Owen Geenevasen Deadbeat in life


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This deadbeat is Owen Geenevasen and when I say deadbeat I mean it. He left his wife with a company that he couldn’t handle or run so he decided to one day just up and leave his wife(my friend). So he left his wife with the company he couldn’t handle and also left her with 2 houses and a trailer that he ended up stealing from her and living in for months while she paid it for him. He hasn’t paid a cent towards there 2 houses they owned together so he left her with all the bills and mortgages for the house cause I guess that’s what real mean do. Also left the 2 kids with her instead of raising them just so he could get high and drink apparently more important then raising his 2 kids. He also was trying to f his buddies wife behind his back friends for 15-16 years and that’s how he pays him back. Turned out to be a scumbag just like his whore mom. He barely sees his kids owes his ex wife over $30,000 doesn’t pay any child support for the kids. But he can afford to buy drugs and beer and buy a new vehicle but can’t support his kids. He’s failed in all aspects of life business,father,friend and husband over all just a dead beat goof who will manipulate and f over anybody to get what he wants. He uses people drains there money and then leaves. Loves to cheat and beat on women it’s his thing bad temper comes along with this dirtball. So girls watch out for this deadbeat!!!

Positively a Slore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Marissa the trap house slore who now has surpassed June in grimiest hommie hopping department. Just nasty shes a thieving infected needle poker and wear her track marks like its art , she has the nastiest shaped body with that gross deformed looking ass

On the road again…- nik

Smelly Shelly


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,  Shelly Mattice lives this fake betrayal of a life, she has her friends family and the poor guy she is dating thinking they knows who she is, unfortunately she is one those nasties that says and does what ever she needs to do to convenience who ever she is pulling a fast one on. Let start with her sleeping with me (jorrdan) for months telling me she loves me and want us to live together and date, but yet after she lies to her man that she loves so much and just can’t leave cause she feels bad hes a single father, mother of the kid is in the picture but has issues, to come see me. She just uses one of these lines she’s in class (not any more) work or with one her friends examples Shannon R Jellisa C or sister Danielle you might also know as Dany, to come over to my house to jump on my dick and wait hand and foot on me.  When it comes to her job she can barely do a simple restaurant job picks the easy fast cheap and very common course to be a PSW, and not to all those PSW’s out there but face it its a joke career any person can do it from the stupid lowlife loser like her to trailer park trash. Its all a big disguise to betray someone she’s not. Don’t even get me started on her best friend also ex boyfriend Gord or Gordo that she’s still bangs and plays hous4 to wearing animal one piece PJ’s together, baking him cakes for his birthday and it’s special occasions. , Im not surprise if she didn’t purposely have a hand in ruin the guys family she is with now, so she can take her place as loving caring wife/step-mother. Sound’s kinda like when she told me she did with the last much older guy she was with had him cheat on his wife with two kids told him she loved him and wanted them to be together, hahahaha ya right till she had enough evidence to blackmail him into doing and giving her whatever she wanted and more.

Cory Gamble will never make it out of his parents basement


THE DIRTY ARMY: Cory gamble 44 years of age still living in mommy’s basement well right now brockville jail for stealing from walmart in Kingston and got banned from all in Canada but decided to try brockville got caught frauded Canadian tire in gananoque by taking back receipts he’s the receipt bandit. He was suppose to do weekends but was to scared so didn’t go and got caught at a Buddys house during a raid tried to run but his fat cankles couldn’t run fast enough,he is a huge m**h head he ripps everyone off and loves young girls and his friends girlfriends he’s a pro at lieing about who he really is he beat his last 2 girlfriends Dailey the last one waa 25 when they started dating he cheated on her with his nefews girlfriend who is 20 n his daughter is 18 can u say nasty ladies bewere of this low ,life womaniezing,munipulating goof he will lie to u steal cheat beat u and f* ur friends he cares about himself and smoking m**h he’s the kind of danger ur parents warn u about!!!

Biggest Loser in Brockville


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this idiot is Cory flicker. Has four kids in total only sees two of them but still claims to be the father of the older two when they don’t know him, don’t want to know him, ask him to stop telling people that he’s their dad but still goes around acting like he’s in their lives when he’s not. He’s the biggest liar in Ontario there’s no way anyone can top his nonsense. He posts a status calling his wife a pos like are you kidding me?!? He’s the loser who hasn’t called his kids in over 16 years, never calls on birthdays never sends money doesn’t do a thing. For him to call his wife out for not being a good mother… Look in the mirror dumbass you’re the biggest joke I’ve ever seen!! What dad hides in his room all day creeping Facebook and only talks through the computer ? Want someone to fuck up your computer or do a shitty job on your deck give Cory a call if his phone number is still in service, he likes to open up cell phone lines and Internet services in other people’s names, he’s a scam artist don’t trust the little weasel ! Get a life you pathetic scam man, you’ll get yours soon enough. #biggestdeadbeat #loser

K-towns Finest Deadbeat


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Aaron Johnston a real ladies man lol….more like two pumps and a twist if your into having your time wasted and being left pregnant and alone he’s the man for you….When he’s not chipping rock or smoking weed and drinking beer he’s hanging out at Tommy’s and punching walls. And look him up through Google there is a disturbing article about him when he was 23 yrs old. I found it to late sad to say

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