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Melissa Iadarola the Italian Babe


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl has had this coming for a loonng time. She is the dirtiest, sluttiest, homewrecking slore around town. She has one type- taken. She lures guys in relationships by continuously facebook/ text messaging them asking if they’re still with their girlfriends, Nik can you say DESPERATE?! Even when the men do not show any interest this b**ch just keeps coming back. She has ruined countless relationships and has no shame. Melissa thinks she is top sh*t, but in reality she is a ugly Italian with a BIG ASS NOSE. Give this girl a couple shots at Sharks Club or CJ’s( where she basically lives) and she will go home with literally anything/anyone. Newsflash, Melissa, NOBODY wants a relationship with you.. If you’re as confident as you claim you are, find a man who’s actually single, and not because you make him that way.

Boyfriend Fiddler


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Idc if this dirty skank is already exposed she should be a thousand times. Her name is Cheylyne Manuel (the one on the left) and she’s on the left to her friend who I pity because she doesn’t know how shitty of a person this little girl is. She does in fact spread those drds of hers around along with ch***a and **a ask me if u wanna know. Nasty girl f’ed my bf and he admitted to this dumb whore. She ain’t even cute lmao f u Chey he’s urs now.

Still Lying Chantelle Leplante


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, well shes at it again 3 years later, Chantelle used me to pay back debt, saying she loved me and wanted a boyfriend, she strikes by saying she has a kid, saying that she needs to go on a trip to see it, SHE DOESNT HAVE A KID and she wont put out, she just uses your money and your heart and then f’s off and never talks again saying how she will repay you, tonight or tomorrow or well never…. be careful of this one, she is a work of art, a girl that will run you dry of money and say anything to get it.

Those are some shabby clip-ins.- nik

Old Skeeze Savannah Papineau


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this one everyone needs to know in Kamloops before they get the wrong gift that you cant get rid of. this chick goes by the name of Savannah Papineau, she is a mother of 2, has had her children taken away because shes an escort, but more of just a gross disgusting kind, she is registered drd+ please take a close look at this face and stay away…

It Moos It Screws


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this barn yard animal is Kristena Guest. She married Damian Wiens also on your site. Kristena is a selfish loser, she manipulates and uses people, even her own friends and family to get what she wants. She’s waiting for grandma to kick the bucket so she can take her house. She was so desperate to get a guy she admitted to poking holes in condoms with randoms to try and trap them. She slept with all of Damian’s loser friends before getting with him. Desperate to feel wanted she married Damian months after dating him because no one she actually liked would date her. She’s slept around with over 100 dirty guys before leaving highschool. She knows she’s can’t attract a guy so she tricks them to hang out with her and forces herself on them. She was the dd in highschool so she could go after the guys too drunk to stand, offer them rides home and take advantage of them in her car to try and get laid. Ever wonder where you got that drd from? Of course in her fantasy world she believes if she forces someone to do anything they must have wanted it, but psychopaths don’t think rationally. Damian’s post accuses him of cheating when it’s really Kristena sleeping around, apparently she is just a nympho and sex with her husband isn’t good enough. Check her phone records. The longest job she’s had is at Walmart in the pharmacy department. This heffer is beyond pathetic, popping out babies when she can’t take care of herself.

Beware Of Your Men Around Alannah Phillips


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Alannah Phillips.  This nasty Pepsi sloot will jump on any drug dealer for nose candy! Slept with a friends husband… This broad thinks it’s ok to screw husbands lets make this home wrecker known!!!

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