The Fake Wifey, Melissa Delaney


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl is definitely DrD material, She goes through so many guys like Kleenex, She says she a perfect Angel but really she a psychological liar and a complete fake piece of work, She acts like she the best mom which is completely bullshit, her kids do all the work, She loves junkies and cock, She make up a sob story and cry wolf to make her look like a better person, I know a few guys that been with this nasty ass trailer park whore and got infected, This stupid c*nt name is Melissa Delaney or goes by Missy, Warning to all the guys out there in the east, stay far away from this 2 face skank, her p*ssy reeks like the dump, her mouth stinks like ass, and to boot she probably has more semen in her then the Sperm Bank, She says she a good girl, really she the biggest whore yet, I know a few guys that been with her and was doing well until she snapped and took them for everything they got, even went after their friends too. Serious STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS KRUSTY ASS, drdbh ASS, INFECTED P**SY THAT HAS MORE LIPS THEN A CAMEL TOE, SHE WILL MAKE YOU SICK AND BROKE, MAY EVEN GIVE YOU A**S OR SOMESHIT, Its sad though because I actually thought she was good girl until I seen what she did to my friend. He completely fcked up because of this goof bitch and I want to see her suffer from what she done……

Government Funded


THE DIRTY ARMY: Biggest fraud alert! She’s the definition of a selfless mother that uses the system to collect free money so she can sit on her fat lazy ass and smoke weed all day. She keeps pushing out kids to collect baby bonuses. I feel sorry for the fool and her family that is so blinded by her lies. You can run but u can’t hide from the government forever.

Missy Delaney


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this broad is pure dirty material, she go through guys like we go through socks, I seen this girl play with so many guys and pretend she not a whore, She a mother of 4 and the most pathetic mother of them all, She uses her past for an excuse to make people feel sorry for her, This whore takes the good out of people and destroys them by crying wolf, She has no fcking clue who she doing half of the time, She slept with her own brother and doing it on the regular, She uses guys for money and when she doesn’t get her way, I know for fact that she made a guy who was good to her and her kids, in fact he was like a Angel to her, I feel so bad for him now cuz he turned to drugs and repeatedly continues to harm himself, I wish I knew where this homewrecking, neglectful mom was residing because I would tune her loose cunt right back to the trailer park where she belongs, she probably caught every s.t.i there is, She constantly lies about shit, she preys on the weak and take advantage of them then fucks the rest of the family when she done, I wouldn’t fck this skanky trailer trash with a 10 foot pole, I know that she dated a few guys I know and I’m sorry Bean but what the fck were you thinking? Sure she got you cleaned up but take a look at you now. Just a complete waste, Bean was amazing to her and her kids. She left him because she had skeletons in her closet probably fcked his friends when he went out, So guys beware this girl MISSY DELANEY is a complete fake piece of shit, She can’t take care of her kids or herself, Her daughter gets lice 24/7, She doesn’t do anything but enjoy cock, pops pills, drinks like a fish and blames everyone else for her problems, She has so many drd so be careful boys, She will make you infected and destroy your whole image, You need to wake up and smell youself. You live in a garbage dump filled with dog shit and junkies. You call yourself perfect, Once again sorry Bean and One day you will see, this slut never cared for you at all, cuz if she did, you sure as fuk would not be looking rough. I hope Karma pays Missy a decent visit soon, Missy ain’t nothing but a lying piece of shit unfit mother cheating whore. Guys Beware I mean it this girl is so NASTY…..

Mevo Sarnia Predator

THE DIRTY ARMY: Josh molvahill, he prays on women after he manipulates them, takes advantage of their vulnerability, he “drugs” and rapes them. He is a piece of shit who deserves to have his goof face smashed in by everyone who who sees this piece of shit. Women beware of him he is a predator and will make you think he’s your friend….

Have You Ever Met A Female Pedophile


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this famine victim has been revealed to be a pedophile and a pedophile enabler on a camsite called MFC. her and her customers talk about sleeping with 12 year olds, owning underage sex slaves, and the lowest age theyd fck. I’ve never met a girl who wanted to fck kids or talk about fck kids as badly as she does. was she molested or something as a child? either way, she’s nasty, trailer trash. her name is katsumichann or katsumisecret. she wants to get her tits done but im pretty sure she should get that giant shnozz done first. she’s 18 but acts like shes stunted.

Tilsonburgs Slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here Nik is Tillsonburgs biggest whore Brittany Richardson. She apparently broke up a relationship with a guy she had just met and they are now dating. Shes known the guy for about 2 months and proclaims she loves him, when its obvious shes just using him because shes a broke ass slut. She used to leave the bars in tillsonburg with a different guy every night, practically fucking him before they got into the car. She woud exchange sex for drugs and booze. This girl is downright crazy. Even though shes with this ty guy shes still sending nudes to other guys, fcking herself on video for them, even sending them photos of her having sex with her boyfriend.i almost feel bad for her boyfriend. Dude, go get yourself checked, because with how much shes been around im sure shes got some kind of drd.

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