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Fake Mommy Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Sloot Kaitlin Nicholles has a kid that she doesn’t even take care of , she goes on dating website and invites strangers back to her house and claim her ex beats her but really she a Phsyco , leaves her kid in dirty diapers and party’s with different guys each night in there and buys fake lips and tattoos in stead of diapers. This Nasty Sloot has a nasty smelling vag that is rotten literally with bacterial v***nas … Put this Amazing model mother on the list she is a number one goof Sloot she doesn’t work doesn’t wanna work. Just wants to use guys for money . And get this actually thinks she is hot … Bahahaha , nik tell her what her horse teeth really look like.


Dirty Bird + CrackCrew


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this gaped tooth goof deserves to be put on blast. He has been around the block more than 1000x, he’s prone to “fck bitches, and leave” Cant forget the part of him being part time carnival junkie, unless he’s single and everyone hates him he travels with them all year round. The kid gets around, and most likely has diseases and is most likely positive with herpes, Darrien Chapman is what his name is, but people know him by “Birdflu” not to mention that the kid snorts coke like its a special occasion, every single day for 6 years he’s been at it. Oh and we can not forget about his father Wayne, oxy addict 101 right here, he is the owner of the carnival and fcks all his employees, parties and most likely fucks all the underage girls too. This family deserves to be put on blast, oh! How can we forget their crack whore mother Dawn, the delusional cunt who loses her cool every 2 minutes, more like you need a tampon that can hold your God damn pms. Dawn is prone too fck all these greasy pooks to add some cash to her low finances. Everyday the bitch has a new guy riding their cock, if not one then there’s 2! Can’t forget she fcked her own sons Bestfriend! If this isn’t greasy and dirt than I don’t know what is. So Nik, would you love to put these gross infested goofs on blast?

Jessica Pasanen


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this piece of white trash is named Jessica Pasanen. One reason this fat bitch is so fat is because of genetics; the same genes responsible for her below the average IQ that has doomed her to a lifetime of spreading her legs to random strangers and consecutive pregnancies. Popping out babies is her highest ambition. She thinks just because she is phat and blonde that she is hot sh*t. She went to Douglas College for a while where she tried to steal the boyfriend of a girl from one of her classes. She would message him with the ID “blondechick” followed by some numbers. Eventually she was exposed, after which, she deleted all her online profiles with pictures of her saggy tits and phat ass in a bikini. She also worked at Superstore as a cashier for several years during which she constantly harassed some of the girls that worked there until they quit! Apparently they worked more hours than she did, which made her jealous lest they will take her place. It got her worried about not making enough money to fill her huge belly to enrich her dangling udders with milk to feed her two babies, so she became rude and verbally abusive towards them to force them to quit and save her own fat ass from poverty. She is a racist too and calls people with derogatory racial slurs whenever she can get away with it, like the incidence when she almost got caught shoplifting at Douglas College bookstore, with nobody to witness but the one non-white merchandiser. You won’t believe what a nasty piece of shit this turd is until you witness how this bitch treats people who fall prey to her because this fat turd perceives them as vulnerable.

Sloot of Maple Ridge


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty ass bitch likes to steal womans men finaces and baby daddys …. she is a big mouth piece that needs help she is crazy and doesnt know how to keep her legs closed ….. she has 3 kids and only has one in her care and cant keep her man any more then a couple weeks she is white trash straight up … all there is to say is what your man she has tryed sleeping with my man and now is sleeping with another friend of mines baby daddy and keeping him away from his kids and controlling everthing he trys to do … she uses … and abusives WATCH YOUR MAN LADIES

Chloe Dub


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Dirty chick goes by the Chloe Dub her real name is (Chloe Warning) she was born with her own Warning label she has no class it doesn’t matter if your her Best Friend she will sleep with your BoyFriend she sleeps with all her little brothers friends 5 yrs younger brother she has had the drd called the C*** numerous times and isn’t ashamed to admit it Just a warning to anyone and everyone who comes in contact with her She is a Walking drd

Ridges Skiddiest

2015-02-03 00.54.48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet this girl rian “princess” jarret she goes from guy to guy takes anyones boy friend she doesnt care who you are or if your her best friend. She will fck anything that walks. She has a 1 year old son who she threw across her bedroom and left just too meet a guy to get drunk n fck shes given her son more baby daddys then hes had diapers. She fcked her friend on her boyfriends couch. Not to mention theres people out there who would never trust her with their animals let alone a Kid. She will literally say and do anything for the dick she loves sending nudes even though shes ratchet. She has a tendency to filling the hole in her heart with dick. She uses men for everything and anything not to mention she has herpes and tells the guys she fucks that they dont have to use a condom because she has the iud. Theres 3 people that we know of so far shes spread her disease too. People are told if shes around their kids that mcfd will open an investigation for having their children being around an unsafe person. Also she has this thing where she likes to have straighteners shoved up her cunt while she let her son watch. What do you think nik Should this nasty hoe bag of a mom be warned to society?

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