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Self-Proclaimed Kim Kardashian Twin


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, The other day I was browsing IG hashtags and came across the account of a crazy woman that believes she is Kim Kardashians twin. At first I thought she was just joking but it turns out she is dead serious. She’s also slightly obsessed, even more delusional. She’s trying to create her own selfie book and hopes to sell it for profit. I left a comment on her page to inform her that she looked like a clown with that awful lip liner technique she’s been doing. She blocks anyone who disagrees with her self-proclaimed Kim Kardashian twin status instantly. Honey – we can tell where your lips end and where your face begins. You are not fooling anyone by trying to draw on fake lips. You simply look like a clown and I feel bad for you. Please stop smearing lipstick on your face and pretending that it’s just part of your lip you joker.

The book’ll mirror a slowly inflating balloon.- nik

Ryan Basford Wannabe Famous


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this prick is the most obnoxious fake and manipulative person in hollywood. First of all he thinks he is famous because he appeared on Chelsea Lately show (Did anyone watch that?) for two or three times less than 5 seconds. He is a sucker of any Starlet in hollywood and live under a high end status lifestyle while he doesn’t even have a job. Nik he is so in love with himself that his only job is showing shirtless pictures on social media – he thinks he is such a star. The worse is all the lies he tells his family and to all his friends pretending he is a person that he is not. The last one about him is that he is verbally abuses all his ex girlfriends and don’t ever leave them alone because he doesn’t except he was dumped. Nick, people must know how fake, manipulative and abusive this guy is because he is not doing any good.

Only a mother could love those wrinkles.- nik

Charlene Cippio also known as Charlene Taitingfong


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Charlene Cippio. On top of being an unattractive 42-year-old over weight hog with horrendous skin, she is also a true scammer and a compulsive liar, she’s stolen money from numerous people often by playing poor to invoke the empathy of friends or outright making up very convincing stories to embezzle “investments” out of good honest people around her. The devil wears many faces; she claims to have nursing and law licenses which are both completely illegitimate. She even went as far as claiming to be a medical coding instructor in Sacramento and was sued by her clients for taking her classes; paying for everything including their text books out of pocket and not receiving any educational information in return. You can look into the details of her disgusting behaviours by googling her martial name ‘Cippio’. However, what’s comical would be the way she scout out her victims via Facebook. She would often message good looking business men (who are often out off her league) and within the same day she gets in touch with them she would shamelessly waddle up to their homes and beg for their cocks. She would do this almost everyday of the week with different men she discovers on social media and tell each and everyone of them that their her only one. Eventually, she would then ask these foolish men for money and places to live and sometimes she would just plonk on their couches and assume it is her home and they are in a relationship. She often drives the vehicles of her men without permission wreaking them into pieces and of course do not have proper auto insurance to compensate for the damages. As far as her professional life goes, well no surprises there she’s been fired from every single job she’s ever had and would forge fake records and referrals in order to obtain a new job to further her career as a scammer.

Hollywood Hopefuls


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. Not american so my english will suck. I have seen many posts about chicks on instagram, and the people who submit them seem to be confused whether they are models or p4p. I just want to say this once for all : real models are skinny, dont wear trashy makeup, no stupid implants with huge refund gaps , and you can actually see them in magazines, billboards, tv, ted carpets and everything else. The heavy photoshopped pornstar looking hoes on instagram have to suck their photographer’s greg, so yeah forget about making a living. Who will actually buy and use those shitty ass pics that they post ? The only product they will ever represent is that tea which smells like a scam.

Billy Slakin aka David Pearce


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this lying piece of sh*t wrote me on Tinder pretending to own 2 clubs,a yacht and some other bullshit. He would try to get me to go out with him all of the time to his “clubs” or “Events”, he supposedly held. I was always tied up with other obligations other than some dude from tinder so he started harassing me belittling me and my family. A quick google search of his phone number dug up tons of girls with restraining orders and his real name and life story. The Dirty needs to crush this dude once and for all for being a scumbag douche bag who steals from girls and give them his drd’s. Scumbag piece of sh*t needs to be EXPOSED!!! His real name is David Pearce born in 1979 but claims his name is Billy Slakin born in 1986. He has no money, no clubs, no yacht, no friends, no girls….except the ones he continues to fool from the internet. BEWARE!!!!

Eric J Wang still Creepin


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Don’t trust this creep! I met this good looking guy at a club a while back. He told me how he was an actor and a boxer. I was impressed and we went to my place to have fun, fun that I would later regret. I woke up the next morning and he was long gone. I later looked him up to find out that he was just an extra with some crappy sparring matches on his youtube channel. I also later found out that I got drd from him. I hear he tries to hit on women wherever he goes and even takes pictures of girls when he’s on set. Women need to be warned about this guy!

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