Carlton You’re not a Baller


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy NEEDS to be put on blast. I was seeing him occasionally until I uncovered his web of bullshit. His name is Carlton Greene. This guy rides around on a bicycle, has a baby/live in girlfriend and has like 15 side chicks. He reels in women by hiding and lying about his family life and taking his conquests to his vacant mom’s house, which he says is his. If you ask him where his car is he will say it’s being repaired. He truly believes he’s a god among men, yet works at a plastics company. He is 33 and lies about his age to bag younger women. He asked my boyfriend to come fight him and started hopping around like he thought he was Floyd Mayweather. I call him leap frog. Dude is a joke.

Backstabbing Cheater

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Michele lanfair has been in my life for a year. You know how woman say they love you and they would never cheat on you,we’ll we have a another case of dick is more important than the one time things don’t her way so I’m gonna break up with you over fb and not tell u why and live in California with you and b in a relationship with some guy (charles swanner) 3000 miles away,and actually have the balls to ask if she can stay here for a month so she can get home to him. Some really big balls right there. I’ve come to realize that no matter how stable you are for someone there never gonna be happy. Woman are all the same. Anyways she is now living in her truck homeless till she can make it out to nh. On the other hand I’m home allready. I’m gonna make her wish she never met me.

Can we all say ‘NO’


THE DIRTY ARMY: Real life Miss Piggy here thinks she’s “A Princess”. If living with your mom and dad while over eating and posting the last time you took a dump on twitter qualifies you as a princess, then Samantha Hill is American Royalty. Can we all collectively tell this fat, loud mouth “no thank you” on the VS bathing suit and to really just shut the hell up?

Pedophile in Manch


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy is a real creep. He is a registered sex offfender with crimes against innocent children. He lives at The Scabby Abbey on Pine street and is known for watching children play in the halls because he has nothing better to do but collect Social Security. I did not think being a pedophile was a disability. He is often seen holding the door open while he takes a piss, who does that? Especially when your a pedophile and know there are children living on the same floor as you. Leaves one to think that he actually wants these kids to see is old man dick. Its like thats whay he’s hoping will happen. He always tries he’s very best be friendly with the parents in this building. Now if that ain’t a predator I don’t know what it. People need to beware around him and please watch your children around this sorry excuse for a man. He claims he done nothing wronge but if that was the case and he truly was innocent then he would not have been charged or have to registered as a sex offender. He definitely needs to be put on blast. He is a creepy digusting thing and anyone in their right mind would know it as soon as you meet him, it radiates off of him.

Jessica Winslow – Manchesters fakest sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this girl has to be put on blast. She is the fakest people I know, she claims to be all religious and constantly puts prayers and blessings on her Facebook. She cheats on her boyfriend Kevin Raymond. (who sells oxy) the guy with the bucket over his head. Don’t really know why she is so in love with him, o wait cause he is a drug dealer. And a a shitty one at that. She neglects her kids and loves the pepsi. I found the nudes on my b f’s cell phone and he will be the next person I throw up on blast. This girl deserves to lose her kids. And her mother Virginia thinks she is mommy’s little angel. She probably is the one who gave my boyfriend a did. Busted b**ch. Home wrecking sloot that dances with molly

Natalie Linbloom – master manipulator

THE DIRTY ARMY: Natalie Lindbloom, watch out for this chick residing in the Manchester, Aurburn New Hampshire area. not only is she a master manipulator but shes will sleep with your boyfriend etc. At 25 she works taking care of elderly and disabled… on the side she sells drugs, fraudulently gets money and sleeps with anything that gets her ahead, gives her something she wants or fits her plans to fck up someones life. She never does anything without a benefit to herself so be careful when dealing with this girl. She makes you believe she is sweet and innocent and would never mistreat anyone or cheat but thats where the manipulation comes in. Don’t fall into the pitch black dark hole of Natalie linbloom because she will drag you down no matter how nice she may seam.

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