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Miami’s Katrina Rico


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Katrina, loves to play super Mom but is only out dressed up like a working girl. She says she’s going to school to be a Dr. but the only thing she gets the sugar daddies and old pimps. Some of what this girl know there’s more to life than Dan Bilzerian and pimps like Taz.

It’s amazing how blonde hair can change a person.- nik

Dantram Majka is a Scammer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,  where do I even begin when it comes to this tramp? Her name is Majka “Allie” Dantram Huynh. She sometimes spells her nickname as “Majkah” but goes by the name “Allie”. She claims to come from California and was residing in Key West, Florida when I happened to have the misfortune of making her acquaintance. I met this fraudster on a dating website called POF. She seemed to be really sweet and we got to talking on the site then off the site within a few days time. We had a mutual physical attraction to one another and the conversation was good. A few days went by and we got to know one another better. She was telling me about some of her problems in life, and how she needed to come up with rent money or she’d be out on the street within days. We planned on meeting one another within the week of all of that. One thing led to another, and I offered to loan her $1,070 to cover her rent. After all, we were going to be with one another within a few days, so I figured I’d do the right thing and wire her the money. The first photo I submitted to Nik, was an actual photo of her receiving the $1,070 money gram wire in Key West. She was so happy I came through for her, and promised to pay me as soon as she got back on her feet. She fed me line after line that she had a daughter named Rose that lived in California. She missed her terribly and was trying to raise the money to go visit her etc. I didn’t have any more money to loan, and I felt I had done enough to help her (never having met her in person!!) Days later I arrived in Key West and met her for the very first time at a town house one of her Marine Corp friends owned. According to her, he allowed us to stay there for the weekend. So I arrived, we “did our thing” in bed (Several times – and she smelled nasty and was a sloppy lay) and again at night (hey, I may as well have gotten my money’s worth) after I took her to a very nice dinner. The following morning, we went into town off of Duval Street. We went to her job (bartender at the White Tarpon), and had lunch where she proceeded to tip out her friend a handsome sum off of my credit card. That set off an argument between us, and one thing led to another and she wanted me to take her home. When we arrived, she got on her bicycle and that was the last I ever saw of her. We texted one another that evening, and tried to sort things out. I told her what it was that upset me, and she had some lame excuses. The bottom line is that this hooker is a straight up money swindling fraudster that will say/do anything to extract money, free dinner, get her bills paid etc. She was arrested years ago. See here:  “Dan Tram “Majkah” Huynh, 30, of San Diego, who allegedly sold an Asian arowana to an undercover agent for $2,500 after offering the fish for sale on Craigslist”

Vapor Group INC’s Dror Svorai


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, ladies watch out he’s married!!! Dror Svorai would act like he’s younger than he is to try to get you girls but he’s an old Jew trying to get sum young vagina! He’s married and sent his family to Canada so he can do he’s monkey business down in Sunny Island and Miami Beach! Also he’s a stock manipulator and president of Vapor Group INC a publicly traded company! He gives money to friends and family when the market is down to buy he’s own company shares then lets them know when to sell it! Be careful DROR it might spill out one day and you might get hurt! Obviously he did this a few times before thats how he got he’s $$$ but living large needs feeding so he also gives out his sports cars without any license plates to rich people arriving to Miami to rent through a company lol… well good luck Dror Svorai!

OP you left out the penetration parts… how is Dror in bed?- nik

Jevon Kearse “The Freak” Is A Homewrecking Gold Digger


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, former NFL Football Player Jevon Kearse is now dating a married woman. Lindsey Berman. Current Mrs. Florida International has abandoned her three kids and is now dating the former football player. Jevon has filed for bankruptcy and the gold digger found a nice sugar mamma who has a fortune he can now live off of.

Reverse psychology.- nik

How Is A Man Like Boki Celavi Single


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, how is a man as handsome as Boki still single? He seems to hangout with some pretty ladies once in a while but it’s obvious he doesn’t have “The One”. Oh and by the way, who goes to Hooters still?

Actually Hooters is the easiest place to find a wife. I have three friends who married their Hooters waitress.- nik

No Hope For Nectaria Kleopoulos


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I have gave up on all hope for this poor lost soul.  So sad to see a little girl continuing to act like such a whore, all in the name of social media.  I guess some are screwed from the beginning?  Her mom did this.

Nope… the success of Kylie Jenner did this.- nik







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