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Gabi Grecko — A Love Story

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t have a dog in this hunt, so it isn’t a “blast”; however, more an object of intrigue as far as gold-diggers working the ho stroll. Gabi Grecko is a celebrity on some level–and has a 71-year-old fiance, Geoffrey Edelson, who is, in turn, working the Sh*t out of the word GoPro. These two are Courtney Stodden and Doug(h) 2.0, dipped in gold (not wrapped in tin foil) and served with a side helping of fo’ real (not faux real). There is not an amount of money in the world… I can smell her from here and it smells like daddy issues and broken dreams.

First time I have heard of this chick…what am I missing?- nik

Jade elle Newman

THE DIRTY ARMY: ive had issues with her stalking me for 1 of her weird stalker friends, very strange girl, but she escorts & has very hairy nipples ive heard, she was born with testicles but had them removed.

Don’t Be Fooled By His Charm


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this individual is not only a pathological liar but will live a pretence d life, hurting everyone around him to gain what he wants. Do not be fooled…..he is a clever manipulator and a master of deceit. 1) ****MARRIED ONLY TO GET A VISA**** How do I know? Because as soon as it was granted he disappeared! 2) Extremely charming and charismatic (as only Italians know how). 3) May initially demonstrate to be financially generous to impress you (to draw you in). 4) Split personality, ranging from extremely happy and affectionate to aggressive and verbally abusive, especially when contradicted or challenged. 5) Uses the “I have been abused by my Farther as a child” card at any opportune time to gain your upmost sympathy and compassion. 6) Uses the “My Sister deceived me in business and financially ruined me” Card to again gain your sympathy and compassion. 7) Will accept financially assistance making you believe that it is with great reluctance that he accepts this help. Will tell you that he will repay the debt back but NEVER DOES. 8) Is an alcoholic, red wine is his ultimate love along with a packet of cigarettes a day and although he may try to hide his alcoholism at first, unless you are also, you are going to notice it. 9) Cares about nobody but himself and although he can make you feel like you are the only girl in the world, you are far from it. 10) Collects numerous women numbers only to tell you they are friends when confronted… STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY!!!!

Thanks for your top ten list.- nik

Club Dakota Dickhead

THE DIRTY ARMY: the so called owner of club dakota (gabe jakobson) is a dickhead.   he picks up girls tabs and leaves the doors open for them after hours…only them…what happened to bros before hoes mate?  if only they knew how small his percentage was, or his paycheck, rumour has it his place is going under. (pun intended)

What Do You Think Of Emily Kate Johnston


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, discovered this beautiful G0ddess on Instagram. I go googoo Gaga over her eyes and lips! Reminds me of Megan Fox prior to her botched surgery. I know you love your brunettes and she’s got to be one of the best I’ve seen. And those legs… god damn those legs go on forever.

Is this one of those tricks where you make me say IT has nice eyes, but it’s really a man. I’m not falling for it.- nik

Jem Newton

THE DIRTY ARMY: His name is Jem Newton, lives in Adelaide, South Australia, comes from UK, has a posh english accent, tells you he comes from Oxford. He is 5’9″, dead blue eyes, wears black tops, blue or black jeans, red and black hi-top sneakers and always carries a black leather man-bag. He frequents hotels at Glenelg (Jetty Bar, Dublin, Pier One and Sol Bar, sometimes goes to Holdfast Hotel, also goes to the Royal, at Henley Beach and most Saturday nights, eats at URBAN INDIA restaurant on Henley Beach road. He is 53yo, and only likes 17-25yo girls, who are blonde, show cleavage and wear tight pants (so he can see the gap between their legs!) or short skirts. He sits alone at a table , picks his prey, watches them intently and tries to get their attention, even following them to the bathroom. This man has been diagnosed with Narccissm, Borderline Personality Disorder, Dependency, Psychopathic Tendencies, extreme emotional immaturity and extreme anxiety. (Forgot to say…his hair is bushy, grey and down to his shoulders, photo is to show his face). He is very feminine in his actions and the way he talks. His sole reason for trawling the bars, is to try and get a young girl to take him back to her place….if that happens, he will tell you you are THE ONE, and believe me…..you will never get rid of him! He mauls you like an octopus, gets angry when you don\’t let him touch you, you must give up all your friends, any males you know and never go out by yourself! WARNING!!!!

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