Ciara dirtbag jensen


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Ciara jensen.. Oh wait you’ve already met her. She’s been posted on here for her slut whorrific ways since grade school. Drd infested slut is her main dish. This dirty bag is like 28 years old and still hasn’t learned her lesson. F’ing everyone’s men baby dads husbands and she also f’s guys for money she’s been doing this for years. Right now she’s currently seeing a new guy for the 3rd time this past month. She’s a m**h head loser who’s likes to beat up pregnant chicks, neglect her own child and would rather hangout with everyone else’s familys then her own daughter. Good thing her baby dad takes good are of the poor child . She’s a filth excuse of a “women” f’in dirty kicked in bit*h close your discusting legs and your stinky snatch go take care of the kid you wanted so bad. She’s currently under investigation for drugs by social services and her mother had to beg to have a supervised visit this last week. Say bye to your baby girl she doesn’t need you anywyas . Nobody wants to fucking help you anymore everyone knows what a crazy stupid bitch you are. You’ll just have to go back living in the elbronco sucking gregs for money. Cause once your reported to welfare they won’t help you either !

Queen of Redcliff


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think every guy should be warned of Amanda Kate Moss. If that’s even her real name. About 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with cl**da her and I were banging while her old man was in jail.  She had sex with me as long as I was brining her dope through out the day so she could handle her kid. I don’t know how she could look after there kid looking at the floor. She promised me a relationship and silly me I believed her. I gave her money to help her with bills when she spent all of hers on dope while I was gone. I had it when I came in in around noon and she was fucking some other dude. The next day she begged me to come over said she was raped I said what I saw and she lost it. She pretty much turned into the exorcist and said her old man’s going to get me. Lol I went for a physical for work and I asked to check all and sure enough I had cl**a. Only reason I know for sure I ask to. E tested ever time I do these physicals for work. Stay away from this slut unless you have loads of dope and cash.

Crayola Coloring Book


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is evelin has to be one of the dirties in medicine hat she trolls POF whenever she can and sleeps with all the man she can get at and later goes on to the next she has banged all the black and latinos from her city has purple crayons all over her at the bar she has 2 kids and should be at home with them but instead goes on of looking for the D leaves her kids for days to look for the D has no respect for herself this b needs to be put on blast she’s a compolsive lier lies to her friends and tries to make people see her as inocent but in reality she is one of the easy target for the city i feel sorry for her present boyfreinds as she switches them like her crusty underwear she banged like 4 guys in one night while really drunk she is the easiest natural born slut

Chest tats don’t cure flapjacks.- nik

The wife who couldn’t keep her legs closed


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Nicole laplante is a alcoholic drug addict and mother of three. Her husband worked for years to give her everything she wanted but every chance she had she would go out get drunk and cheat on him. Finally after catching her in bed 5 times with other guys. He had enough kicked her ass and kicked her out. He went to jail kids got tooken from services and we’ll he was there she started dating and doing more people all well partying and doing drugs as well. He got out and left town at that point she got worse into drugs and drinking and started working at a local bar the Cecil. Where she got involved with bikers and started running a prostitution service out her house to pay for her drugs and partying. She now has lost everything that was good in her life as well as kids. And probably find her on a corner if u need to get off.

Juanita Lynn Atwell


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Juanita Atwell/Roy. She is on her 3rd kid with her 3rd baby dad (who has 3 other kids). She gets around like your common cold.  She betrays her friends and uses and abuses her kids. She gave her first kid away to her kids aunt which was the best thing possible since she would beat the poor little girl. Now her second kid she uses to her advantage by getting money from her baby dad and using it to party that was until she got knocked up with the current moron. No doubt this baby will be used for her gains. She put a shirt of her kid calling down the baby dad and his gf. Who would be a better mother then she could dream of being. Juanita is a waste of skin. She never has her kids and acts like a psycho when things don’t go her way. She destroyed her bfs or should I say “fiancés” house just cuz he wanted to hang out with some friends. She’s good for nothing and keeps bringing poor helpless kids into the world that she doesn’t even want to take care of. Maybe one day this slut will close her legs and start using her brain. She’s a disgusting human being and you’d have to be dumber then a rock to not see it.

Bad Mom Ashley Gignac


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl(Ashley Gignac) spend every day high on pepsi and medications, lays in bed all day and wipes bloody snot on the walls around her bed and on the curtain in her bedroom while her 7yo son sits in his bedroom scared of her because she yells at him for everything. She just gave her son up without a fight to the father beacause she wants to do more pepsi. She steals from men. She is a very good liar. All she is after is coke money. She’s had 3 boyfriends in 3 years and has been caught lying, cheating and stealing from each of them

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