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Ines Helene Is A Psycho


THE DIRYT ARMY:  Nik, Ines truly is a dumb girl. Here is solid proof that she photoshops. Why did she edit out her shirt? It’s the same picture and she’s trying to act like its a recent one. As you can see, the photo on the left was posted 2 weeks ago and the one on the right is from 36 weeks ago. Her fashion choices make me cringe. She’s always wearing the same thing. She’s so broke its hilarious. I mean if you sell your pussy for a living you should at least be able to buy yourself decent clothes RIGHT?? Sorry you got caught photoshopping again Ines. Get a life please.

Yo I need a ticket guy for a soccer game in Liverpool. Email me (nik@thedirty.com)… trying to buy tickets.- nik

What Jenna Jameson Really Looks Like

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 7.53.58 AM

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, first time for me to submit a post. These screen grabs were taken from a short promo for Celebrity Big Brother (UK, I think), and these pictures show what Jenna Jameson really looks like. Girl has let herself go so hard! I get that she had kids with Tito Ortiz, and that some women never truly lose the weight they gain during pregnancy…but compare these to the pictures she has posted online with a very tiny waist and a big butt. Tsk Tsk.

She looks like that dude from In Living Color.- nik

Ines Radovanovic Is Back At It


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Ines is back at it again. Constantly traveling but somehow she’s always alone. Tag your sponsor much?  She polices her Instagram comments 24/7. I called her out on being a disgrace to Serbian people and she blocked me not even 5 seconds later. And then she claims she never even reads the comments. She’s delusional. She knows she’s ugly in person that’s why she works so hard to keep her Instagram image. I feel bad for her parents.

That bed and her inner thighs do not look comfortable.- nik

Liza Massa Would Be A Great DC


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Liza aka tLiza BLKRussian aka Leeza.X aka whatever the hell else. I think she would be a great Dirty Celeb.  She used to be cool years ago when I first started talking to her in 2005. This was before her dreadful and obvious plastic surgery. Yeah, she was a THOT but she was a friendly THOT. We found each other very beautiful and I would guarantee that we would have experimented with each other (those were in my college days when I was experimental with guys and girls even though now I am strickly Gregly and love men) had we been near each other. Now, she has turned into a crazy nutcase. She used to be nice but not anymore. Please look at her Instagram, Nik. My question is does she appear to be a P4P? She used to be a stripper when we first started talking. Her instagram page is an interesting one! She used to be beautiful but now she f’ed up her face to look like Kim Kardashian.

I’m willing to give her a shot. London needs the action… plus The Crow and Black Barbie Shim are boring now.- nik

Patrick Robertson Is On Seeking Arrangements



THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’ve been a reader of you and have a story about a man (who has a high position in European politics).  He is on Seeking Arrangement and lies to girls, pretends to be generous but is a liar, drug user and still lives with his wife (lies about that one too).  In the meantime he goes online searching for girls half his age. His name is Patrick Robertson company name WorldPR. He is on seeking arrangement posting as PeterR promising girls to give them the world but thats all a lie. He had many accounts on seekingarrangement and the last one is just a new one. These guys try to get into your pants by faking generosity.  There are a lots of girls posted on your site and I’m happy to read that there is an increase of men posted on there too.  Since he has contact with high level politicians, is it safe to post this guy and send pictures?  He lies to young girls about his age, his lifestyle, and I even think that he might be bisexual/closet-gay since he likes to kiss the ass of his male friends too. he wants girls so skinny but lies about his own size, he looks like a bloated pig but claims to be athletic. Nothing about him is good looking and it looks he shops at Primark. This guy looks at least 60 but claims to be 44.  He is a delusional, ugly old bastard who lost his soul to alcohol. Don’t fall for his lies and his fake promises.

One of my rich buddies uses SA (he is single and creepy), but he never pays the girls… they sleep with him for free food. It’s weird.- nik

Georgina and Kayla Clarke Are The Worst Mother/Daughter Combo


THE DIRTY ARMY:   Nik, saw this pop up on the internet a few days age. Georgina and Kayla Clarke are mother and daughter who dream of looking like Katie Price but look more like chubby oompa loompas.  They spent 86k to look like this???  The daughter pays for their surgeries by being a sugar baby and stripping.  I can’t tell which is mother and which is daughter.  They are both terrifying.

The things women do in England to get on Celebrity Big Brother.- nik

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