Victor doesn’t know know


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was scrolling down my Facebook timeline and came across a post from a local news station about a young, Black woman receiving a cavity search on the side of the road. Her vehicle smelled like weed, so they made her pull her pants down and open up wide. As I was going through the comments, I stumbled across an old classmate’s, Cynthia Mesuwan, response. Nik, I was appalled. How could a girl that has taken so much BBC say such hateful things? Lol this girl was known for being a slut and not discriminating, but I guess after having a couple kids in her teens and becoming fat, she has to act like she has standards and holier than thou because no guy wants to crawl in and out of her window or decrepit snatch anymore. No, Miss. Piggy, you might have settled down, but you can’t deny your love of chocolate lmao. Btw, tell Victor I said congrats on successfully turning a ho into a housewife, too bad she gained a crap load of weight, but you did it, bro! I ber he doesn’t know about those abortions one possibly being Anton’s.

Don’t Fall Victim to Jr


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jorge Fidel Cordon aka Jr this is a warning so that no more women fall victim to this woman BEATER cheater user (will leave you with nothing) manipulator. He will tell a woman everything she has ever wanted to hear and gain her trust and love. Slowly he will blame everything that goes wrong on you and use that as his excuse to cheat with multiple females at the same time empty your bank account and pawn your belongings. You will find emails from females saying the have drds and he will never get checked. He doesn’t care about you or your kids he barely cares for his own. He will mentally emotionally verbally and physically beat you down and have you believe it’s you. Because your so badly beaten you will live hiding from everyone so no one will see your many bruises. The police will do nothing to help you. I’m not his first victim but I hope that me doing this will stop the cycle. I’m his victim no more I finally broke free I maybe broke but I have my life and my kids.

Valet?- nik

SW Alief’s Homewrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let’s kick things off like this, I have given this woman ample warnings to leave my husband alone. I usually do not do things like this but something has to be done, right? Believe me when I say I know it isn’t completely her fault that my husband stepped out of our marriage to cheat with her, but when I confront you in a polite and respectable way and you have the nerve to try to make it seem as if you did nothing wrong, that starts a problem!! This woman knew my husband is a married man, she also befriended me to my face, but behind my back she’s texting and calling him all hours of the night! She has the nerve to tell me “If he isnt doing it with me, it’ll just be someone else” What kind of woman with morals and self respect says and does something like that!! She’s on fb bragging about being single and not having a care in the world, but this is the honest scoop on this woman. No lies needed, pure truth, and if it wasnt for my husband stupidly forgetting his phone in my car I wouldnt have even known this was going on. This womans name is Susy. She has 4 kids, (I’m not too sure of their ages) but according to text messages “she’s tired of them, and has done her part and wishes that their father was more active in their life” Which lead her into having my husband play some sort of father figure, when we have kids of our own. After sitting down with my husband and discussing this whore I’ve put the puzzle together about this woman. She’s a 30 something year old woman, bitter as hell because she has the worse attitude problem he claims to have ever seen, and according to him he turned sex down from her due to the fact of her smelling of fish and urine. He claims the only thing she was good for was oral sex, and letting him use her credit card and car while she was at work. ( Thanks for the bath and body works btw) Also the numerous amounts of clothes and shoes she bought him, which he claims to have told her not to buy him anything and to spend her money on her kids, but she insisted that they were not getting anything from her. The way I see it Susy, you’re an insecure short funny shaped creature. The only reason guys cheat on their wives with you, is simply because you’re an easy target. No one will ever want you for you. What do you think of this woman Nik?

Woman Abuser Farouk Shami


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Farouk Shami. He pretends to be the most polite guy but once you get to know him you’ll realize he is rudest guy ever. He’s spoiled little rich boy who thinks he is better than everyone because his grandpa ran for governer… He hooks up with underage girls all the time and treats every girl like sh*t because he’s like 5″4 and needs a self esteem boost. He is a huge douche bag and has no sense of loyalty. No moral compass. It’s disgusting. He doesn’t know the value of a dollar so he acts like a b**ch. He doesn’t even work for his money, his parents just transfer him thousands of dollars and that’s the only reason girls even look twice at him. He has admitted to me he pays for prostitues and prefers over weight girls. He is just the stereotypical Arab, woman abuser, douchebag.

Nice fold down.- nik

Arian Foster’s Baby Mama Is Some Mother


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so this is the gold digger, that got pregnant with a married Arian Foster, and made it all public on TMZ. She had a baby a year ago and she is already posting pictures like this-half naked and topless-showing off her botched ass implants. Like her poor son, what kind of mother does this?

I don’t understand why she wouldn’t photoshop the dude in the ocean out… that is all I see.- nik

Tag My Chest


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check this dirty slut out. Her name is Maclovia or Maggie for short. She stays all over Houston since she doesn’t have a place to stay last I heard she was staying with “brother” because she had nowhere else to go. She claims to be a good mother but all 5 of her kids lived with the dads. Her oldest kid didn’t even want her around her grand kid. She says she always 100% but is always out on the street at any bar looking for some dude to suck up for money because her lazzy ass doesn’t have a job or even bothers to get one bitch is almost 40 years old. Such a waste of life. I bet that tat on her chest is from some random guy she met at a bar got her drunk branded her and had the courage to sleep with her poor bastard. Oh well what do you think Nik

Tats don’t mask the ‘jacks’.- nik

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