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Deushe McNeil

THE DIRTY ARMY: This loser is from Brandon, MS but spends most of his adult life chasing young girls from MSU. Watch out MOMS, he likes them young (preferably under 18) His alcohol problem has landed him naked in the bed with a 13 yr old. Capital PALOOZA!!! AS IF THIS ISN’T ENOUGH, he spends ANY FREETIME W/ HIS LOOOZER friends at local strip clubs in Jackson, MS. DANNYS & THE PONY KNOW THIS REGULAR…LETS SUM THIS UP: strippers, drugs & alcohol will win you a night with DOUESHE MCNEIL. SO CONGRATULATIONS!! NOW, PLEASE CALL UR DOCTOR! If you happen to wake up to this loser, go get checked! last I heard he had the CLAP!! pedifile – check, alcoholic – check, manwhore – check. oh.. but letS not forget that he also has ATLEAST THREE CHILDREN who he does not take care of. One of the girls is taken care of by his parents but even his parents have disowned the others. Girls, TREAD LIGHTLY!! THIS ONE TAKES HOME DEADBEAT OF THE YEAR… that is when he isnt twirling his dope.

Hide your Husbands

THE DIRTY ARMY: This home wrecker would be Jennifer Trim. She’s known for fcking up marriages and getting people hooked on dope! She’s fcked so many people in just the several months that she more than likely has infected th entire city of pearl with the C**P! What’s worse is, this is a group of people who all know each other.. Bounces from one husband to another, ruining families like it’s a hobby.. She weighs all of 90 lbs due to her daily mth addict. Not sure why her pictures look as tho she just took one of the ass but whatever… If you want a night with this rankin trash just wave a bag of dope in the air, an I’m sure shell hop right on!

Dirty South’s Finest

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m sure majority of you know these fine, lovely people… Greg, Josh, and their gutter rats Brooke & Magan. For those of you who don’t know, Josh claims to love his GF, but he’s always cheating on her. He & Greg both live off attention from other females. And Magan? She’s nothing but a whore…didn\’t decide to jump on the tattoo bandwagon until she married her “cool” hubby. Good luck getting a job with that. Brooke? LMAO! Bless her soul, she looks 12. TWELVE! Thank the makeup gods because if it weren’t for them, this thing would be a horrid site to wake up to. Both Josh & Greg have made themselves look ridiculously stupid all over social media (VINE). Do you not realize some people are actually laughing AT you and not WITH you? No, I’m not jealous. I feel sorry for this trash. Josh cheated on his baby mama with the child he’s with now. Pretty crappy if you ask me considering baby mama is actually a really good mom. Greg & magan claim to be great parents of their girls, and yet they talk like trash all over the internet. So let’s take a moment of silence for this poor individuals.

Biggest Ass in J-town


THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Melody facebook model with the biggest ass. She was never what you would call small but she just gets more huge every year. Apparently the people taking these pictures have a strong stomach and are pros with photoshop to hide all the dimples and cellulite. Recently single this wide load is hitting up the bars and flirting with anything that swings. Having had a slice of this in its skinnier days I just have to say watch out you may get swallowed up and never heard from again. Glad i dodged the bullet with this one and let David have it


Turning Tricks To Get Her Fix!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, check out this junkie of the year! This is Morgan Robinson. She is about 90 lbs of pure nasty. She has a kid she never sees and her baby’s daddy is back in prison for the 100th time. All she knows how to do is shoot up, and never clean, bathe, or eat. She thinks more of a dope pipe or needle than her own son. She will rob or steal anything to get her fix. She will con and lie to anyone who gets in her way even her own parents. She chooses to have nowhere to live and resides wherever she can spread her legs for a D, bars, or meth. She thinks she is super hot when clearly she just looks like a ran through crack whore.. Which technically she is because she recently started paying for her drugs with her nasty, rank p*ssy. She is the poster child for “Faces of Meth”. Get a life bitch and go raise your son already.

Suzzie Santiago Needs A Reality Check


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Amberly Norwood, also known as “Suzzie Santiago”. She is a barely legal instaho who spreads her legs all over social media. The stupid girl has a new BFF every month. She claims all her friends turn on her but in reality she is just a stupid girl. This little ass girl creates a fantasy image of herself (yes, shes sctually uglier In person). She’s dark ass hell and about twenty pounds heavier. She needs a reality check. Your are not a Latina.

Please don’t submit women over 150 pounds to this website. I don’t have enough bandwidth for her weight.- nik


You Will Never Go Back To A Skinny Girl

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