Bud Wilson Plays the Fiddle


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is bernard (bud) wilson. This guy plays a good part. He will pretend to be your knight in shining armor and sweep you off your feet. He will even go to the extreme of purposing to you when really he’s running around with any slut bag that will cheat with him (such as Erin Gunn who will bang your man in a heartbeat even though she has a husband at home). Then he’ll deny it through his teeth and swear he’s sorry and never gonna do it again just to be caught a few days later balls deep in the slut again. This guy destroyed my friends heart , and will destroy any woman emotionally he can get his hands on. He’s a pathological liar and will accuse you of being the liar and cheating even when he has proof and knows damn well you never did and were a good woman to him. She was definitely Too good for him. Watch out ladies he will pull the wool over your eyes in a heartbeat and break your heart.

Taylor Dupuis an Open Book


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is taylor dupuis.  intervenes drug user.recently arrested for m*** and pepsi.. she is a police informant ratting out anyone she knows.. rumour has it her and her ex Mikey are infected with drd. If you see this bitch run she’s an escort junkie thief.. biggest rat I’m kingston she’s in hiding now cause she’s a snitch

Easy Steven Taylor.- nik

Desiree & Andre Thieving Hoodrats

grimey nigga n girl1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik . this nasty couple needs to be exposed and people need to be aware of them and there shady ways . Don’t let these Dirt Balls anywhere near your house and definatly not in. they will steal whatever they can as soon as you go to the bathroom or turn your back on them. but as soon as anything happens to them they get there fat ass mom to call the cops for them … the mom is so lazy she wont get off the couch she has to text them from the next room haha.. i am not gunna call the cops for blacky n whore stealing my wallet with my rent money in it.. Lucky i got more money and im not a snitch like them.. but im not above exposing them to prevent this happening to anyone else.!!! Desiree Lynn and Andre .. don’t trust them no matter how good you treat them they will rob you for whatever they can get… p.s not even a pig would reside in there nasty ass apartment . can u say cr**k house..

Scott Neville Upstanding Deadbeat


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to Scott Neville the scum of Napanee! He pretends to be upstanding and free from dirt but let me tell you he is far from it! From living off woman to screwing men for money this guy is a real gem! He has a daughter and son he never sees and hasn’t paid a dime for but lives off the women they call Kathy and her dead sons money! He is disgusting and full of drd’s from the random men he meets down on Montreal street. He has been stealing from his place of employment for years! Ask him about it…he laughs and says his boss is to stupid to catch him! Finally, and this is disgusting when he seeks out men they have to be young very young! So the next time you see Scott Neville the upstanding guy from Napanee tell him we all said hi!

Napanee’s Classiest


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, passing along for a friend. Expose these skanky trailer trash “country” girls.. Maddie Write & Tamarra Spearring ! everyone in town knows who they are because they are constantly stirring up drama on social media. They have bullied so many girls throughout the years because they think harassment and intimidation are the only way to get what they want and they’re “stunning looks”& “hot bods” will get them out of everything.  Then Tamara puts up the “sweetheart” front and actually has the act down so good.  She works with those with mental illness in the community so just assuming she just wants to save her own skin … Pffffft. Well Guess what skanks everyone will see you all over social media now!!

Sharing Scum


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I’ve posted this girl many times but she’s not on here. Her name is Jesse Canning, she’s 21, has drd and is H** positive. She’s slept with over 60 people. Including her own brother and people old enough to be her father. She has cheated on every bf she has had on people in picton and Trenton. A couple months ago she had an abortion because she got pregnant by her brother. Nik make people aware this whore cannot be trusted.

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