Trinity May is Delusional


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik where to start? Meet “Trinity May” the ugly wanna-be porn star. I’ve known this girl since high school and honestly I’m not surprised in the slightest. A few of my buddies fucked her and two said her box was so fishy he wanted to vomit. I follow her on Twitter for a laugh. She wants to be in porn but has some disease called end***osis which causes painful sex along with cy*ts on her ovaries…why would you want to be getting fuked for a living when sex is miserable? she must really be the most basic bitch to not even have sex right. Even more than that, she BEGS for money all over her Twitter. What happened with getting a normal job or even a shitty one to take care of your health? Be better off with the bums pan handling. She was recently talking shit to another porn slut saying how she hopes the other girl gets diseases from fucking “civilians” and not long after was discussing prices for personal alone time with one of her followers. A measly $900 is even too much for this trailer trash looking slut. Her body is slender but it definitely doesn’t cancel out her beat face. Hey Trinity just give it a’ll never be successful in this industry and stop begging for money you pathetic skank. Nik what do you think?

Samara, I mean India


THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl who keeps texting my bf is a webcam model who goes by samara but her real name is India Michelle warren. These are the pictures from her live nude web shows where this girl masturbates to make a dime. She likes to text her exes her user name online aka samara-92. I know this is the exposure she wants. Enjoy the extra money India

Ana Lia Ochoa


THE DIRTY ARMY: Analia Ochoa San Andres, is a “lady” who likes to play and cheat other people, she doesn’t care whose life she ruins, she has no values, no morals, she doesn’t care for human beings. she seduced her cousin’s husband when she was 14, she home wrecked her own family, and they divorced, then she moved to florida to live with him, who was her new boyfriend.. Gross.. She likes to send naked videos/pictures to many guys. She cheated many times on his bf (now ex bf), the only guy who actually loved her. She was living rent free with him and when she got caught cheating, she had to move out She tried to seduced her best friend’s boyfriend Now she is dating a married man, who is ready to leave in Ecuador his family just for Ana if she asks him. He has a family and Ana Lia knew this yet continues dating this man and she just doesn’t care. It’s not fair for his wife and his 10-year old daughter. This man she is dating, used to lie a lot, once a cheater always a cheater. she destroyed a new family, she has no respect for anyone or anything. Her family chose to ignore her actions and turned a blind eye and because of this, she felt it was ok to continue on this path of destruction. Breaking up relationship after relationship Her mother should tell her that she won’t find any joy in ruining another woman’s marriage, and she can’t build a happy home right on top of a broken one, it’s not right encouraging or asking him to choose her happiness over his family’s pain. it doesn’t matter if you are her family, best friend, boyfriend or whoever, she would fuck you over, she knows no bounds.. She is alone in LA, all her friends abandoned her, she doesn’t have real friends..

The Transient you’ve found on your couch


THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay nik, this is Jensyn Jersey. She is a dumb junkie who spends a few weeks prostituting herself in Las Vegas then comes back to California just to slum around everyones house because she’s homeless. The dumb bitch tries to act SO classy and well off, but in reality just cries to daddy whenever she needs money. She is such a 2 faced b***h that pretends to be your “bff” and then steal all of your stuff. She’s always high off any drug….mostly black….and has wrecked every car her daddy willingly gets her. She tries so hard to be “hood” its comedy. Don’t trust this poser, you’ll be sorry.

Amin Modaresi


THE DIRTY ARMY: this guy is horrible tells girls he is from Dubai says he is rich but he lives with his uncle, only reason I’m posting this because he is a poser. why say you r from dubai when u r from Iran Amin Modaresi?! CERTIFIED DOUCHEBAG.

Jon Wheat is a Thief


THE DIRTY ARMY: Jon Wheat proclaims to be a millionaire and established music industry executive but is quite simply a fraud and a thief who belongs in prison. I initially met Jon Wheat at his fancy loft in Cosmo Lofts in Hollywood in 2006 where he had his offices. I would describe this as a honeymoon period Jon Wheat befriended me; Regaling my with his stories of the recording industry and his discovering of notable artists. In retrospect Jon made it a point to be charming and general all around nice guy. Always offering o help me if I should ever need advice. Though in retrospect there was nothing I could or would have ever asked for or needed his assistance with. After some months Jon began dropping hints about having difficulties but sitting on a goldmine of talent and just waiting for his loans to come through so that he could explode his artists onto the LA scene. Having worked for several startups I knew what it was like to have to raise money but he assured me he wasn’t raising money. He was simply waiting for his loans to fund. He just needed a bridge. Jon remarked that he had no other choice and actually may have to borrow money from a drug dealer. I expressed that was a bad idea and that’s we he hit me up. Having a startup of my own I didn’t have $20k to loan Jon and I was kind of shocked that he asked. However over the next few weeks he wore me down and I asked him how I could help him. He said that he had a party willing to loan him the $20 for 30 days if I would sign for security. The loan requiring the repayment of $40k. Jon swore to me it would in fact cost him nothing. That he would give me all his platinum records etc. as collateral. That the money would be repaid without a problem no matter what. Being a nice guy, and knowing what its like to have no other options I decided to help him. The 30 days came and went and so did Jon. The bank that he claimed was giving him the multi million dollar loan in fact a nail salon. Gone from the building Jon was evicted from the Cosmo Lofts, stiffing the building for tens of thousands. I looked high and low and he had disappeared. Then a chance drive through Beverly Hills and there was this guy getting out of his Infinity and walking down the street. I confronted him and demanded to know what was going on having received threats and calls from this party he’d borrowed money from which I had signed security for. I told him I knew that the loan from the bank was a scam. He then claimed he actually got scammed. I told him I knew that the building evicted him. He said he moved to lower costs. His collateral, platinum records etc. he claimed was all gone because he had borrowed money from the drug dealer he’d mentioned. He sworn he’d make things right and gave me his “new number” (which was a fake number). Then knocking on our office door was Jon’s debt collectors. Who demanded interest penalties etc. all of which had to be paid to the tune of more than $40k. This cause our startup to falter us to have to give up equity and control of our business which ended up costing us millions down the line. I contacted Jon’s lawyer who told us Jon was filing bankruptcy. I even looked up the drug dealer he borrowed from and found out he ripped him off as well. This thieving scumbag and con artist not only cost me $40k cash, but millions in stock, my company and years of my life. Then a chance encounter in 2013 put Jon back in contact with me. He was in the middle of closing a big deal and couldn’t stand my negative influence. So he agreed to pay me to keep quiet. Of course he didn’t have it all. He’d pay me per month…$200. A joke but money is money and he swore in a matter of months he’d repay me everything with interest. So its May of 2015 and how many payments has Jon made on time??? 1 time How many month has it been since he hasn’t paid me at all? 5 months Jon is the lowest form of scum. He goes through life lying to cover up the piece of shit he really is. The companies he works with should be warned who they are dealing with. I’ve given the guy a hundred chances. Who can’t come up with $200 a month in payments? That shows you just how disgusting he is. After destroying my career and costing me millions he cant even be bothered to make these nothing payments. All while he lives it up, presenting himself as a millionaire. As an accomplished music and marketing executive. Jon Wheat is Liar. Jon Wheat is a Thief. Jon Wheat is a Fraud. Jon Wheat is a scumbag. No one should do business with him. He should be in prison. Unfortunately he is considered too small a thief for the district attorneys office to bother prosecuting him. Make no mistake his actions are criminal and he belongs in jail.

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