Miami Realtor Lauren Sencion is a Cyber Bully

Lauren 1

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Lauren Sencion is a realtor from Miami, FL has been linked to several cyber bullying Twitter and Instagram accounts. She has been an avid supporter of Jenna Jameson and has been attacking Tito Ortiz and his girlfriend Amber Nichole Miller for the last two years. Lauren has even attacked anyone that encourages and supports Tito and Amber. She’s gone so low to make fun of people’s children on social media, as well as create slanderous fictitious posts about people she has never met on your website. Jenna Jameson is the ring leader and Lauren is her right hand person along with Kate Soby from California, Colleen Marini from Nevada and Jessica Leigh from Texas. Lauren Sencion keeps deleting her social media accounts or changes the user name, they actually ALL do. These losers have nothing better to do than attack good people and make fun of them when in all actuality, none of them are easy on the eyes. I wonder what Lauren’s husband, Ulises would think about his wife being a cyber bully and stalker. Who is she to talk about anyone’s looks? Lauren and her team of keyboard warriors are LOSERS! Get back to work, ladies and get a life!

All you Jenna Jameson weirdos need to grow up (or go to church).- nik

More Info on Dash Doll Durrani Popal


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Durrani was in a conspiracy with the old Dash manager Brittany, she wasn’t telling people about her frauding the store. Brittany was eventually Terminated in 2012. She ruined her friendships with so many Dash associates just to become favored. She is a lying, manipulative, cheat… She has screwed over so many of her friends to be in the public eye. During Popal even went as far as talking (and I’m sure much much more..) to ex’s and past people that her co-workers had talked to. Why is she acting so innocent and naive Nik?

I’m guessing Durrani’s eyes are fake too?- nik 



Jonathon Rohacek, Esq. Is a Vile Scumbag


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I am begging you to expose this nasty individual for who really is. This scum pretends to be a wholesome lawyer with a good image, but is really a corrupt, sleazy, unethical asshole. Used to take bribes up in Broward County, working as a court case manager and now pretends to be competent going in front of the same exact judge every single day and using that favoritism to his full advantage. Then he talks about how he never loses! LOL! He is already mentioned in one bar complaint and it won’t be long until more are filed. Do not even consider retaining him or his firm for services. One of the associates he works with has already been on TheDirty. I guess his firm likes to hire dirty scumbags. In private, he boasts about treating women like sh*t, abandoned his girlfriend after forcing her to have an abortion (and not paying for it… Classy, right?), and physically abused and assaulted her. After she finally called the cops on him, he begged and cried for her to make them go away. Pathetic. He is violent, aggressive, drinks himself into a stupor every single night, basically is a functioning alcoholic. He treats all the people and staff around him like they are nothing. He will never adequately represent anyone’s interests as an attorney. His FL bar number is 112716. Please Nik, make people aware of this nastiness. They should know who they’re hiring or dealing with. Thank you.

Welcome to Miami.- nik

Charm Killings Is A Ten


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Charm Killings is a ten. No wonder she has been paid thousands to sleep with famous athletes and rappers. I mean just look at her. No flaws from head to toe. I would toss her salad in a heart beat.

Her eyebrows are very Urban.- nik

Same Gold Digger Jennifer Nicole Bergakker


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is horseface Jennifer Nicole Bergakker. She has been posted her before but this gold digger is still up to her old antics. Since then she only goes by Jennifer NICOLE. She basically got kicked from her server bottle job back in Miami after everyone was calling her out for being the money hungry whore taking her “ work nights” off to party with any of club patrons willing to flash any ounce of money. Looks like she got served right and was forced to quit her bottom feeding job bottle job after she got left in the dust as usual by the club patrons. Now maybe she can actually start watching her daughter instead of running around town from club to club with her saggy boobs. She’s now trying to be a wannabe entrepreneur by having incorporated a beauty company, but we all know just because you paid for a corporation fee you’re no real entrepreneur until you’re actually making any money. Still no degree, still no real job, still no money. And still with a kid. What a joke life still. To her current patron boyfriend(s), watch your back and stop getting fooled by the deceiving nice stupid girl act she always pull because as soon as she realizes with her delusional head that she’s failing in life, including with her fake beauty company, she’ll be trying to get more money out of you to support her and her daughter as usual. Gold diggers whore never prosper. Warn them all with this biggest deceiving one!

I had a feeling she had a kid. Sad.- nik

Inis Helene Outs Gil Dezer’s as Her GoPro


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, looks like Inis Helene exposed her sugar daddy on Instagram. Now we know who is funding all her luxury vacations. One small detail though… the guy is married.

This was a bad business move by Inis.- nik




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