Kingstons Online Slore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this, is Miss. Lisa Adams. Kingstons online whore who uses her children as fashion accessorie & men as maids. Where do I even start with this one? Since the day here beautiful children were conceived, she as yet to put them first, including drinking & doing drugs during pregnancy. She had her husband arrested for a bogus abuse charge & took the kids away from him for a year until charges were dropped when she not only admitted on the stand to doing pepsi while driving because ” it helps her concentrate” but that he never laid a finger on her. Fast forward 5 or 6 years and she has had another beautiful little girl so we’re up to 3. She constantly leaves all of them with sitters (including her pepsi dealer) so she can go out. She’s abandoned her 2 oldest for just over a year & left her exes girlfriend to care for them. Her ideaof a “perfect vacation ” is taking her new be, his daughter and her 2 oldest to Niagara for Easter & leaving her toddler with her exes girlfriend, yet again. She constantly travels, but doesn’t have money to buy her kids clothes, again their fathers gf had to step up & supply the kids with clothes for HER house so tge y weren’t wearing shorts, t-shirts, hoodies & runners with no socks to school in almost -10 weather. She has even managed to fool CAS into believing that she is mother of the year all the while making false accucations about, yes you guessed it, the gf that took care of her 2 oldest full time and her toddler (tgat has NO relation to her ex husband). The poor toddler spent more time there than with her for a while because she lost her daycare due to non-payment. As for the men in her life, she likes to woo less fortunate men & turn them in to her little house slaves.  protecting these children from an alcoholic, drug addicted, bipolar, neglectful, lying & cheating mother. I truly hope help is given.

Something Pretty in Napanee


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, finally something pretty in napanee! pretty risky with a low price. this is kortney herrington, she’s always been pretty chill with boys but the older you get the more you progress. this dick to that one leaving nasty stenches from deseronto to kingston. can’t keep to herself or her own boyfriend, nope. apparently everyone and anyone’s gotta see it and/or f’ it too. ive had friends complain about the gross smell she leaves lingering on their dicks and a handful of them complaining about the itch. she’s rude, ignorant, slutty, compulsive liar, easy, has always bullied other for no good reason but i’ll tell you what she DOES have. money, the c**p, diseased customers and a huge ego for such a dirty ho.

Face by photoshop..- nik

Triple Dipped Psycho

stacey harper 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chickie poo (stacey) here is a fun lil lollipop triple dipped in pyscho! She banged my boyfriend while I was at work and left her panties with her name written in them on my floor!!! worst part is when i confronted my boyfriend he admitted that her son was in the other room watching cartoons!!! two days after finding this information out i went to the doctor and got tested for drds. sadly I admit this slut gave me drd and guess what that s*it is incurable!! I am so furious that i now have to live my life with this drd all because she couldnt keep her legs closed and her hands off my man!!! So ladies if you know this slut turn the other direction cuz she has no bounderies and lies through her teeth like a fucking snake in the grass and if she passed a snake ina pile of rocks she would probably f it!!!

Abusive Head Cathy Caron


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this piece of worthless, walking disease likes to abuse dogs and people who are in relationships with her. If your dog doesn’t come the second you call it, you call it again right? Not this bi**h. If the dog isn’t quiet and in the corner she raises her fists at it. She kicks dogs, hits dogs and stomps on them. She has 2 children and the first one she lost because she got drunk and high on m**h one night, fell, made a scene, and got arrested for public intoxication and disturbing the peace and that was when she lost her child. She is a terrible girlfriend, mother, and person in general. There is no words to describe how terrible she is. She was in a relationship for years and everyday of her life she abused her boyfriend. She gave him blackeyes, beat him over the head with wooden back scratchers, bit him, scaratched him, she hit him with massive sticks and threw large items at him. She has lied about the things her boyfriend has and hasn’t done and almost got him jumped and stabbed. She accused her boyfriend daily of using while behind close doors she was high out of her mind every single day.

Ginger Brainwasher


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, i know, you see him and you’re already disgusted before you start reading. well… here we go, this here is josh edgar. claims they’re rumors but if you took the time to get to know the people that once use to be so close to him you’ll learn soon that yeah, he did f’ his brother, he does have drd and he is a consistent liar. the lies wouldn’t be so bad, they’re pretty easy to catch… what makes it hard is when he doesnt inform people in the bedroom what they’re risking being with him. if youre okay with risking herpes then i hope you don’t mind someone that never showers, brushes their teeth, washes their clothes, consistently cheats and don’t forget that amazing part where he doesn’t tell you he has a yeast infection and PURPOSELY tries to give you one. “oops” . yeah… okay, says the person too f’ing paranoid of your girl walking out or someone taking her. it’s okay though, when all else fails this failure to life comes crawling back. marina martelle, 3+ abortions, f’ing around with some 45yr old and also has raging drug issues. maybe it’s the drugs that keep them together? go meet them, you’ll see. best m/th heads for life.

Corey The Diddle Rat Greenwood


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is 100%scum loser..He started a fake bike gang that half don’t even own motorcycles to sell drugs to kids..He took a 13 year old girl to a hotel room for 2 nights of drugs and sex.He has been busted repeatedly time after time with quantity s of pepsi,pills,speed and crystal method and her**ne but corey always seems to get out and not ever do more then 3 month in jail in his whole life.This guy is the biggest fake 400LB loser rat pedophile in brockville…to his buddy’s corey admits he talks to a cop that is his friend and they change info..I’m sure he’s told enough people to try and make himself look important

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