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Any Info on Ashley Vegas


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, any info on this chick Ashley? All I know is I am in love with what I see and that she goes by the names Ashlee Vegas, Ashley Vegas and Ashley White. I would love to spend a night with her.

What’s up with the arm cheese.- nik

Lennan Kay Total Fake

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 3.28.59 PM

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Lindsay Davis…the loser LA aspiring “actress” who pretends to spend her days auditioning for shows but instead hooks up with old men via Seekingarrangements. for money to feed her pepsi habit (her username’s Heisenburg for those w/ extra $$$ to burn!). This bitch has an burned SO many bridges she had to change her name to “LENNAN KAY” to avoid legal action, debt collections, or the casting directors who black balled her for showing up high or not at all. You’d think Lennan Kay or Lindsay Davis would put set aside some of that seeking arrangement cash to at least buy herself a better weave. Go to rehab or acting school you sad sad human being.

Meet Kelvin Double the Pedophile


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, went through this former marines phone and guess what I found . Apparently he goes on Craigslist and finds underage girls to try and sleep with them. He’s family and friends are in denial. I can’t upload all the pictures but here’s a few. Why would anyone lie about something like this. And how would I be able to forge what on his phone. This isn’t letting me submit more than one picture

Those dolls are concerning me.- nik

Joel Asman Cheating Jobless Loser

THE DIRTY ARMY: What’s up Nik. This is Joel Ashman, He is nothing, but a lying, manipulative, broke ass slore. He will do anything to have a girl pay for his assault charge payment and live anywhere for free. I was dating him at one time and asked him what job he has and no answer, but “Don’t worry about it.” he gets money, but from where? Ripping off clients I’m telling you, this guy has no life and he is almost 40. What a shame.

Living a Life of Lies


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, You may know Benjamin McMillan as a 26 year old restaurant manager in the Los Angeles area, but he is a scum bag and the world needs to know. He was living in Akron, Ohio, but left because he got caught too deep in his own lies. He was scared about catching a fraud charge so he skipped town, leaving his dog and girlfriend behind to clean up the mess he made. Now he lives in LA and thinks his shit doesn’t stink! Not only did he lie about his credentials to get a job, claiming he has a bachelor’s degree in business management when he’s really just your typical college dropout, he cheated on his girlfriend for months with multiple women off craigslist, strippers in the Cleveland area, his little sister’s friends who are barely out of high school, which is sad because she is really the entire package. Very smart, funny, beautiful, loving. And she helped him every time he was down and out. So I wanted to put this guy on blast…because he needs a reality check. And people need to be warned not to fall for his bullshit. He’ll lie about anything to get his way and I don’t want to see anyone else falling into his trap.

Joel Ashman – Visual Effects Fake


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to this Crazy Delusional big time loser named Joel Ashman in Los Angeles. He is a jobless broke ass dirty bum who is almost 40 years old that has a HUGE ego with a TINY small nasty penis and he is ugly as sin. He has NO money and tries to use several women to leach off and get any penny or food he can to survive with his shitty pitiful life. He lies all the time that he owns a Visual Effects company which is completely Fake and total Bullshit. Plus, any dumb client that this stupid Con Artist gets he Overcharges them and Rips them off then laughs about it. His family is so ashamed of him and they already cut him off from paying all his bills and all his credit cards are completely Maxed out. So, he will be Homeless soon sleeping in L.A. on the Walk of Fame begging for money to survive in Spider Man costume to hide his Shameful ugly face. He is a Compulsive Lier and Crazy Sociopath and makes up all kinds of stupid bullshit fake stories to Manipulate any woman he can to try to dominate and take advantage of them for any penny. It’s about time to put this Worthless piece of shit on Blast to warn all women to stay far away from this dirty lying monster and any clients that he tries to Scam.

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