Karla Torres Reyes


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Karla Torres Reyes from houston This 4ft tall whale was sending my ex pictures all the time! Found the pics and left him immediately and had to go get checked for drd. Beware!!!!! This gross slore has the gift that keeps on giving…come to find out she is also married with a kid! Thankfully I wasn’t but a few months into my relationship so who gives but the fact that he slept with that! Damn if you’re going to cheat why with that? Well his answer was that she’s an easy lay and the forehead no neck and back fat ruined it all Poor thing she thinks she looks good too Maybe her husband will keep her lol

Why’s she hanging around the steps, no doubt she floats.- nik

Stalker Alert


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, just wanted to warn the DA of this stalker/home wrecker. I used this site to date younger women and met this girl Paige from college station in Houston.  Now she is just texting me for more money and threatening to go to my wife. I know I screwed up but I am only human.

Crystal of pearland


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just wanted to expose this store of pearland, silver lake, suburb of Houston. She has kids to get the child support. She propositioned me that if I wanted to have a kid with her as long as I pay her monthly? What is up with that? Just warning the DA to be careful with this one because she will try to trap you for money!

Tick tock, Tick tock goes the maternity clock.- nik

Watch out for the married woman


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Olivia Hatherley will get you to meet here online . Then once your there with here. She will tell you she married with two kids . I feel sorry for her husband . Then to top it off she said she was gonna come over followed me and then said she changed her mind . Which I was ok with i figured she had changed her mind cause she was married. Then said she was on her way again but then never showed up . Guys if you see her or if she writes you online . Stay away for two resasons , One shes married , and two she just gonna waste your time . Not many things get to me but this chick did . Just more of a warning sign to stay away

Do Not Do Business With This Promoter


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DO NOT do bussiness with this piece of sh*t club promotor!!! He will borrow money from you and never pay you back. He is pepsi head and has drdS and doesn’t disclose it to others. He claims to be a bar owner yet only owns less than 2% lmfao!!!

Loren does a makeover


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, former Houston Texan cheerleader and posted before took niks advice and had a makeover. I saw her in person and she is a solid 9 now. Nick and DA do you agree with the after pic?

Sweet comb over.- nik

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