A Guy’s Girl


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s yet another gold-digging, narcissistic “guy’s girl” from….Kentucky (barf.) Behold Cheryl Bierbaum! You are “in” if your bank account comes close to to her delusional belief she’s God’s gift to… Kentucky (barf.) Gay, old, or married….doesn’t matter! If you got the Benjamins, she’s got the time. 36 years old I believe..

How’d she get her boy toy and wallet on terms.- nik

Kayla Cartisser is at it again


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kayla Cartisser,now Kayla Sheehan, has found a dimwit in the military to marry her;Gavin Sheehan . Gavin has gotten Kayla pregnant,not knowing her vagina has been stretched out by every white man in Fort. Polk, Louisiana and Gresham,Oregon! Kayla has 3 kids by 3 different men and doesnt have custody of any of em ! Kayla and Gavin are now in Fort Campbell,living together,until Kayla has her baby and then she will leave him,looking for another penis to ride ! Kayla is bad news ! She is a pill popping,coke snorting whore that lies and tells the cops she was raped by different men when she actually tells guys to fuck her in the ass and choke her neck ! This trashy white broad is racist as hell and has a fb page full of racist pictures about blacks. Gavin met her on fb and after 2 weeks,decided to marry her. He looks like a serial killer though,so I dont think he has alot of sense. To all the whores out there : dont give up on love ! After all,Kayla Cartisser is married now !

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Janette Dillow Satterly – Had affair with her husbands FATHER


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This nasty chick started with a guy named Chris then got caught licking his mommas you know what. So she ran off with his mom and then his moms nephew came around and Janette started smashing him. They had two kids together and got married. The whole time they were together she was still messing with his cousin Chris and his aunt remember who is Chris’ momma. Janette is on drugs real bad and thinks she can have any man she wants. She really went all out this last time she had an affair with her husbands father while living in his parents home. Please post this trash. She thinks she can ruin lives all over. People need to be warned.

Janette Dillow Satterly Had affair with her husbands Father


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Janette Dillow Satterly is 28 years old. She had 4 abortions by the age of 20. Her first child was conceived with the husband of a woman that was nice enough to let her move in with her because she had no where else to go. She was also seeing a guy named Chris Sullivan at the same time. She told him and his family that the baby was his. Chris caught Janette and HIS MOTHER having sex. This caused his parents to divorce. Janette and his mother Terry Lynn were together about a year. Then one of her nephews came over and Janette started with him. They ran off together. Eventually the got Married. She then had two kids in 2 1/2 years. They lived with her husbands parents. She then began an affair with his father. This girl thinks she is the hottest thing to hit the streets. That is her husband in the photo. What do you think?

Taisha Marie Needs To Stop


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Taisha Marie needs to grow up and stop acting like a slag on Instagram. Since having a baby she has gotten breast implants, butt injections and facial surgery done. Her son is like one or two and she still posts videos twerking dressed like a tramp. It sickens me to see a parent act like this. I hope she has a real job to provide for the kid but she spends all day posting videos and pics of her butt so my guess is no. I have an idea of how she might be making money and for the childs sake I hope I am wrong.

They say — the average age kids start to use Google is around 4 years old.- nik

What Porta Potties Will be Making a Derby Appearance


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, dirty army strong for about 4 years. Thanks for the years of my morning coffee reading. I live in Louisville, and this is the biggest weekend of the year, The Kentucky Derby. Was just wondering what porta potties I should be looking out for this year at the parties. If anyone knows of any Dirty celebs making appearances, please let us know!

I wonder if anyone will book Wire Transfer for the Derby? She would look perfect in one of those hats.- nik

**Anybody got some picks for me. What horses are we looking at?

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