaster

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is a disaster.  She has slept with basically everyone’s boyfriend that I worked with. I know she had sex with a 38 year old when she was 16 years old, then she slept with his roommate (more than one occasion sneaking passed his door at 4 am.) How do I know this? Because she told me so. I’ve seen her passed out in hostess bar rooms with her panties around her ankles. When she is at the club, she makes out with 10+ guys a night easy. And when she use to work at Strip Club, I see her sitting on guys laps getting groped for $20 making out with every single one of them. Idk if she needs attention or just get’s so sh*t face wasted she doesn’t know what she’s doing.  The girl needs some serious help with life, maybe Jesus can save her.

That chin implant makes her face look round.- nik

Dirty Triangle


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Noah Riopelle, personal trainer of FIT Hi Training, who is cheating on her with his ex for 3 years best friend, Maria Zimmerman (married name) aka Maria Chase. It’s a dirty triangle. Perfect for eachother, cheating and lying on eachother. She comes off as the quiet shy type, girl next door. She’s cute and has a banging body though, I ain’t gonna hate there. Next thing I know she’s living with none but the other… Errol Hamarat, sexual predator, sugar daddy, has all his h*es living with him and driving his porsche around.  She even started talking my friends guy, who she is friends with too and hid it from her for 3 weeks. Shady. Just trynna get her green card.  LOL I even saw a video of her ex husband doing her in the ass. Yeah he showed it to everyone, he’s a dirtbag like that.

I’m so confused… so who is the dude in the pictures?- nik

Escort to Trainer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Debbie Faildo is an overweight personal trainer in honolulu. She’s married to an ifbb pro and supposedly was a figure competitor in the 80s. How does someone who weights 160 lbs charge $80/hour to clients who look better than her. She use to be a hooker. Lol I know because I use to walk the track on kalakaua w her.

Same concept..- nik

Infected loser

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy here is Lenny and youll never meet a bigger DRD infected loser. This toothless waste of air has no respect for anybody, he has no problem at all putting all his dirty laundry on fb for everybody to see and I think this is the perfect way for him to open up his eyes. Lenny you should man the F*ck up and stop acting like you’re the victim in that relationship that you are in. You claim to be a good dad but you don’t do shit for that kid of yours. You and your “fossils” are nothing to be proud of.

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