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Anna Duff Is Actually The Hottest Aussie Around


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, everyone submits the same old girls from Australia. I wanted to show you we actually have a wide range of women here. Anna Duff is perfect from head to toe and she has those amazing +2’s. Thoughts?

I need to teach DirtyOz a lesson since you rookies think you run sh*t. Anna Duff smells like ______. Seriously, next time you see her in person… scratch and sniff her, I dare you.- nik

A Beginners Guide to the Gold Coast


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’ve been a long time fan of The Dirty, and the more posts that are put up about the Gold Coast here in Australia, the more I thought it was time your readers had an introduction to what its like here. The Gold Coast is a mash up of Miami and Reno. You have some of the most wealthy living here, and also the worst trash all in together. For a long time the Premier here, an equivalent to a Governor, banned pornography. You can’t for example buy Playboy or Penthouse. So its created this strange repressed society, where you can’t buy porn but you can be almost naked on the main street. The Bikie culture rules here, and the worst of all Police corruption in all of Australia happens here. So the likes of Clown Under, Miss Minniexx and co, are all part of that. The more tattoos, the more likely they are to be “associates” of various Bikie gangs, which equals guns, meth and servicing the whole gang plus a whole bunch of sh*tty tattoos. Should you happen to want to book Clown Under or Miss Minnie, check out femmefatalemodels.com, it’s a highly amusing site, and something they don’t want you to know about. And Miss Minnie won’t want you to know that her day job is working in a “Build a Bear” workshop in a sh*tty Westfield Mall! And if you’re wondering why all these girls here on the Gold Coast have such terrible boob jobs, nose jobs and botox, its because they go to the local Mall where you can get injections from as low as $3.95! Welcome to the beautiful Gold Coast!

Thank you for the tourism guide to DirtyOz. Good to know Build-A-Bear has gone global.- nik

Harassing People Who Hate Sophia Wharton’s New Nose


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl likes to harass people who don’t like her nose. I couldn’t tell if her ‘before or after’ was a result of a nose job or not. I simply asked then she blew up my whole instagram calling me a f*ggot. I’m not even going to apologize for my preferences. I don’t like her nose. It looks the same! I am allowed to have preferences. She blocked me on one account then added me with another to tell me off then block me again… Lol!! Well, to add insult: your nose is nothing I would want or consider. You need to fix your upper lip. XX enjoy your nose Sophia Wharton!!!

The nose looks the same to me. When people smile it usually changes the shape of their nose. Plus, I’m shocked the doctor didn’t recommend to lipo a little bit under the chin to define her jawline.- nik

Ashlee Davis Messed Herself Up


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, why are all the hot chicks from Down Under all tattoo’d up?  Its just stupid, like they all followed Clown Under and ruined themselves before they had a real chance in real life.  Here is a perfect example, Ashlee Davis from Melbourne… girl is perfect without the ink.

This is why I really have no motivation to visit Australia.- nik

Dima O’Brien – Cheater


THE DIRTY ARMY: Dima O’Brien is a homewrecker cheat a lair. She has no morals and will root any man. She ruined her marriage of nearly twenty years buy cheating on Kevin, not containing the thoughts and acting on them. Her whole marriage was a lie anyway. She rooted Kenny the East Timorian before she met Kevin, but because she could never let go she kept going back to Kenny while she was dating Kevin then there was Ron that she had on the side while she was dating Kevin. Then When they where marriage and she was bored in Houston Texas and Dallas well there was a string of other men. Then when her marriage ended she went completely no morals what so ever she picked up Boris while furniture shopping she was at least 10-15years younger than here and new to Australia he was from El Salvador she used him for sex and money then there was Russel Pug sy . John Murphy her plumber can you guess hat pluming he was doing at her house. So she had all of this going on the side still remaining on dating sites and started dating Mark Rockliffe from Moe. All this is going on and she is still rooting Kevin who is now remarried to me Kathy I am from China and no support here in Mornington Australia so I have to just turn a blind eye when Kevin leaves early in the morning where I know he is going over for booty calls or works late at nights. Well Mark the fool go engaged to her while all of this was still going on Kevin would tell me of all the men in her life. Paul Meidith Russel Phil Tuckett Trevor John Mark,

Karlee Ironside Is A Perfect DC


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m surprised Karlee Ironside hasn’t been on here before! This chick from the Gold Coast in Australia is so easy on the eyes you can almost overlook how dumb she is and the weird videos she posts on Instagram of her pouting into the camera. Amazing mid-section and ITG! And face is decent, better in some pics than in others but defiantly passable. Want to know more? Cause she is true DC material. She fiends for this type of attention.

I’m seriously concerned about the upper lip.- nik

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