Finest Deadbeat


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this little boy here is the reason why women are afraid to have kids with anyone. He is the absolute worst father and is not willing to raise his own children- but goes and raises other women’s children. Now, I don’t know if im the only one who finds it disgusting, but there is a child here in London who this guy left for his baby mother to raise who has no father while he’s going around ruining families and trying to play daddy to other people’s kids. The mother of his child had a baby before she met him and he raised that baby for a year as his “dad” and then left when he was 3 days old and has seen him less than then times in the past 8 months and has threatened to get the house rushed while her children were inside. Complete scum.

Jackie Brings Psycho Back


THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Jackie Dudley from London Ontario. She is the definition of white trash crazy on all levels. Jackie is a coffee waitress by day and moonlights as a stripper by night… You can check her out in and around the London area working that pole and she’s even been known to travel to Windsor to strip. She is what we call a lifer. Stripping is her PASSION and it’s how she lets steam off after a long day at pouring coffee for her customers. Her dream is to retire at the strip club as the house mom… Dream big Jackie! Jackie has procreated and is a horrible mother who is about to lose custody. She has no self control around her daughter. She will yell, scream, fist fight other people and subject her daughter to her rages daily. She makes up fake profiles, phone numbers and emails all to stalk her exes and people she hates. Her stalking lasts years. She makes threats against children and pets. She is unstable and psychotic and needs HELP. The only thing Jackie does to cope with her life is to strip and do drugs. She will soon be the next Jenna Jameson. Porn looks like the next career choice & a life without her kid if she doesn’t get her bat shit behavior under control.

Ex Gone Wrong


THE DIRTY ARMY:Hello, Nik, I am making this post because I believe these posts being done about this young lady, and I repeat young lady, out of jealousy, rage and insecurity. It obviously shows who ever is making these posts are a bit psychotic and is a major cyber bully, who does not have the courage to ever face this young lady and say it to her face. I have followed this young lady for about the last 6 years on almost all social media and the things that I have read are absolutely untrue that have been posted on this site. I know for a fact she is not old enough to even get into a bar and she lives with her parents and is closely monitored as are most teenagers her age. Yes she does have some provocative photo’s on her Facebook and some other social media pages, however you will never find a nude one anywhere and I have seen some of these poses done by other women on photographers websites advertising their services and no one seems to attack these other women.In reading some of the comments I can surely tell by it’s content that they are also coming from EX boyfriends who are so jealous that she has moved on and up word in the world and they too are acting as cyber bullies.She loves her family and her boyfriend and would never post some of these things that she is being accused of posting. It is clear from my point of view you have a bunch of over dramatic immature teenie boppers writing things out of pure eveilness, These photos that have been discussed on your website were personal photos shared between her boyfriend and herself and were meant for private use as you know from even reading movie star’s post many people in the WORLD share naughty pictures with their partners and it is meant for a bit fun and excitement between two people privately. This young lady is at her witts end with the trash talk on your website and other social media. It is unfortunate you allow people to torture other people here and you should be ashamed of yourself for even letting it be posted. She is still considered a minor in the eyes of the law in most countries. Currently the young lady has been put on suicide watch by her family and if she in fact some how does succeed in killing her self, is that blood you want on your hands because you let her be bullied and tortured so badly? This has made it impossible for her to even find work as when potential employers googles her name this nasty trash about her comes up and portray’s her to be someone she is not. Is she not entitled to work like everyone else? You have your pay check coming in and so should she. She is exhausted from trying to combat these accusations and she is currently enrolled in College to become a CYW and her boyfriend and her family are taking turns keeping close watch so she does not follow through with her threats of suicide. This trash talk needs to end before someone loses a life.. Look I’ve had many conversations with this young lady, I’m the one who convinced her that life was worth living for. Honestly one of the most down to earth young lady’s I have ever spoke to in my life. She has a kind and giving heart and who give anyone the shirt off her back if they needed it. She did not break up anyone’s relationship, it was already on the way to being finished when she got more closely involved with her current boe’, That other relationship he was in had been on the rocks for many months and he simply got tired of being used and abused and SHE helped give him the courage to finally end it all. She is a young 18 y/o lady who is full of life and just wants to be able to move on with her life and put this all behind her. She wants to travel the world and meet as many different people as she can, and simply enjoy the pleasures of the world. To close … she loves her boyfriend, family pets, friends… this bullying needs to just end here today once and for all… before she actually does in fact follow through with her suicidal thoughts and leave everyone who loves her devastated. there is no reason for a girl this beautiful, intellectual, down to earth, funny & caring to be treated with such disrespect.

Who Is Beth and Why Is she with sugar daddy’s


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, looking to know who this girl is, she lives in London and I know she is an ex cam model went by Carmen smith, dates 50 year old men and posts about it openly on her other Twitter. I managed to find both her twitters it’s not hard when you are all over the internet. What do ya think smash or pass? Hoping to find out she is prostituting now so I can hook up.

Bean the Scumbag


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this guy is a big time player, he knows his cards well. He played me and a few other girls good, He is abusive and known for being a meth head, He a deadbeat dad, a liar and a womanizer, Serious dont let this guy get in your head and fuck with your head like he did with me and a few others, you can find this goof down in the east end of London in a trap house sticking needles in his arms and blaming his exes for his problems, I can’t believed I dated this goof and I wanna give you girls the heads up that Bean aka Lucas Torek is a big player and probably has every problem you can think of, He deaf and half retarded too. He beats women and feeds them drugs so they dont leave him or put him away. Beware don’t let his charm fool you….

The Fake Wifey, Melissa Delaney


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl is definitely DrD material, She goes through so many guys like Kleenex, She says she a perfect Angel but really she a psychological liar and a complete fake piece of work, She acts like she the best mom which is completely bullshit, her kids do all the work, She loves junkies and cock, She make up a sob story and cry wolf to make her look like a better person, I know a few guys that been with this nasty ass trailer park whore and got infected, This stupid c*nt name is Melissa Delaney or goes by Missy, Warning to all the guys out there in the east, stay far away from this 2 face skank, her p*ssy reeks like the dump, her mouth stinks like ass, and to boot she probably has more semen in her then the Sperm Bank, She says she a good girl, really she the biggest whore yet, I know a few guys that been with her and was doing well until she snapped and took them for everything they got, even went after their friends too. Serious STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS KRUSTY ASS, drdbh ASS, INFECTED P**SY THAT HAS MORE LIPS THEN A CAMEL TOE, SHE WILL MAKE YOU SICK AND BROKE, MAY EVEN GIVE YOU A**S OR SOMESHIT, Its sad though because I actually thought she was good girl until I seen what she did to my friend. He completely fcked up because of this goof bitch and I want to see her suffer from what she done……

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