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The Perfect Guy- Stalker Edition


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, can you please put this creepy creature on blast for me. His name is Richard Van horn of New Jersery, he is vile. He told me that he has DRD on our 2nd date, I thanked him for his honesty but told him that I can not date someone in that situation. Since then he has been stalking me at my job and hangouts, a bloody nightmare overall.

Jersey Girl Kaylah Raquel Became An Instagram Model Overnight


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here we have Kaylah Raquel, the name just screams Jersey trash. But the lack of class doesn’t end there. After (probably buying) her 30k Instagram followers she seems to think that she is an up and coming model. Funny because all of her “photo shoots” take place in parking lots and people’s yards. Don’t even get me started on her looks, you would think if you’re banking on your modeling career you would at least buy a gym membership, right? Please put this girl on blast Nik, I am so tired of seeing her slumming around town (waiting outside of liquor stores for them to open, “shooting” in the woods, etc) while she acts like the sh*t on Instagram. How are you even paying for these half-assed photo shoots?? I don’t know, but I smell a little p4p action going on. What do you think Nik? If she could afford some +2s she could actually look sort of decent.

I’m digging the parking lot photo-shoots. It makes it feel real to me.- nik

Disbarred New Jersey Attorney Vincenza Spina


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ex new Jersey Attorney Vincenza Spina got disbarred for stealing the pension of a retired police man and now spends her days harassing people on Twitter. She is a reality show obsessed cyberbully. If you dare disagree with her or call her out on stalking people she finds out your information and calls your job in hopes to get you fired. One such call just so happened to get recorded. She also harasses your family. She got a teacher fired who wasn’t even on Twitter.  She is so embarrassed for people knowing that she is a pension thief that she claims she is a young hot paralegal when in reality she is a fat 50 year old cyberbully. She manipulates people with lies into thinking she is a victim and gets them to do her dirty work while she sits on her fat ass eating potato chips and laughs. Careful Nik as soon as you post this you will get a cease and desist letter from her Lolyer husband. Proof that shes a disbarred attorney is on thequeenzofmedia.wordpress Shes not very smart. Nik please call this woman out. On the YouTube video is a interview of Vincenza Spina and at the end of the video is the recorded phone call from the hot paralegal named “Toni” Guess what? The voices match. To see some of her fuckery go to disbarredattorney. It includes cyber sex messages to her BFF proving that she is a married cyber whore who echeats on her husband. When her information was put out she claimed her husband was actually her boss. (lies) The picture of the screenshot proves that she was behind the @horsemenofdeath account which was the one that was posting kids pics. The dummy forgot to clean out her copy and paste

Hard Times for this Self Poster


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, im laying in my bed right now, im looking someone who talk too. kik me fast coz im down in everything kik me now bella torres.

The top doesn’t match the bottoms.- nik

Narcissistic Amiee


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this chick Amiee is a straight up narcissist. She always claims to be “real” but she is just a narcissist who can’t stop taking provocative pictures of herself even when kids are around. Who in their right mind would let their kid around a woman who dresses like that. Setting an example for a young girl to think women are just sex toys is horrible. I called her out on her taking pics with her kid and she flipped. Girl needs a reality check and chill out with the fake excuses of why she gets surgery so often.

My heart goes out to her children.- nik

Trashy Snooki Minion Jihan Jerez


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Jihan Jerez of New Jersey, a fat, greasy meatball of a creature with hot trash breath. She preys on married men, my husband included among many. She will do anything for attention and lives to break up marriages. This fatter, uglier, Dominican Snooki needs to be put on blast once and for all. She thinks she is the most gorgeous and “classy” chick walking the filthy Jersey streets. Married women of New Jersey, be warned; once you feel the vibrations of greasy Jihan’s Godzilla thighs and janky feet thundering through your neighborhood, hide your husbands.

This look is so 2010.- nik

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