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Doc’s Little Witch


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Dirty Doc’s little b**ch. This cocky little shit really thinks he’s someone this is Scott Stax Stillwell and he thinks he’s really got stacks. He’s about as papered up as City Hall with toilet paper on Halloween, and nobody messes with City Hall and toilet papers City Hall on Halloween. Stax, shut up goof. He’s Dirty Doc’s little b**ch lol. Saw him out a few times and had to laugh. Real full of himself and this skinny little shit couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag. He almost got punched out for being a cocky little piece of turd running his mouth endlessly for no reason out front of the bar. Good thing the bouncers and bar staff saved him. He still kept talking shit and hiding behind the bouncers, he’s all show, no go. Everybody Dirty Doc rolls with are a bunch of weak jokes. All talk, big p*ssy.

Matching chains, how cute.- nik

Brockville’s Charity Case


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what we have here is Brockville’s finest trailer trash. This ho bag aka Jessica Cole aka Jessica Dawn is as dirty as they come. She bounces from town to town, from low life boyfriend to low life boyfriend. Every time I see her kids they’re with someone other than her, but she has no problem going to the bars and drinking her face off on someone else’s dime every day of the week. She barely works, if ever. Laziest piece of trash I’ve ever seen. She’s hunting for a baby daddy to take her fat ass in. Someone pleeeease call What Not To Wear cause too-small jean shorts with cellulite hanging out the ass and flab hanging over the top is just not right.

Worst Father Of the Year Goes To Adam MacDonald


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirtbag Adam MacDonald left his infant daughter when she was 9 months, Cleaned out his common law girlfriends bank account and left her for someone just as nasty. Too busy spending his money on his new girlfriend after of course stealing money from his baby and now ex. He didnt bother to even see his daughter until he decided to cheat on his new girlfriend Tracey Featherston With his ex. His baby now 17 months has seen her father once in 9 months. He has canceled all his cheques so she cant even get child support, but also moved so Lawyers can’t find him. He has done this before with his ex wife and older daughter. He likes to knock them up and leave them holding the baby. His family claims not to know of his whereabouts but hes with his sister in Kingston all the time. He even went as far as to close his bank account so she couldn’t get the child support. Its pretty sad you would do this to an innocent child. Just to get laid by someone else. Go on trips you can conveniently afford but cant afford your responsibilities of a child you tried to conceive and wanted for months before getting her pregnant. Pathetic. Theirs a place for people like you. Watch out ladies hes a total loser with no morals

Amanda A.O.K Leigh


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl right here is Amanda Leigh. She has a baby and is always ripping up her baby daddy about his parenting but the real reason is because he doesn’t want to be with her and she hates him for it. Sorry your a used up whore with a terrible personality. She’s to many boyfriends to count since she had the kid and recently decided to take another girls baby daddy. The couple were together for years and had a family together but Amanda doesn’t mind being a hypocritical slutty ass bi**h. She likes to play mommy and daddy with her new boyfriend to their two young kids little does he know half of Kingston has had her and the other half at least have nudes of her. Your not hot bitch. Get over your self you’re a mediocre hair dresser with no future. Give it a month and she’ll have a new guy in playing daddy. She needs a serious reality check. If you don’t think everyone is judging you, your so wrong. Keep your legs closed slut.

Unstable Serial Dater


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this piece of white trash is Nic Revell. When he doesn’t get his way he beats up girls, trashes their stuff and punches holes in neighbours fences. He’s a date raper who called CAS with his crazy as fu* ex Emily cota (a total whore) when the girl he tried to rape got away! The nutcase ex pushed him down some stairs in front of their kid and he kicked in her door. Grade A parenting! Don’t trust this piece of sh*t! He uses his kid (that probably isn’t his) to get girls to think he’s a great guy but then lies to his crazy ex Emily who is pregnant (anyone’s guess who the father is) so she can threaten them when they turn him down! He sells drugs, does drugs, can’t keep a job, gets drunk all the time and lives with mommy and daddy!

Such a Ditch Pig


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guys name is Ian Whalen. I can’t figure out how he continues to convince the same chicks to hang around all the time and it’s time to put his sh*t on blast. He’s absolutely disgusting and I’m sick of him feeling like he’s the man! I was sleeping with him for while only to find out that he had a few other girls on the go. Turns out, it’s not the first time. I’ve never felt more like getting checked for drd’s than with this moron. We were hanging out for a couple months, and he would snapchat him with his ex (never said I was smart) and girls would post pictures of them together on facebook. I looked through his phone and saw that he would send mass texts to a bunch of girls saying the same thing, don’t want to mess up names! He’s always on molly and hanging out at the spot with Jason Lacroix (who’s also a piece of shit). He thinks he’s amazing in bed, but with such a small dick it’s pretty hard to get anyone off. Can you say ‘faked it’? He thinks he’s all country… you grew up in cat woods suburbia you douche; and you still live there with YOUR MOM. Just cause you drive a truck and listen to country music doesn’t make you country… it makes you as fake as the orgasms you think you give. How about you grow up, stop spreading your diseases and find a girl that might actually stick around longer than a month. This guys the definition of a ‘ditch pig’ . Hopefully the girls your fooling around with now smarten up before it’s too late and they’re raising an ugly, yellow toothed kid all on their own.

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