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Don’t Trust Scrubby


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Ben “Scrubby” Elsea. He is a student at Texas Tech University. You meet him and love him right away guy or girl, until you get to know him. I was one of many girls who hooked up with him without knowing he was doing this to other girls. While he had a girlfriend he was doing all of this. His girlfriend is a dumbass and knows he does this shit and always goes back to him. She is a fake bitch anyway (featured in above pic) . So not only does scrubby cheat but he’s a compulsive LIAR. He will say he’s rich and has rich family members but in reality doesn’t have a dime. He steals from his friends and family. If you even lend him anything he won’t return the favor. He will lie, cheat, and steal to get what he wants. He is also fat. And an alcoholic from what his girlfriend has been telling people. Lol anyway he also talks so much shit about his girlfriend saying she isn’t pretty and never loved her but he continues to lie and keep her around. My guess is because she buys him everything because he has a DUI and she pays for it. Pretty sure he gave me ghoneria too. I was in a loss over him until people started to tell me the truth about him. Don’t trust Scrubby.

Clarence Rixter is a snitch

THE DIRTY ARMY: this guy is a wannabe thug convicted drug dealer woman beater and then some. he got out of his charges for snitching on all the people he called his friends. his hardcore image he showcases is all fake. he is well known in the gay community and prefers trannys, constantly beating and cheating on his girl.

A Hopeless Dallas Case

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you gotta help me let Texas tech Greek life how much of a skanky, backstabbing whore kelly berend is.. first of all, she will use and abuse every guy she can get her hands on and fcks with their head first chance she gets. she’ll let things get serious then let the mind fcking begin.. once she’s in your head she’ll proceed to tell you she loves you and the next day ignore the shit out of you. she’s a whore mainly because of how she hops from dick to dick at all the frat parties she goes to. she tries to put off a good girl image to all her sorority sisters in alpha chi omega but I think I’m the only one who truly knows the skank this bitch is. one example to prove this is how her roommate second semester was hooking up with a guy that she apparently was interested in, first chance she got she asked him to hangout while her roommate was out of town and the guy and kelly were dating within a week. she’s a backstabbing whore… she also has been known to be the woman for the game stone face at multiple frat parties. that’s where she would be under the table of 6 frat guys with no underwear or pants and she would take turn giving head to each one and the guys would try figuring out which one kelly was sucking. if the guy was called out, he would then have to take a shot. this game usually ended with kelly sucking and fcking each guy one by one, or on the nights things would get shitty, all at once. lubbock needs to know the truth about this skank Nik please help me out!

That game sounds forgy.- nik

LA Armada Hoodrat

THE DIRTY ARMY: thys bitches name is JENNIFER MARTINEZ she lives in la armada n fucckz the hood.. this bytch has 6 kids running around la armada in there underwaer while shes in her crib fckin!! she fcked my man in my fuckin house and wen I stepd to her ran off like a lil pssy. but real quick to b A MYSPACE GANGSTER! girlz watch ur man cuz this hoe has *** and is always at toxic getting faded tryna take niggas home! I feel sorry for herkids she aint never with them I saw this bitch wen I was loked up n heard her talkin bout she wooped a bitches ass n they locked her up I stepped to her n bitch ran in her cell real quick!! lol so ladies b warned hoodrat hoe!!

That belly has become the highlight of her outfit…not in a good way.- nik

Twitter Pervert

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Meet Brandon R Wilson. The biggest creep on Social Media. He goes by BRW***. He spends countless hours trying to befriend pornstars and asking them to follow him. If they do he spends countless hours asking for their panties, for free and for them to give him bjs. He gets mad when they ask him to pay for signed Playboy magazines that he requests they acquire and mail to him. When he is blocked he will go after their friends, family and coworkers asking them to tell them that he loves them and begging for them to talk to her for him. He thinks he is really hot stuff, but if his advance are denied he calls people things like ‘yeast infected c-nts’. He will also ask them to purchase him things off his amazon wishlist, as he makes it known he does not want to work. Did I mention he is a virgin and asks every girl to be his first? This guys will not stop harassing and threatening, even when the police get involved. Those pics of him are only a small example of what he sends out to them on a regular basis! You have to check out this guys twitter account as I cant do the awfulness of it justice.

Guys like him don’t get any freebies.- nik

Raunchy Nikki

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik this is Nikki Nichole she works at platinums in Yuma or some strip club anyways she says she’s 19 but all that Mac force field makes her look 30. She constantly begs her friends on fb to go out and spend their money for a lap dance then delete it lol but she also claims to make 98 k a year…lol what do you think about it? Would you nik???

Answer: No, that bun and crop of the forehead could only mean horse.

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