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White People Commit Food Stamp Fraud As Well


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I love your site. Now I found this to be worth submitting as in many posts people talk sh*t about how all black people are on welfare etc. This article contradicts that. All sorts of people get government assistance including white folks. I wish people would quit stereo typing.  30 folks arrested, not one is black.

White folks are the devil.- nik

Like School On Sunday


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I love the new site! I’ve read your site since the Scottsdale days. I saw this picture in the Daily Mail this evening after catching up on the latest happenings on TheDirty.com. Dude can someone please explain Kim Kardashian to me? Have you met her? Hopefully someone who reads this will show it to her if I’m posted. Seriously look at the expressions on Jay and Diddy. I thought this woman. Was supposed to be some sort of example that others strive to be like. What the f*ck is up with bringing a baby to a fashion show? Did this family seriously not get taught there’s a time and a place for everything? Dude the mom must be a real champ at parenting. I don’t judge people but come the f*ck on already. You got Rob who is a hermit and probably uses Dorito grease as lube. The 17 year old daughter f&cking some sh*tbag thug whose almost 30, and a husband who left her an didn’t just switch teams. The dude wants to be a different gender.  I’m sure Bruce and the gang are good people, and I could care less what happens to his pee pee. However if these people lived normal out of the public eye lives this would all seem insane. Oh and another thing look at what a delusional f*cktard Kanye is.. who let’s their wife bring a baby to a fashion show? Did they have bills to pay and needed to sell some shots to Enquirer? Oh and lastly Jay and Diddy you two motherf*ckers need to check your team for real!!!! Go slap the sh*t out of your boy for bringing a baby to the show like a classless retard.

Every time I see North West she looks miserable or in some state of shock. Why force this kid into the light? Let North be her own person.- nik

Niykee Heaton’s Manager Lauren Pisciotta Is A Huge Scam


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Lauren Pisciotta, she is Niykee Heaton’s manager.  This girl has over 250,000 IG followers and swears she is the best thing on earth. Well, check out these gems from 2006… DAMN!!!! Can you believe what she used to look like???? That was a beast, I feel so bad for whoever marries her and has kids with her cause those children are going to be ugly as hell. Top two are before, bottom two are obviously after.

WTF!!$!!- nik

Timothy Sykes loves Trannies

THE DIRTY ARMY: Timothy Sykes is a scam artist who tells people he will turn a 100 dollars into millions if you sign up for his classes. In reality he doesn’t make anyone money and keeps all the money people give him to buy transvestite hookers on backpage . He also post constantly on social media of him traveling to different places on other peoples dime. He is the ultimate sleazy car salesman. He will sell you some bullshit story in hopes of giving him money. There are reviews about him all over the internet stating he is a rip off. There are even Instagram accounts that put him on blast about what a scammer he is! Oh yah, the reason he likes trannies is because his Greg is so small. He said he can only feel something when he puts it in the butt because its tighter

Team Lamas On Celebrity Apprentice


Not sure if you watch Celebrity Apprentice or not, but pops Lorenzo Lamas has already survived three rounds of the boardroom. He is DIRTY ARMY strong and is raising funds for the Boot Campaign [Click here to check out the BC website]. I’ve been watching and I hope Geraldo gets fired…he sucks…all he does is plug that he has been to war every five seconds. Dude you were a war correspondent, stop acting like you fought with the troops. Also, pops is rocking my hat — NARC.LA. Next episode is Monday on NBC.- nik

Wannabe Photographer Creep

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, watch out for this one Nik, I’ve met too many women who have been screwed over by this guy. Marjan Gecevic tells women lies to get into their pants only to find that treating them like crap won’t get him a girlfriend who sticks around. Every girl he dates dumps him because he acts like a child at 40 years old and picks up random chicks at bars to stuff with his pencil d*ck that goes limp at his first shot of whiskey. Watch out ladies, he lures women in pretending to be a professional photographer when all he does is take photos of dogs on the street for free to pick up their owners. He probably has DRD too – gross! Don’t let him shoot you or get your number, you’ll regret it!

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