Tricia Evans Has No Common Sense


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this delusional Tricia still does not like anyone but herself. Our quarrel started, when I said Chewy is beautiful. I did not know she and Chewy had past. So Tricia hates on her very much. But I am saying again ‘you are uglier and more pathetic than Chewy’.  Anyway, Tricia claims that I dont have common sense.  Clearly she did not read the open letters sent her here on this site. When a person wants to learn what Tricia is like, they can easily find many naked pictures of her.  I found this photo on her twitter!!  She clearly wants to been by all public.  As I said before, she says I don’t have common sense and I suggest this DC wannabe p4p girl to read the open letters again. People already know what you are Tricia. Now I don’t have common sense but you have right? What is your boyfriend doing? Is he waiting for you at home while you are selling yourself? In this picture she says “you can kiss my all a**hole”. Your family, boyfriend must very proud of you!!!

**Everyone in Vegas laughs at Tricia.  She had auditions to be part of Chewy’s, Scooby Snack’s and a bunch of others “crews”  but only got invited out one night, and never got the call up again.- JV

I don’t laugh at her JV. It takes courage to be delusional.- nik

Please Don’t Make Ashley White A DC


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I hope you understand if you make Ashley White a DC she will only use the fame to get more clients for her webcam. Don’t be fooled Nik, this is totally undercover move by her team to get free publicity.

Don’t worry… I’m not a fan of her teeth and cheap eyelashes.- nik

Amanda Jenkins Arizona Slore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve seen this girl all over facebook and instagram and I have to tell you about her. She is a deadbeat mom who thinks she’s doing a good job because she sees her son every other weekend but really her grandparents pay and take care of their great grandchild. She spends all her money on shitty tattoos, alcohol and pepsi! She tried to be a tattoo model but she didn’t make it because her cousin refused to do everything for her anymore. Nik, please put this white trash slore on blast! Bullhead City’s finest!

The reflection doesn’t make sense.- nik

D.I.A. Las Vegas Reporting For Duty — Could Sheldon Adelson Be The Next Donald Sterling

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, could Sheldon Adelson be the next Donald Sterling? I went undercover in his casinos and finally exposed him as the biggest hypocrite in Vegas in my new video! The billionaire owner of the Venetian is the biggest contributor to the Republican Party and has underage gambling, underage drinking, and prostitution taking place at his Las Vegas casinos. His laughable excuses for trying to ban online gambling are torn apart piece by piece and everything he claims to be against is running rampant throughout his own properties. This is just a “sizzle reel” of what I have put together and the rest will shock you. #NextDonaldSterling

Trump will refuse to take Sheldon Adelson’s money. I decided.- nik

Latia Karr Will Rob You


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so I was visiting town from LA and paid to see this girl named @nikkiluscious AKA Latia Karr over at the Encore. Not only did the white trash girl give me two DRD but she stole my Rolex!!! Her rate is a measly $500 an hour so I guess I should’ve been cautious. Beware of this “escort” who’s a walking DRD and STEALER!

Rosalee Is Nothing But A The Traveling Bottle Rat


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m sure we’ve all seen this lil thot running around town with her down syndrome face on a nice body.  But she has been all over!  If you follow her snapchat she travels to Utah, Cali, and Vegas just to hang with GoPros. She’s been sleeping with DJ Pauly, Dan Bilzerian and recently went home with midget Vegas Dave. She’s a money whore at its worst, she’s not even hot she looks like a man with fake tits and hair.

Does Rosalee have a last name. EVERYONE if you want to submit the underworld, please include first and last name.- nik

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