What Happened To Stephanie Wills Face

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik I just saw this photo of stuck up conceded Stephanie Will and her rich California boyfriend on Instagram, can someone tell me what the hell she did to her face?! The picture on the left is her now, the right is what she used to look like… Stephanie STOP with the surgery! You are one of the most stuck up Naperville slores I know, maybe because she lives in Cali now she thinks she has to get more face fillers, you can stop any time now girl. And judging from this photo you probably should have alonggg time ago. Chicago is SO happy you left, stop coming back.

The Game Is Not Over


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Mari Pashaeva is her name.  Someone said the game is over but I don’t agree.  Yes, she is beautiful but not 100% sold on her.  Here are some more pics so you can review her again.

Wow she is fat. I’m out.- nik

Mark Kevin Alllen is a Scammer, Harasser and Stalker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,Mark Kevin Allen, he lives in South Bend Indiana and has been scamming innocent Notre Dame fans out of money for years with the promise of a pay back. He cries to innocent people that he is going homeless while living in an upscale apartment complex (((REDACTED))) When he does receive the loan, he will harass you and try to get you upset with him so that you either A. Block him or B. He blocks you so he doesnt have to pay for the loan. We have over 38 people that have been logged with the police department. Mark Kevin Allen, has also been arrested, jailed and charged with harassement and stalking a woman and tapping into her phone voice mail and lying to police, he would also not give his computer and was charged with onstruction all public record.

Fighter Ex turned into a Pill Head

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ryan Schooler ex has been screwing life up for herself and her daughter becoming a drugged out trash bag! She thinks she is cute but she isn’t and not pretty enough to get through life she needs to stop doing drugs and take care of her daughter instead of spreading rumors about Ryan … She is the trashiest thing to walk the street your not fooling anyone and everyone talks some much shit about her behind her back that she is naive and blind to the fact… Ruin your life not others

Caitlyn Forester

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay everyone, let me tell you all the story of the little WHORE who slept with my boyfriend. Once upon a time, a little whore named Caitlyn (aka Heather) Forester lived in Indianapolis, IN. She used to work with my boyfriend at Nordstrom in the Fashion Mall at Keystone and since day one, she started flirting with him! EVEN THOUGH he made it perfectly clear to EVERYBODY that he had a girlfriend! Who the hell does that? She offered him rides to and from work every chance she got so they could fck in her car. This little tramp also snuck her way into my house and FCKED MY BOYFRIEND IN MY BED. If this little harlot wasn’t so EASY my boyfriend wouldn’t have even noticed the ugly wench. Even after he told her to leave him alone, she changed her phone number so she can still try to talk to him! This little homewrecking bitch tried to steal my man, don’t let her try to take away yours!

Check Out Audrina Patridge’s ITG


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just showing you a pic I saw on TMZ of Audrina Patridge. Don’t know much about her but I’m wondering what you think of the ITG Nik?

What happen to her ass? Her ITG doesn’t count because her ass is not existent.- nik

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