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Screws Married Men


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here she is again. Sarah flaviano. The more I hear about this drd infested skank the more I think she needs called out. She has f’ed so many married men it’s outrageous. She seduced several of her friends husbands and tried to perform sex rituals with them and supposedly gave the dudes nightmares. While she was having sex with her friends husbands she’d call the “friends” so they could hear them doing it.. She worships satan and wants to cast spells on people. Her idols are video game characters triss marigold and yennefer from witcher. How dumb. She ruined a 16 year marriage and said to a friend of hers “have fun sitting in my pussy juice in your husbands car.” Her mom is a schizophrenic and they’ve both been institutionalized. Now she’s going to Beverly Hills for the second time to suck dick for cash. She thinks she is so hot but look at the pics…she looks fat in the one and average at best in the other. Please put the b**ch in check for the 100th time.

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Don’t Waste Your Money Booking Amy Nicole


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Amy Nicole is a dead lay. I booked her for a night while in town. I have been a fan of hers for a while now. She made me go through all this background check BS and then the night sucked. I was lead to believe it would be all night but she left after 4 hours. She kept watching the clock and wouldnt perform certain favors that are pretty much guarenteed with this sort of thing. I messaged her after and told her that things didnt go as I thought and she went off and started insulting me then blocked me. Beware of this girl. She is a bitch and a dead lay.

How could you not sit on that chest? I would totally squat and read the newspaper for at least 12 minutes.- nik

Was Jesse Jane On Drugs In Las Vegas


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, TMZ showed a video of beat, old, pornstar Jesse Jane passed out on the strip in Vegas yesterday during the day. I feel so embarrassed for this woman, she is 35 has a child and is passing out unconscious on the strip? Makes you wonder where her priorities. Anyway, what drug combo you think this soulless woman took?

Calvin Klein should pull their endorsement deal.- nik

Mary Louise Love con woman


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, met this girl a few weeks in Vegas and until i ran into her ex a few days ago I was about to be taken for a ride. She’s only 21 but she’s an acquired taste and truly unique in every way. She’s a quick study and she uses her age and looks to better her situation. She’s beyond smart when it comes to the analytical side of human behavior. She has sociopathic tendencies and is very talented on using men’s strengths against them. She finds men on Seeking Arrangements, Sugar Daddy For me and various SD/SB sites. She either tries to pretend that she is an real relationship with someone and uses the most unforgiving excuses like her mom is dying of cancer and that she’s in dire straights while she has 15 grand in the bank. She lures them in and plays them all to party in Vegas and drink and abuse her aderol away. She even screws her GF’s over to steal there SD away and f’s them on the spot to lure them in. She is relentless and has no empathy or remorse. She needs to be stopped because she is affecting many people’s lives. She is in school to be a nurse and attends a Baptist university what a joke. I order to be a nurse u must care for people and what is a Baptist university doing by having a souless white like her attending. Even last weekend in Vegas I don’t know of it was a joke or not but people were passing flyers of her all over the strip with her making her adult film debut and it was called Seeking Areangements. Pretty funny !!! But at the end of the day all she is the RIVERSIDE RAT

5 head stripper


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this bitch is from Pittsburgh but was forced to move because she caused chaos and slept with all of her friends boyfriends and certain people were out to beat her ass. She is now a stripper at spearmint rhino and crazy horse III in Las Vegas. Her head looks completely unbalanced and looks like an alien on the show Faceoff. She thinks she is the hottest woman on the planet and is constantly taking dumb selfies cuz no one else will take a picture of her. She has f’ed many night club owners and old men for cash. She always brags about making money but that’s cuz her wannabe thug rapper boyfriend pimps her out. Tell this b*tch to “take a seat” like she does everyone else.

+2’s before the nose…classic mistake.- nik

Shanda Rogers Is Aging Timelessly


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, check out Shanda Rogers, and how amazing she is looking.  She is almost 30 and still looks like a fresh 21 or 22 year old girl who just moved to Vegas.  She has truly stepped up her game, making money and traveling the world with numerous companions.

I feel like all her parts are real.- nik

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