Dating Psycho Mark Wedgeworth


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have been following your blog since the days of DirtyScottsdale. This is Mark Wedgeworth, from Southwest Infiniti. Why I am writing this? Well, he’s the biggest middle-aged loser ever in Houston that scours the dating websites for young girls at least half his age for a “serious relationship.” He says he gets along with young women because they relate to him. Of course they do, he never graduated the 8th grade (yes, true). How he got into his current work position, no one knows. He uses his power and money to lure young girls to go out with him. Recently, he bought a fancy Porsche and suddenly all sorts of trashy, uneducated women are all over him. The guy has been married 3 times. If you look at the status update for, he’s in “a committed relationship with the future wife of his illegitimate children.” If he’s in a serious relationship, then why the did he post a status update and why is he still on Oh and he plays the role of the “loaded” sugar daddy, has a small penis and many dark secret fetishes. Long story, this guy doesn’t wear a condom and tells the same story to each girl that he’s recently out of a divorce with Baby Mama and hasn’t seen anyone else. Yada, yada. I was stupid enough to believe his story when I dated him. In fact, he gave me ch** and go***. I only discovered the drds a week after we broke up when I went to doctor for my annual exam. There’s no telling how many other girls he has infected. Nik, please expose him so that other young girls at least know that he’s very dirty.

Michael Montgomery loves teenage girls


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Michael Montgomery who works at Oracle has no shame whatsoever. Michael Montgomery is 67 years old and he recently had an affair with his neighbor’s 17 year old daughter. Needless to say, Michael Montgomery’s wife is a big hideous wuss who either just doesn’t care or needs the benefit of his paycheck. Michael Montgomery goes on Tinder to pick up teenage girls and offered them money and gift items in exchange for sexual intimacy. Michael Montgomery is also known to routinely request his own daughters to bring over young girls for slumber parties and pajama parties. Why? Because Michael Montgomery can have his voyeuristic fun! Nik, this freak Michael Montgomery needs to be put on full blast!

The Handout Life


THE DIRTY ARMY Nik- this is Silas Langton of Crosby, TX. He can be found frequenting the local BYOB bars; pulling white trash wh*res, popping xanax, evading child support, spreading drd’s and overall, just wasting oxygen. He’s currently living off of his sister in their single wide trailer. Ladies, this is the man of your dreams. Get him before he’s gone.

How Is Loren Ashley After Her Latest Makeover


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, you posted Loren was 22% of the way there surely after this latest makeover she is at least 60% now? I think she is perfect but Nik chime in?



Can’t Work Unless She’s High


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, she’s so obsessed with other bitches that she completely oblivious of whats really going on in her own life. Her husband cheats on her. She smokes Marijuana with her children and talks about it on social media about being at work high . I’m sure she’s smokes other illegal substances. She is a low life person.

We Are So Unworthy…


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is the greatest trainer, bodybuilder, alpha male, man in Houston , er no, the world. We all fail in our comparison. Please add your glorious commentaries in praise of what we, mere puny humans, can never be. Well at least without a few good cycles….

I hope that underwear is purchased in a 3 pack.- nik

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