Sarah Edison Is Still At It


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, and all you dirty readers! Well she’s back it again. Sarah Edison! The most phoney, manipulative, liar. To all you who don’t know her… She is a washed out 39 year old, that is a low life.. The way she supports her habit is by her twitter account. She has these “followers” that she will manipulate to get items purchased for her. The sad thing is that there are losers that are willing and will do stupid things such as paying for her to have her nose done.

Kaylie White


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this bitch deserves her face to be blasted all over the Internet. This disgusting whores name is KAYLIE WHITE. She’s a huge pill popping cockgobler. She took her one year old daughter to the flying j, a dirty trucker stop, to meet up with a guy and bang him in his transport truck for a few days while getting fcked off coke and him paying her for it. She also had a party in her husbands apartment, while her husband was out of town for work, a bunch of cocaine in the house and fcked 3 guys at the same time that night while her daughter was in the same apartment. This chick will fck anything, and I mean anything for money, pretty sure her pussy is an bottomless pit because of all the cock that she’s jumped on and stuffed in there. If you come across her, do not stick your dick in her, you will more than likely end up being a daddy because she is a breeding machine or end up with something NASTY. STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THIS SLUT.

Stage 5 clinger Alycia Tugwell


THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo Nik I need to put this stage 5 clinger on blast. This is Alycia Tugwell, innocent educational assistant by day tinder sloot by night. This girl will literally blow your phone up. After one tinder meeting she said she wants to move into my place. This bar star has been around so watch out. Ensure to wrap it twice before you stick it too her so you don’t get DRD. BE WARNED YALL stay away from this clinger she can only lead to headaches.

Megan Pucci


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fat pig has been fcking for money since she started working at Gold Diggers. She is well known to suck dick for coke and for money or a free ride home. She enjoys nothing and has been on anti depressants for years now. She started being a whore at a very young age causing her father to commit su***ide years ago. This whore is one evil piece of shit that has nothing going for her and she never will. No one likes her and all the girls that work with her hate her with passion.

Dirt Squirell


THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware….this pill poppin junkie from sarnia ..preys on me then throws them in jail over made up charges…has 4 kids ..and had all of them taken away. From cas ….3 born addicted..pathetic …..she choses drugs and filth over her own kids ..get high with them in the house and abused them repeativley till they were taken …sarnia men beware she will play the victim tell u her patholigical lies then ruin ur life ..throw u and jail give u a disease steal all ur money for drugs then make u lose ur children ..

Don’t catch the Ashlyn Reynolds disease


THE DIRTY ARMY: well Nik, this c*m hungry dumpster is Ashlyn Reynolds. She’s been addicted to drugs, booze and d*ck for years now. She constantly wines and cries about how shes lost peepz in her life as if we all haven’t. Grow up b*tch.. that aint no excuse to be out sleepin with multiple girls an guys on Omegle chat for $7 / hour. We used to hangout before I realized I didn’t want to catch the Ashlyn Reynolds, she told me herself to my FACE that she has slept with over 92 guys and that about 40-50 of them were over the age of 60 and paid her $50 and hour. cheap hoe. She also posts people trying to blast them, calls CAS on GOOD moms yet sits back cryin like we care about your sh*t. She loves to talk about how “hot and skinny” she is now… LOL HOE YOU AIN’T SKINNY AND YOU STILL A UGLY ASS B*TCH. Lets be real, when yo boyfriend is to young or old to be legal then you fucked up. No one feels sorry for your ass, NEXT HOE.

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