Turning Tricks

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Tabitha from Louisiana. She married my boy who took in her and her two kids. She was shady from the start, and we all told him so. Demanding +2s, and an infinite supply of money all of the time. She’d act shady, and then when he called her out on it she’d freak out on him and accuse him of everything under the sun. He’d give in, and then give and give. They’re split now. And when she’s not trying to hit him up for more money, she’s hitting up the baby daddy, or an abundance of sugar daddies she has lining her pockets. That’s right, word is she’s turning tricks in backwoods Ms. She’s a heartless, cold succubus that will use you for everything you have. And then cuss you for not having more. She\’s sexy, but dumb as a brick and crazy as fck. A lethal combo. My boy got away, but the rest of you watch out.

Dead Beat Dopehead


THE DIRTY ARMY: This is by far the nastiest BiTCh that anyone has ever laid eyes on!! She’s a Thief, liar, crack head, and most of all a SluT!!!! Ladies if you know her be very careful!! She will play nice in your face and talk trash behind your back!! She’s known for fucking her friends Boyfriends!! This is the kind of trash that would rather eat dick and smoke rock over being a mother to her kids!! Jackson Mississippi BEWARE of the psycho SluT!!!

Going to Prison doesn’t make you Tough

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Pamela Reynolds from Pearl Ms this want to be hamster thinks she’s tough one bad bitch. You got it wrong you should have learned the first time in prison. Question did she ever think about her kid while she was smoking and selling Meth??? You ain\’t bad bitch you’re doing bad.

Rankin County Dope Slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Rankin county trash has got to be one dumb bitch. She didn’t learn to leave the dope alone the first time she went to prison? ??? What she don’t give a shit her kid is growing up without her mom because she has chosen Meth over her kid???

Pearls Finest Trash

THE DIRTY ARMY: This big boned broad loves looking for drama and is very intimated by her boyfriends exes. You can often spot ashley easily by identifying her 3 million freckles covering her body, her short orange fried hair, OR her eye brows that are so light you miss them when you see her face. She’s really hard to miss! This girl really believes she’s a “thug” and loves trying to be hard ass. She even lets her boyfriend have sex with other girls, and sometimes even joins just to make him happy. She lets him do whatever he pleases because deep inside she knows No one would every truly be happy or faithful with the psycho that she really is! (But Corey is just as fcked up in the head as she is so they are a perfect match.) She has mental issues and seriously refuses to let drama go with her boyfriends EX who is happily married now for almost a year. Please put this crazy bitch on blast just so Jackson can really see her true colors!!

My Now Ex-Boyfriend Likes To Dress Up


THE DIRTY ARMY: So me and this guy dated for 2 years. Until I found out what he does behind my back. He likes to dress up. He even puts my stuff on. He takes pics and sends them to people so I thought since he wants it out there so much. I’ll help.

Looks like Victoria’s Secret.- nik

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