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Little Kyanna


THE DIRTY ARMY: Little Kyanna Madrid star of the child pornagraphy! Honey do you need a bigger wardrobe? You know there’s other stores besides the junior ones right? With , get this, full tops that cover the bottom of your small titties and shorts that cover the other half of your bum cheek! Cover up fucking bitch lookin real open to every guy who happens to scroll by hahha show more self respect than that it’s hitches like you that give girls in this society a bad name lmao your 17 hunny, now dress like it, we already know u act like it :*

Foster Home Filler


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this sloot Marisa Scarpino is a real winner. Has chla***dia and drd. She’ll bang any guy who gives her the time of day and won’t use condoms. 3 of her kids have been taken from her and the fourth is being watched by the ministry. Watch out for this one unless you want your dick to fall off!

Langley Boy Ryan Briscoe

THE DIRTY ARMY: RYAN BRISCOE – POF man whore!! Also known as UPGRADE222! Upgrade my ass!This guy is a total whore. He is constantly bragging about the 3+ women he hooks up with on a day to day, and voluntarily admits to never using any protection.Yet denies being a sex addict. Not the sharpest tool in the shed! Just waiting for his small package to fall off. Ryan has little man syndrome like you wouldn’t believe. Mister all the guys wanna be me all the girls wanna get with me. If that were the case he’d have no problem getting laid. Claims to be 36 years of age but its rather obvious from his photos hes pushing 45 if not 50. Ladies be warned, this guy is an absolute PREDATOR. If you’ve been with him get your junk checked and if you’ve been thinking about it – STAY AWAY. SUPER WHORE!! Seriously now, does it even look like the same guy in the photos???????

This woman is a Homewrecker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, this is Michelle Twiss, she is sleeping with my friends husband and i dont know how to tell her. for the past 3 months they have been texting eachother over and over like teenagers and meeting at strange hours. i live across the street from the man who she is sleeping with, his name is Terry Isaacs. he has a wife and kids and this woman thinks it is okay to ruin that family. she is know for being a compulsive liar, she even pretends to be other people and tries to get involved in other peoples lives through craigslist. the man she is seeing is a scummy piece of shit and she is not better.

Tericha Stahl (Vincent)


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty ditch pig is named Tericha Stahl. She lives in Langley and grew up in Aldergrove. She is 35 years old. This tubby rotund hunk of whale blubber has Genital W**ts and Genital drd. Not just 1 but both. She is literally a walking drd. She has a kid who she has no idea who the dad is. Nic, this slug belongs on the Maury show. To not know who your kids dad is means she was banging at least a guy a night without a condom for 2 weeks straight… Dirty. She works as a Care Aid in Chilliwack BC and she steals jewellery and other small expensive things from sick and dying elderly people and then sells them to support her habit.She wears a ring thats made of gold that she melted down from stolen jewellry… Did i meantion shes an alchoholic who has limited visitation to her son and her 70 year old parents look after him. This tub of lard met my friend on facebook and wanted to have coffee with him. All he said was “look at me and look at you. That is a waste of my time.” SHe then made a post belittling this guy (who teaches ESL to children and coaches high school football) and posted it on every group he is part of, as well as his work, family and friends facebook pages or via private message depending. WHen he called the police they told him she has 4 restraining orders out against her and they constantly get calls about her for harassment or else its her calling in either right before or right after to make up lies to try and make herself seem sane and innocent.

Langleys Cock Pit Sucker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I found this picture in my boyfriends phone who is she? – Lorena Griffith. I found out this hoe has been sleeping with my boyfriend for the last 4 months!.. When confronted she lied about the whole thing about how she’s in flight school yet i read all the dirty texts messages she sent him. i also found out she’s a big slut from Langley fuk’d half of walnut grove secondary before she even graduated from there, now she’s all into pepsi getting grand slammed with a big 5head and racoon looking eyes but this all does not surprise me! she likes to hide behind her stories she smells like fraser river apparently i guess that explains by my ex bf’s fishing trip flavoured sam! Anyways put this whooore on the blast so other ladies can know! you will see all kinds of comments from around the world kicking in as she’s one big cheating sk*nk flying all over the country side she just better not come into Vancouver! worse enough with china town stench!..

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