Someones got Stink Dink

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Shane Cameron ,Let me tell you about this P.O.S. Douche Bag. He thinks he’s the shit trying to sweet talk girls into sleeping with him because he sells jib. Its funny how many times this stink bag got busted and never went to jail. Whats that tell you Nik ? This stinky rat police informant, gets robbed after some slut he was F***** told them were he was. Beats up and cheats on his girlfriend if he doesn’t get his own way ,doesn’t even have a shower for days, stinks so bad you can smell dick cheese from a mile away, then force’s his gf to suck it or she gets cut off. Tell your mama to wipe the cum off her face from your stinky foreskin dude. And wake up cause your girls getting F***** while you waste your life in video game land with your fingers up your A** trying to get off on some old cougar. Nik just wanted to tell the girls out there this guy is a dirty cheating ,women beating ,P.O.S.

One Stop Quikie

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik listen to this one, this girl is the biggest fcking tramp out this way, she sells her self for drugs cant keep to one guy she soo fucking nasty she actaully fcked one of my exs while i was in the next room sleeping. ahh , she lies bout everything just to get what she wants ,she actaully bbf with liz karlson and mary ane , samantha just moved back to mrt/kams i wouldnt doubt it that she selling herself just to keep going everyday she a deadbeat mother wont spend see them, she has phyco problems she cuts her self all her legs scard badly, she thinks she soo hot , lol fcknig fat dumb indian lol when she sobar, she plays the crying card with everyone so they feel bad for her, i guess it should of been her than her brother that died, i dont know why she wont kill her self by now , loose cunt im sure if u got some herion ,speed and a place to go to for hour, your good to go, id wrap it twice, its just sad i feel so bad for her 2 sons, i heard she did have a pretty good relationship with some guy down the coast but she fucked it up ,like her mother, i would not trust her !!!

Sierra Morgan Riese

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sierra is a down right little whore cheating on her boyfriend that is in malasya gets pregnant with a bar manager has a abortion now moving to malasya like nothing happened. Such a fake two faced little scummy whorre

Mary Anne aka Emma Grace Willaim

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! I want to put this disease infected bitch on blast. I want to let people know that she is infected with hep c (from Benji) genital w**ts and clam. She is a well known hooker from north shore, Kamloops (NASTY) She will hook anything from a hand job to a full blown dp. If you love to shoot up heroin, then this nasty infected cnt, is your total bitch to roll with. She has a daughter with a so called heavy down bf that she has back in the day, but he even has child molestation charges, and yet you let him see her?. Your father is the number one for for daughter but you still fucked it up and shoot up i front of her. Soon enough, you will not be allowed visitation rates from the shit you pull. You will get what you finally deserve you filthy, nasty, lying, addicted, just like hr mother mother BITCH!!!!! YOU DESERVE IT CNT!!

Sara Marzoff

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I just want to bring ur attention…yet again to sara marzoff…I hear that she sleeps with guys for money now and honestly it\’s quite low do u have to feel about yourself to give out naughty favours for money?..i found out she was a hooker because my now ex bf confessed to me that he had slept with her for money..he had to confess because she gave him a drd..nik pls tell me what has become of this sloot…her future seems to be getting worse and worse..( the last picture is one I found on her backpage add)

Cheating Danny Weist

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik meet danny weist, met him at a party about two month ago i was really drunk! We slept together a couple times i ended up getting preg! contcted him he hung up and made it was a mistake all 15 times and told me to have an abortion!!! I found out he has a gf lives at her parents house and is a total c o k e head. hears him and her get drunk every chance they get and just buy blow. PLease post this two timing losser soon to be dad on here so no other girls have to go through what i go through

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