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Ginger Brainwasher


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, i know, you see him and you’re already disgusted before you start reading. well… here we go, this here is josh edgar. claims they’re rumors but if you took the time to get to know the people that once use to be so close to him you’ll learn soon that yeah, he did f’ his brother, he does have drd and he is a consistent liar. the lies wouldn’t be so bad, they’re pretty easy to catch… what makes it hard is when he doesnt inform people in the bedroom what they’re risking being with him. if youre okay with risking herpes then i hope you don’t mind someone that never showers, brushes their teeth, washes their clothes, consistently cheats and don’t forget that amazing part where he doesn’t tell you he has a yeast infection and PURPOSELY tries to give you one. “oops” . yeah… okay, says the person too f’ing paranoid of your girl walking out or someone taking her. it’s okay though, when all else fails this failure to life comes crawling back. marina martelle, 3+ abortions, f’ing around with some 45yr old and also has raging drug issues. maybe it’s the drugs that keep them together? go meet them, you’ll see. best m/th heads for life.

Corey The Diddle Rat Greenwood


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is 100%scum loser..He started a fake bike gang that half don’t even own motorcycles to sell drugs to kids..He took a 13 year old girl to a hotel room for 2 nights of drugs and sex.He has been busted repeatedly time after time with quantity s of pepsi,pills,speed and crystal method and her**ne but corey always seems to get out and not ever do more then 3 month in jail in his whole life.This guy is the biggest fake 400LB loser rat pedophile in brockville…to his buddy’s corey admits he talks to a cop that is his friend and they change info..I’m sure he’s told enough people to try and make himself look important

DJ David the biggest manslore in Kingston


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where do I even start with this dirty man slore. He sits there and puts down girls that have very bad depression and an aneixty and tells them they have no life and to get a job and get a life mean while all he does is smoke pot, drink and f’s around on his girl friend Taylor vanderform. They both are dirty as hell. DJ David if that’s even his real name, he thinks he so tough and he asks girls that are pregnant or nudes and gets al pissy if they ask if he’s dating Taylor and flips out. Like what a phyco. He’s f’ed like pretty much of Kingston and sent nudes. He thinks he has a HUGE dick because he’s black, but really he doesn’t it’s like 4′. Is this not right at all?

He’s drinking a Smirnoff, nuff said.- nik

Story Bout A Druggie


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Alanna woods. Lives in Belleville, ON…She cannot be trusted, She use to be my best friend from school we shared so many good memories together then she tries to break me and my boyfriend up after 5 years of being together, sends him a bunch of nude photos and invites him over to her place for the real deal meanwhile this girl is suppose to be MY bestfriend.. Shes nothing but a sneaky slut and I should of tossed her to the curb years ago.. Every other week she would have a new guy over, they would get drunk smoke up and snort lines then hook up and she’d be on to the next. She pretends to be friends with her neighbors but when the girl goes out Alanna sneaks down to hook up with the neighbours boyfriend. She blows all her child support money on booze and drugs so she can party hard when her babys daddy comes to pick up their daughter for a few nights meanwhile.. he knows NOTHING about what she does, she spends hours upon hours texting on her phone and not even paying attention to her little girl, I remember one day I went over to her place she had hickys all over her neck and her daughters only 3 years old.. wonder what she tells her kid when she asks whats all over her neck.. I lived with her for a couple months to know she doesnt clean, she doesnt cook and shes sneaky as hell. Shes a terrible mother a backstabbing friend and belleville ontarios biggest doorknob, I believe she deserves to be on the dirty and all I can say is ladies watch your men.

Just a home wrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Angel Harnish is a real piece of work who needs some mental help. She tried to steal her boyfriends best friend away from his family. She messaged him texts like I love you, yoi make my heart race, i wanna look at yoir bum, calling him handsome and saying let’s meet up and talk and figure this out. Mean while the guy is hammered and not a clue what real life is about. And she thinks hes being sincere. Hahha so pathetic. She tried to convince him to leave his babymomma and 3 year old child. Saddest thing is This woman who she did this to she would talk nice to her face and ask her to set her cell phone up and drive her places. Took her into her home when she was a meth addic. Spent 100s of dollars on her and her boyfriend for food and clothes and extra hydro and anything she needed. She even woke up every morning at 630/to drive her to work etc etc etc… This girl is a waste of space. And is not to be trusted she uses everyone she knows. Playing and leading guys on at work to get things from them. She has had a shitty upbringing and major issues in her life. …im so sorry for you sleezy home wrecking whore!

Hats are for 5heads.- nik

Jeff Kiell’s Plea Deal


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guys name is Jeff keill he goes by the name jeffry gti because he was charged about 10 years ago for molesting his exs 3 children aged 6,4,18 months! He pled guilty on all charges and was put in prison for 5 years! I used to be friends with him and went to his court hearing because I didn’t believe it! But when he pled guilty to everything I knew he was a child molester that day, I couldn’t believe it, and when all of the detailes came out of what he did to those poor children made me through up and I had to leave the court room! Jeff was molesting these children for a year untill the oldest child told there mom who was kris girlfriend at the time! He even molested the Baby! This guy is sick in the head and needs to be known who he is instead of changeing his name so no one finds out what he did!

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