Mr. Gym


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Brendan Oran McHendry…dated a couple weeks till found his Fbook has a thousand or so friends, turns out he and brother JOHN are MAJOR sex addicts…not just usual nightly porn, but into some crazy, incestual, disturbing shiiiiiiiiite……they share a house and many a woman, I’m sure…if you end up eithers “gfriend”, make them show you ALL their fbook acccounts: You’re in for a treat. Wish someone had told me this before I booted him after a month or two of my time….feck. Oh, no job, just porn, gym, home, selfies, porn, eat, sleep, porn. And….repeat.. Also, Kelowna is nicer, warmer (except for winter, obv) than California and was hotter than most of the States all last winter. Wake up “Murica….google Kelowna and the temps here….oh, they’re in measured in Celsius, may have to google that, too…sigh. Every city has its sluts and douche, and ya, Kelowna is up there but f’, it’s gorgeous….and it’s in Canada, haters gonnna hate .

Colt the Ktown Wussy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, It’s about time this guy goes back up on the dirty my goodness. He’s your typical take home from the bar, hang out for a few nights ( at my place) then decides to tell you he’s not going to leave his gf. Well I’m sorry to say, but Justina unless you two are in a very very open relationship in which he’s allowed to bang different girls each weekend, the. He’s playing. Your pretty hot, get him back.. I have a few guys that would love to treat you like a princess. But all fun put aside, he’s 100% positive for drd because my girlfriend got it a few weeks after banging him, and I’ll be getting tested again after a few weeks ( clear for now) this post is to expose him. Oh, and the last time I saw him was a few weeks ago when he was in a rush on his way back in to town.He treats women with such dis respect and deserves to be put on blast. Bring it on ladies .. Let’s hear the dirt on this guy.

Cassandra Stott Pepsi Cowgirl


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Cassandra Stott. She is the definition of a Bimbo. She walks around in heels ( and is already about 5’10) with her tits hanging out, one of the first times my friend saw her at the crown he thought she was a drag queen because she sounds like a man. She gets drunk every night, has multiple scams going on and is on welfare. This girl will do just about anything for a line of blow, we even got her to do a few lines off my buddies greg one day. She calls herself a country girl, I let her drive my truck up the mountain but the girl made it 5feet before stalling it out ( never trust a hoe who claims she can drive a standard) Awhile back she went on a bender and cut off all her hair then started wearing wigs around town saying it was her actual hair. She scammed me out of 500$, saying it was for rent and food for her kid, turns out she blew it all on pepsi and she only has her kid one night a week. This is a girl who will make up whatever story she can to get money off someone, so everyone in trail and fruitvale should watch out for this sad excuse of a human.

Fat daddy goof


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik look at this fat f’ of a clown thinking he’s all that when he wears the same shirt in every picture. His gf looks like a man with the body of a boy who he keeps on drugs while he’s out sticking his dick into anything he can get. i hung out with these goofs and they are nothing but drug addicts who bully people. He also beats on chicks cause he’s too much of a pussy to take on a real man like myself. Remember that time I called you out of your trailer you piece of shit and you hid like a little bitch? (Watch what you say about Sarah I have more dirt on you then you do on your dirty dick fool)

Amanda Rae Pinette


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s a top shelf dirt bag for you. And I don’t meen the minxy hot dirt bags you get too take home from the bar.. I mean a depressed, clearly unstable albino. Just a few things to describe Amanda. She’s going on baby number two at the cute age of 20, and her baby daddy’s not in the picture so she cons her way to get her poor boyfriend to support them. As ” accidentally” knocking her up.. Yikes hopefully the ministry doesn’t get involved with the new baby and it has a chance at life. Amanda sent some pretty cute pictures to a friends boyfriend a few months ago, first half naked pictures, then threats that if he didn’t hang out with her again she would ” slit her wrist more” Amanda your a real creep. I feel bad for your children, and I don’t believe any amount of anti depressants or therapy can help your nasty personality. boys, here’s some snaps of hottie tottie .. Her ” hot preggo pics” she sends to guys…

Chrissy Russo the Queen


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik its time for this little liar to be exposed, she thinks its okay to make up stories BOUT guys wanting to rape her, no one would rape you?!?.. your a washed up escort that people wouldn’t even pay to f*ck anymore. I heard a story about a buddy needing to change his sheets because your p*ssy smelled so bad, I believe it with all the nasty bare back you do. You working with kids… well after this post you wont be allowed near them.Think next time before making rumours about an inncocent guy..

Looks like she needs a refund.- nik

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