Don’t catch the Ashlyn Reynolds disease


THE DIRTY ARMY: well Nik, this c*m hungry dumpster is Ashlyn Reynolds. She’s been addicted to drugs, booze and d*ck for years now. She constantly wines and cries about how shes lost peepz in her life as if we all haven’t. Grow up b*tch.. that aint no excuse to be out sleepin with multiple girls an guys on Omegle chat for $7 / hour. We used to hangout before I realized I didn’t want to catch the Ashlyn Reynolds, she told me herself to my FACE that she has slept with over 92 guys and that about 40-50 of them were over the age of 60 and paid her $50 and hour. cheap hoe. She also posts people trying to blast them, calls CAS on GOOD moms yet sits back cryin like we care about your sh*t. She loves to talk about how “hot and skinny” she is now… LOL HOE YOU AIN’T SKINNY AND YOU STILL A UGLY ASS B*TCH. Lets be real, when yo boyfriend is to young or old to be legal then you fucked up. No one feels sorry for your ass, NEXT HOE.

Sherry Laprise


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Sherry Stevens (Laprise) a cheating slut who can’t stay out of other peoples relationships much less be faithful to her own.All she is, is a dirty stripper chatham born and raised who met a guy in sarnia while she was whoring it up down there and married him for money because she realized she her nothing else.Her kids Savannah and had son were strip club babies from clients she fcked.She has drd and gave them to multiple guys.She cheats on Phil all the time and he has no idea.she also feels the need to get involved in everyone’s relationships and fck taken men she’s a dirty cnt.

Hartford Bauer


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is an abusive Dbag. He can not hold down a job for longer then 3 months, usually only lasts 1 though. He is also very physically and emotionally abusive to women. The past 4 women he has been with. He has a daughter that is 3 years old and has not sent one dime for her in 2 and a half years. Beat up the mother of that daughter. He has no sense of responsibility and has atleast $250,000 in debts not including child support. Ladies! stay away from this sweet talking douchebag.

Man Stealing Slores


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Amy Poredos and Tammy Breynaert of Chatham Ontario. Both are man steal whores who try and hook up with men who are taken. Amy Poredos also has drd and spreads it around.She latches on to any man who gives her attention and stalks them.Tammy is a pshyco whore who is obsessed with her ‘ex’ and fuks taken men. Both have ruined relationships by knowingly fcking taken men because they are whores. Tammy and Amy are also cocaine addicts and will fuk for drugs, hit them up of facebook if you can accomedate them.Tammy is a welfare abuser with multiple kids she will take what she can get.Hopefully this drd sharing slutty best friends learn there place before someone teaches them a lesson.

Mikayla’s Secrets


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey there Nik! I wanna put this girl on BLAST! This Mikayla or better known as ” Ayla “. This young tramp likes to whore it up around Tillsonburg Ontario, will do anything for weed. Known for being seen with local druggies & drug dealers , I seen posts all over Facebook about how she stole some girls PANTIES?!? Wtf ?! That is disgusting good way to catch drd if you ask me! she is also known for stealing from local stores, she’s been caught every where ?! She even stole 900$ from her own father. She stole from her best friend! She was caught & blasted on Facebook about snorting T3s I saved the photo myself. My friend gave me nude photos of her, she’ll sleep with any one who she think has a in her words ” big dick “. I am pretty sure she was sucking Cory Daigles dick for weed. She hangs out with known meth head Connor Jones, and 5 other little drug addicts. You’ll see I’ve gotten ahold of a picture of her bedroom with the girls stolen panties & Stuff laying on her nasty bed. I had a friend tell me she found used pads on her night stand & her sex toy was caked with her snail trail. Ew Well, what is your opinion Nik ?

Sancho Melo


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Sancho Melo. He is DANGEROUS on so many levels! Anyone who crosses paths with him, please RUN THE OTHER WAY! He is a menace to society and to women. He is a LIAR, CHEATER, MANIPULATOR, DRUG ADDICT and THIEF! He has a criminal record and currently is on probation. His MO is meeting women, creating a bond of trust and eventually impregnating them to screw them over. He claims he had a vasectomy, and does NOT! He currently has 6 children from 4 different women; he doesn’t pay support to them nor cares about them. He has no job prospects and looks for others to carry him financially. He doesn’t having any established living arrangements. Moving from place to place, city to city to find someone to take him in. He will charm his way into anyone’s lives and ensure he earns their trust and become their confidant, only to swindle you behind your back. He is currently on his next victim in London, ON and it’s only a matter of time until he screws her over too. More information provided upon request. Please don’t let this man make another woman a statistic. He needs to be STOPPED! PLEASE SHARE and spread the word! Thank you.

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